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Dean Polk came to serve for a few weeks, to make a difference in the lives of the Zerma People. You too can go serve to be a part of the Zerma Team for two weeks, or a whole summer. Contact Phil Cain, phil@zermateam.org, of the Zerma Team to find out more.

Thank you all for making my trip to Niger possible. The trip was, in a word, overwhelming. It didn't take long to get beneath the sweltering (120° F) heat, limitless sand, lack of vegetation, absolute poverty, not-so-FDA-approved eating habits, language barrier (the most frustrating part), and to sense the hunger in the souls of the people.

We as ambassadors of the Good News here in Niger are able to "break barriers for the Kingdom" by building water wells, teaching math to high schoolers, or generally helping th well-being of the village. We here in the U.S. sometimes take our faith for granted. Some of the people I met from the village -- those who had faith in Jesus. Some of their family members did not share their faith. What was special about the people of faith I met, is that each prayed for God to reveal himself to them, and like Forrest Gump said it so plainly, "GOD SHOWED UP!"

Going to Africa opened my eyes for the lost, and developed my world view. It has given me eyes to see my "mission field", here in Huntsville, AL. God desires for ALL the lost to come to know Him, here in the US and abroad. So however God speaks to you -- ....go into all the world, and make disciples... -- whether here (US) or abroad.

I want to thank each of you for your support and prayers when I was in Africa. Thank you for helping me to see a bigger picture of God's awesome creation. Truly, what Paul said to the church at Philippi, I say to you: "It thank God every time I remember you." (Phil. 1:3)

J. Dean Polk


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