May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

Dear Prayer Warriors,
We’re well into hot season. It’s been 110 °F many days, with a few warmer ones on the way next week. The evenings drop down to the 90’s. We have an evaporative cooler for our living room so it drops the temperature by about 20 degrees. We have an air conditioner that we run at night in our bedroom. Unfortunately, we also experience a lot of power cuts this time of year too. So many nights we’re uncomfortably warm but we’re blessed to have a couple of battery operated fans that keep the air moving a bit. I don’t say all this to complain but to let you know how important your prayers are for helping us to stay focused on the important things—that His mercies are indeed new every morning and that is grace is sufficient for us. Ramadan begins this month. A helpful article on Ramadan can be found on the IMB website here: We’re also attaching a Ramadan prayer guide developed by our cluster leader to be shared with our prayer partners. Please look through it and pray for our Muslim friends during this time of their seeking to hear from God.

Answered Prayers
The Bartlett’s power and water have been restored! And they report that the electricity is even better than it was before the weeks of cuts! Praise God for His faithfulness in sustaining them. They were able to come to Niamey for a week break at our guesthouse, attend team meeting, and get some needed rest during the power outage.

Your prayers are sustaining and encouraging us in the midst of heat and fatigue. We’re so grateful for you! Jana continues to do well in her language and culture acquisition. She is about to begin Phase 2 of her language study this month!

Key Dates
May 1 Pray for Pastor B’s son who was recently hit by a car that left a deep cut on his chin. Pray for a full recovery and relief from the pain.

May 5 Today marks the beginning of the month of Ramadan, observed by Muslims around the world. For the next twenty-eight days Muslims will fast from food and water during the daylight hours. Since this a time when Muslims are especially sensitive to spiritual things and earning God’s favor, pray that they would be open to the gospel and that there would be many opportunities to hear the Word and receive the truth.

May 11 The Fusion teams will be traveling back to the US after completing their four month assignment. I’ve had the privilege of having two members of the female Fusion team help me with kids clubs. The kids and I are sad to see them go because they have brought a lot of fun and enthusiasm to our times together. Pray for their safe trip home and for a good debriefing experience.

May 16 Happy Birthday, Caleb Cain! Caleb turns twenty years old today. Pray for a summer job for him. Praise God for the great experience he is having at Williams Baptist University. Pray for his walk with the Lord to steadily increase and that Caleb would seek God first in all he does.

May 20 A local religious leader of the predominant religion came to a kids club a few weeks ago. He prayed a “blessing” over the family and the house where Kimberly had just finished sharing a Bible story. Pray that this family’s eyes would be open to seeing, knowing and believing the truth. Pray for continued good relationships with this family.

May 24 Pray for the children who come to kids clubs. Pray that God’s word would be planted deeply in their hearts and minds. Pray for the them to be a bold and faithful generation for Christ in the years to come.

May 27 The last ten days of Ramadan are believed to be the most blessed days of the entire Muslim calendar. These are the “Days of Refuge” to seek Allah’s blessing and ask for safety from hell, as Muslims have no guarantee of going heaven. Pray for the Zerma to know and understand that only Jesus is the way to an eternal life.

May 30 Pray for the rainy season to begin soon so farmers can begin planting.

May 31 Tonight will be the “Night of Power” for Muslims observing Ramadan. This night is the holiest night of the year for Muslims. They believe this is when the gates of heaven open and forgiveness of sins is poured down. Many will spend the night in prayer and listening to recitations of the Quran. Pray for the Zerma who are seeking God, that they would truly find Him, and find forgiveness of sins through Jesus.

Weekly Prayer Points
Mondays Pray for Jana, Salamatou, and Kimberly as they begin Phase 2 of language acquisition. Jana will be talking more and more in Zarma and beginning to tell stories. Pray that she continues to progress well so that she can share the Good News with those who need to hear it.

Tuesdays Pray for the Zerma farmers as they prepare their fields for planting next month. This involves a lot of hand labor, clearing and working the debris from last year’s crops into the soil. Pray for their health and strength as they work long days in the hot sun.

Wednesdays Pray for those who are hungry and whose food supplies have begun to run out. Pray that they would find the resources to buy food. As hope sometimes seems in short supply, pray that the Zerma would discover the hope that endures in the living Savior.

Thursdays Pray for those who heard the gospel this past month. Pray that God would open their hearts to understand what they’ve heard and that they would yield their hearts to Christ.

Fridays Several Zerma believers received some training last month on understanding the New Testament. Pray that they would be able to communicate what they have learned to others in their circle of influence and that they would have further opportunities to add to their knowledge of the scriptures.

Saturdays Pray for the four girls Kimberly is teaching the New Testament overview to every Saturday. Pray that the girls would grow in their understanding of how the Bible tells God’s Story. Praise God for their increased confidence in using their Bibles and participating more in church.

Sundays Pray for Pastor “Adam,” his wife “Helen,” and their five children. Pray for God to meet their needs and for their continued positive witness in the community where they live. Pray for each family member to have many opportunities to share the Good News during Ramadan this month.


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