And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us. Romans 5:5

Dear Prayer Warriors,

The first two months of 2019 have been extremely busy for us, yet extremely rewarding as well. Through it all your prayers have sustained and encouraged us. Thank you for your persistence and perseverance as you “hold the ropes” for us.

Answered Prayers:
Thank you for praying for me (Kimberly). I had very smooth flights. The conference was extremely beneficial, encouraging, and practical. I will be implementing much of what I learned at the conference when I return to Niger.
The Bartletts arrived back safely in Niger and with all 31 of their bags! They are already settling back in to life and ministry in their town.

Jana enjoyed her time at the IMB training center and received a lot of valuable information in preparing for life and ministry in Niger.

The team of young men that came from various West African countries had a busy week as half of them ministered among University students and half helped us do evangelism in various neighborhoods. Many seeds were planted as they witnessed and shared their faith, and they were a great encouragement to Pastor “Adam” and others who worked with them.

The theological training went well as over 20 men from six different people groups gathered together for three days in Niamey. This was the first of 10 modules and they are all looking forward to the next one.

Key dates:
March 3 Kimberly will be arriving in Niger tomorrow. Pray for her long trip back home that will include a very long layover.

March 4 Pray for Isaiah, Maria, Shiloh, and Eden Bartlett as they are adjusting back to life in Niger. Transitions can be challenging as they're missing family and friends back in the US. Pray for Mackenzie who has come to Niger with them to help Gen with homeschool. Pray for a good routine to be established and for encouragement as they learn together.

March 14 Jana arrives in Niger today. Pray for a smooth and safe trip and for all her bags to arrive with her. Pray for her as she adjusts to her new life ministering among the Songhai people. Pray for strong and deep relationships with the women in the villages she'll be working in.

March 15 Happy Birthday to Kaye Stanley, Kimberly's mom. Ask God to give her a joy-filled day. May she be blessed in a special way today as she has been such a blessing to our family.

March 16 Happy Birthday, Phil Cain. Pray that Phil might be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding. Pray that God will use him to make disciples among the Zerma people.

March 19 Pray for Jana as she will begin learning language soon. Pray that she will have the ability to hear the language well. Pray for a good relationship between Jana and her language nurturer.

Weekly Prayer Points

Mondays Pray for Phil as he leads discipleship/study time in “S” village. Pray for the men that come each week to understand and apply what they are learning. Pray that God will use this study to reach unbelievers in the nearby villages.

Tuesdays Pray for Jana, Kimberly, and the “language nurturer” as they work together to help Jana learn "languaculture" (language and culture together).

Wednesdays Pray for the two kids clubs that meet on Wednesday afternoons. Pray for Kimberly to tell the stories well. Pray for the children to listen well and to understand the meaning of the stories and how much God loves them. Thank you for praying for "Tina," she has been faithful in coming to kids club to help and is learning the stories.

Thursdays Pray for the Zerma to hear, understand, and believe that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Pray that believers will stand firm in their faith and share the hope they have in Christ with family and friends. Pray for Pastor “B” as Phil meets with him each week. Pray that he will continue to grow in faith and in knowledge of the scriptures. Pray that he will find employment so he can support his family.

Fridays Pray for the Fusion team of seven young men from the U.S. as they minister in “G” town and in several villages. Pray for their ability to communicate the gospel through words and actions. Pray for their health and stamina as hot season begins.

Saturdays Pray for the kids club that meets today. The girls are doing a great job learning the books and overview of the Bible. Pray that the verses they are learning would take root in their hearts and bear fruit in their lives for years to come and that they would be a blessing to all who know them.

Sundays Pray for pastors and leaders who will be proclaiming God’s Word in churches and gatherings across Niger. Many Zerma have heard the gospel, yet have hardened their hearts against it by refusing to act on what they hear. Pray that God would soften their hearts and break down the barriers of resistance that keep them from accepting Christ as their Savior.

Thank you prayer warriors! What a joy to see God answer so many prayers this past month.


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