Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace
to help us in our time of need
. Hebrews 4:16

Dear Prayer Warriors,

I apologize for the lateness of June’s prayer letter. Besides having internet issues the last few weeks of May was one of the most difficult, as far as power cuts go, of all our years on the field. We were only averaging around six hours of power per day- and that was an hour or two scattered throughout the day and night. With temperatures above 100, it was quite a challenge. Thank you for praying for us. Knowing that you’re praying for us gives us such hope and encouragement. It rained this past weekend and the cooler temperatures and improved power were very much welcomed by all. While this month’s verse doesn’t specifically mention hope, it is a verse that give me great hope because I know you’re boldly going to God in prayer for the Zerma people and for us.

Answered Prayers
Thank you for praying for the Zerma during Ramadan. God brought several women to a kids club and they all stayed and listened to the Bible story and answered questions. For the first time, I (Kimberly) had a chance to share with a Muslim man who actually listened intently to scripture and thought about what God requires for a husband and how they care for their wife. Men in Niger are allowed to have more than one wife. Lots of good spiritual conversations took place this past month. Pray for all these seeds to take root and bear much fruit in the lives of the Zerma people.

We had a good rain at the end of May. Many areas have received rain in the past week and farmers have been able to plant. Pray for a good rainy season that will result in an abundant harvest.

The Fusion teams arrived safely in America and completed their debriefing. Pray for the many seeds that were planted as they shared the gospel-that they would take root and bear fruit. Pray for Chris and Gen as they follow up these contacts.

Jana continues make great progress in her language and culture acquisition.

Pastor B’s son’s chin (torn open after he was hit by a car) has healed and he is doing so much better.

Key Dates
June 10 Happy Birthday, Gen Bartlett! Pray for Gen as she serves in a town where her family are the only missionaries for many miles. Pray for her to feel His peace and strength as she homeschools her four children, participates in ministry and takes care of the needs of her husband and children.

June 11 Happy Birthday, Maria Bartlett! Maria turns nine years old today! Pray for Maria to grow in her knowledge and understanding of who God is and to grow in her confidence of who God made her to be.

June 14 We’re having team meeting today. Pray for us as we meet, pray, and share ideas together that we would be strengthened and encouraged.

June 18 Pray for Pastor “B” to find employment. Pray for him as he seeks ways to disciple believers in hard to reach villages.

June 20 Pray for new believers who made professions of faith last month in villages south of Niamey. Pray for their spiritual growth and for healthy churches to rise up out of the many outreach groups scattered around this area.

June 24 Happy Birthday, Eden Bartlett! Eden turns 5 today! Pray for her to continue to learn with the same enthusiasm she consistently displays in everything she does!

June 30 By the end of June, millet, beans, peanuts and other crops will be growing on plots across Niger. But so will lots of grass and weeds! Pray for strength and stamina for families as they now spend long days in the field cultivating their crops, removing the weeds that will overwhelm their crop if left unattended.

Weekly Prayer Points

Mondays Our study time in “S” village continues to go well, we will begin a New Testament overview soon. Pray for a team of volunteers who will be conducting a malnourished child clinic in this village on the 11th. Pray that this will open doors for people in the village to hear and understand the gospel message and that it will also provide opportunities to help care for children in need.

Tuesdays Pray for the three kids clubs that meet each week. Pray for Kimberly as she carves out time each week to prepare to tell up to three different stories a week in Zerma. Pray for the salvation of all who come and listen to the stories.

Wednesdays Pray for Phil as he leads the Wednesday night Bible study at Pastor “Adam’s” church over the next serval weeks. He will be teaching a survey of the Old Testament. Pray for him to communicate clearly the truths of God’s Word as he teaches in Zerma.

Thursdays Pray for Phil and Pastor “B” as they meet together each week. Pray for God’s glory and truth to be evident in this pastor’s life and witness.

Fridays Pray for those who are seeking the truth about God. Many Zerma had spiritual conversations last month. Some are starting their spiritual journey. Pray for them to understand and believe and to take a stand among their families and neighbors for Christ.

Saturdays Pray for the five girls from our Zerma church that meet together faithfully each week to learn Bible verses, the books of the Bible overview, and looking up verses together. The youngest is 5 and she is surprising her older sisters with her memorization of the books of the Bible. Pray for these girls to grow into strong women of faith as they are the Zerma church leaders of tomorrow.

Sundays Pray for the “G” neighborhood. Pray for those who are seeking to come to the Zerma church. Pray for the church to grow. Pray for God’s spirit to move among the lost in that neighborhood.

Thank you for your prayers. They mean so much to us.


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