Dear Prayer Supporters,

The days are flying by! Phil and I are staying busy and things are going well ministry wise. Overall, our electrical power has improved but we still have days where we experience long power cuts. Rainy season is off to a slow start. We need more rain and soon! We appreciate your prayers on our and the Zerma people’s behalf.

Answered Prayer
Last month’s team meeting went well. Good fellowship and prayer was enjoyed by all.

We’ve had some rain. Please continue to pray for rain. We’ve yet to see the crops of millet and peanuts we usually see growing by this time of year.

There was a great turnout in the “S” village with the malnourished child clinic. Pray for good follow-up and for many in that village to follow Jesus.

Key Dates

July 1 Pray for the Christians in Ouallam. We’ve been prevented from going there for some time due to the security situation. Believers have come and gone over the years, and some have fallen away from the faith. Pray that God would continue to work in this town and that a strong church will be established that brings glory and honor to Him.

July 4-8 The African Union (AU) is meeting in Niamey, Niger on these dates. The AU consists of 55 member states that make up the countries of the African continent. As a result of this important meeting, we’ve seen a new and modern airport built, as well as numerous hotels, and roads and parks improvements. Pray for peace and for the leaders to make wise decisions for the people they lead and serve.

July 5-13 Many of our colleagues will be attending a meeting in another country. Pray for their safety and security as they travel and meet. Pray for those of us remaining in Niger to have good power and water during the meetings and the grace to deal with it, if those utilities prove unreliable.

July 15 Pray for Scott and Scott, two volunteers from FBC Sandersville, GA as they leave today for a ten day trip to Niger. Pray for safe travels and for their time here as they share the gospel, encourage believers, and offer leadership training.

July 18 We’re hoping to assist a village with installing a well. Their nearest source of water is the Niger river, over three miles away. Pray for us as we work out the details—transportation of materials will be a challenge as the village is not accessible by vehicle.

July 22 Pray that as Scott and Scott carry out leadership training this week that God will use it to open doors to share the gospel.

July 25 Pray for Scott and Scott as they head back home tonight after a busy ten days in Niger. Pray that the seeds that were planted will take root and that their ministry will continue to bear fruit in the coming weeks and months.

Weekly Prayer Points

Mondays As of this writing, there are many places in Niger that still have not received rain. Pray that rain will come soon so that they can plant. Pray for a good harvest this year.

Tuesdays Pray for peace in Niger. Pray that peace will prevail throughout the land. Pray that men, women and children will recognize that they can know true peace through the Savior.

Wednesdays Pray for three weekly kids clubs. Pray for the children and their families to come to Christ. Pray that they would hear, understand and believe. Please especially pray for “Noah,” a young man in his late teens. God is drawing him close, pray for him to be brave enough to follow Jesus.

Thursdays Pray that God would pour out His Spirit upon Niger, convicting the lost of their need for repentance and salvation and revealing to them the river of life that flows through Jesus.

Fridays The apostle Paul reminds us in his letter to the Ephesians that we who follow Christ are in a spiritual battle with the forces of darkness. Pray that we and our fellow Zerma believers would resist Satan and learn to make use of our spiritual armor as we experience times of temptation and testing.

Saturdays Pray for rest and health as Phil and I have many different teachings and meetings each week. We love what we do, but we need to be mindful to carve out time in the Word and for prayer. Pray for us to mange our time well.

Sundays Pray for Pastor “Adam” as he continues to faithfully serve his church and as he engages neighbors and members of his community in conversations about the gospel. Ray that God will add to his church and bring faithful men and women who will assist him in ministry.

Thank you for your prayers!


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