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A group from Judson College in Marion, Alabama traveled to become a part of the Zerma Team for two weeks. You too can go serve to be a part of the Zerma Team for two weeks, or a whole summer. Contact Phil Cain, phil@zermateam.org, of the Zerma Team to find out more.

The experience that stands out most to me is the day that we took about 350 bags of school supplies out to one of the villages to distribute. There were plenty for each and every child, even babies, to receive one. But “enough to go around” is a foreign concept when you live in the poorest country in the world. A riot soon broke out. There was no way, even with the help of the chief of the village, to communicate this idea. Survival of the fittest is the creed by which they live, by which they survive. We soon found ourselves locked inside the truck as people continued to swarm. They would knock on the window and say they just needed one. If only we could make them understand there is enough for everyone. I couldn’t get away from this thought. Then it hit me. How much more desperately do I want tocommunicate that about the love of God?! A full-fledged riot broke out over 2 pencils and a notepad. Imagine how much more desperate the need for unconditional love! Despite my limited knowledge of the Zarma language, my prayer was that I would somehow be evidence of the UNLIMITED and UNCONDITIONAL love of God, that they may learn and experience that love for themselves and know that it is more than enough for their every need. -- Meredith Davenport

One particular morning I was stretched more than any other. We were prayer-walking through the marketplace. The market was full of probably hundreds of Africans all at one time, and there was no such thing as 'personal space.' I was always fine with that concept because I am a physically affectionate person anyway, but for some reason that morning it was really hard for me. Of course, we stood out very well, and that day people kept flocking to us. We could hardly walk.

Then, out of the crowd, a lady was pushed to the front. She was old and had no fingers on either hand and a bloody cut down one arm (we were told later that she probably had leprosy). At that moment the people there asked us to pray for her.

My head and my heart were fighting a battle. She was bloody; could she have AIDs? What if she had some other disease? No matter what, though, it was obvious the woman needed healing in more ways than one. I had to make a decision.

So I put my hand on the woman's shoulder and asked God to heal her and her spirit; that was all I could come up with. Praying at that moment, I felt intensely inadequate and completely at a loss how else to pray for her. Healing was what I asked for over and over again.

Through that moment, one of the hardest for me during the entire trip, I realized that it's not about words or being afraid. It's about letting God take over and allowing Him to be the focus. I saw how powerful He is. -Keri Reeves


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