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"My name is Benjamin Brooks, and I am a Christian from Mississippi . In the summer of 2008, God brought me to Niger , Africa so that he could use me as a witness for him.

A few months ago, a missionary e-mailed me and asked me to give a testimony about the mission trip. I hope that God will control the words that I write, so that he would be glorified, and that your heart would be stirred.

I will have to start early. Sometime around the end of 2007, God randomly showed me this trip to Niger on the IMB website. It was a costly trip (for me at least) and I had doubts about it. To put a long story short, I put off signing up for the trip and continually made excuses not to go. But it was the Lord ' s will, and I gave in, heading off by myself as a 20 year old to Africa .

The 3 weeks that I was in Africa brings me several feelings. It is hard to put them in simple terms. I was definitely not all that I should have been on that mission trip, but God still allowed me to be a part of his plan. That is it! Grace is the word I was looking for. It is God ' s awesome and incredible grace that brought unworthy me on a trip halfway around the world to witness to Muslims.

Let me tell you something. It doesn ' t matter how much of their native language you know. It doesn ' t matter how much the price of the trip is. It doesn ' t matter what the length of the trip is. God will provide the money. If you are a follower of God, and if God is calling you to go somewhere, please go. God will be with you there every minute. He was with me.

Be blessed in Christ!
Benjamin Brooks


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