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Prayerwalkers to walk through neighborhoods in Niamey and Zerma villages.

Vision trip—pastors and church leaders to come to Niger to pray, seek ministry possibilities, and see first-hand how their churches can become more involved in reaching the Zerma people.

Artists to draw pictures of O.T and N.T. Bible stories (in a Zerma cultural context) with RAs and GAs to print and color them. These could also be used for storying cloths. Artists could also do “chalk talks” to present plan of salvation to small groups.

Pastors/church planters to assist in leadership/discipleship training, mentoring, and encouraging Zerma believers.

Nutritionist to come and teach /demonstrate healthy meals and improved nutrition using the foods available in Niger.

Volunteers to speak at the American Cultural Center in Niamey on a topic of their choosing. (This would be addressed to people learning English as a second language). In this way a Christian worldview could be presented and doors would be opened to initiate relationships.

Volunteers to work with Zerma believers in developing drama ideas and preparing skits with Christian themes dealing with the Christian life, AIDS issues, “True Love Waits” type material, etc. Some to be developed for broadcast on radio stations.

Volunteers needed to come and produce video/media about the Zerma people and our work with them for use in advocacy and mobilizing.

Sewing machine technician/repairman to visit tailors, offer free tune-up and cleaning for their sewing machines.

Volunteers to present plan of salvation using colored beads to make bracelets—each color represents different aspect i.e. red=Christ’s blood, white=washing away of sin, etc. Person making bracelet would have visible reminder of the gospel.

Volunteers to do sports evangelism, coach/teach basketball, volleyball, etc.

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