I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed, but will have sufficient courage so that now as always Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death. For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.
Philippians 1:20-21

Dear Prayer Supporters,
We appreciate your prayer on our family’s behalf, and on behalf of the Zerma people. Phil and I will be traveling at the beginning of September. We’ll be spending time with our grown children in the US. We’re ready for this much needed break and time spent with family. October promises to be a full and busy month. Pray for our rest and refreshment—physically, spiritually, and emotionally, in September. You’ll notice a slight change this month—I’ve moved the answered prayers to the end of the prayer letter. Thank you for lifting us up in prayer. You holding the ropes makes such a difference!

Key Dates
September 2-3 As you celebrate Labor Day weekend in the U.S., pray for our Zerma friends in Niger who are looking for work, that God might open the doors for employment so they can provide for their families. Pray for us (Phil and Kimberly) to have safe, smooth, and on-time flights with good connections as we travel. Pray for our baggage to arrive safely.

September 4 Please pray for the Nigeriens who live along the Niger river, and for the SIM mission which owns property including a Bible school and an MK school, also next to the river. The Niger river has risen dramatically this past week. Pray that the sandbags, dikes, and berms will hold and that the water level will drop. This surge is due to lots of rain in Mali and areas north of us.

September 7 Chris Bartlett’s mom, Anna, passed away near the end of August. The Bartletts were already stateside for a training and vacation. Praise God they were able to be with her and their family during this difficult time. Anna was a woman of great faith, who loved God, and brought glory to God even as she battled cancer. Pray for Chris, Gen, and the kids and for Chris’ dad, Ed, as they grieve their loss. Pray for peace and comfort.

September 10 Pray for wisdom and direction for ministry opportunities as our mission family decides what we can do to help meet the needs at a nearby refugee camp. There is a lot of potential here to be the hands and feet of Christ and for opportunities to share our faith.

September 15 As churches and groups meet today, pray that the hearts of believers will be filled with praise and worship, pray that they will hear God speak through His word. Pray for those villages with only one or two believers, that their numbers will increase.

September 18 Pray for Tiffany, a new two-year missionary, coming to Niger in October. She will be wrapping up her time at our learning center in the U.S. Pray for that time and for her preparation to come to Niger. Pray for Jana and Tiffany to work together well and serve as a unified team.

September 21 Pray for Jana as she is in her final month of language study. Pray for her as she will be leading kids clubs while we’re on vacation. Pray for her continued growth and ability in Zerma. She is doing a great job. Pray for encouragement and strength to finish this last month of study.

September 25 Pray for “Noah,” a young man who is 18 that continues to come to kids club. He has a burn on both legs that is infected. We’ve gotten him treatment and Jana will be monitoring his improvement while we’re away. Pray for healing for his leg and for him to come to faith in Christ. God is at work on his heart and mind.

September 27 Pray for our final days with family and friends in the U.S. Pray that we will have been rejuvenated by our time with family, friends, and churches that we have connections with in the U.S. Pray that our return trip will go smoothly.

September 30 Continue to pray for a good millet harvest in Niger, for adequate rain and protection from insects.

Weekly Prayer Points
Mondays Pray that Zerma Christians would learn to understand and apply God’s word in their lives. Pray for “S” village as there are many men meeting and studying God’s word with Phil each week.

Tuesdays Pray that the Lord would strengthen and encourage Zerma believers. Pray that they would feel His presence today in a special way.

Wednesdays Pray for the children who attend kids clubs each week. Pray for them and their families to come to faith in Christ. Please continue to pray for “Stephen,” a man that comes each week to listen to the stories. God is at work and he truly seeks understanding. Pray that he will hear and understand and believe the truth.

Thursdays Pray for those who preach and teach, that they would do so with wisdom and discernment and by the power of the Living God.

Fridays Pray for Pastor “Adam,” his wife “Helen,” and their five children. Pray that more seekers would be drawn to church. Praise God for he and his family’s faithful witness. Pray that they will see God meet their needs.

Saturdays Pray for “Peace” and her family. She is a believer but her husband and five children are not. Pray for her to stand firm in the faith. Pray for the salvation of her husband and children.

Sundays Pray for the churches in Niger to be God honoring and God-glorifying examples of church and Christian fellowship. Pray for nonbelievers to be drawn to know more about God by seeing such a great witness among believers.

Answered Prayers
Thanks for your prayers during the Muslim celebration of Tabaski (or Eid al-Adha) last month. Pray that the Zerma would continue to seek God and discover the true path of righteousness found only in Christ. We had many opportunities to share the Good News with friends and neighbors.

Thank you for praying for our time in the word. It has been rich and sweet.
We had a good team meeting last month that was a great time of sharing and prayer.


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