But as for me, I watch in hope for the LORD, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me. Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the LORD will be my light. Micah 7:7-8

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Happy New Year! Many of you might have noticed that last year’s verses dealt with the heart. This year’s verses will all be related to the theme of hope. We begin 2019 with many hopes for our family, our ministry, and for our beloved Zerma people. We’ve seen God answer many prayers above and beyond what we thought or imagined. Your prayers are a vital part of our ministry in Niger. We’re grateful for your prayer support!

We’re trying something new with our prayer letter format and would love to get feedback from you. Please email us and let us know what you think or if you prefer the old style of a daily prayer request.

January is off to a busy start and we have several important matters for our prayer points.

Jan. 3 A volunteer dentist will be working in a village where we’ve had two journeyman live and minister to the Zerma several years ago. Pray for the Zerma people who will be seen and treated. Pray that through the dental care they receive and the opportunities to share the Good News, that many would come to faith in Christ.

Jan. 7 IMB leadership for our area of West and Central Africa will be meeting in Niamey this week. Pray for those who lead us and for us as we will be joining them today for a creative and collaborative brainstorming session. We will be pursuing creative solutions to the overwhelming Gospel needs in the Great Bend Cluster.

Jan. 12 Two Fusion teams arrive today. These teams of college-age men and women will be working in Niger for the next four months. There are seven men on the rural team who will be working in a village near the Bartlett’s town. Six women will be on the urban team working with university students. Pray for their adjustment and for their language acquisition. Pray for us as we help orient them to life and ministry in Niger.

Jan. 19 I (Kimberly) will be starting a new study with the children who attend our Zerma church. These girls attend school and can read and try to follow along with the verses each Sunday during the Pastor’s sermon. I’ve noticed that they have a difficult time in knowing the location of the books of the Bible each week. I plan on teaching them the order of the books of the Bible, including key points in each book as well as a verse for each one. Pray for them to gain confidence in their use of God’s Word and that they would be encouraged to read more of His Word on their own.

Jan. 28 Pray for Phil and me as we help prepare the 7-man Fusion team for life in the village and for them as they will be preparing to move out to the village. Pray that their remaining time in language study and training will be productive. Pray too for the Bartletts who will be arriving back from stateside assignment in early February.
We want to be covered in your prayers as we go through the week, so we’re including prayer points for each day of the week. Here is how you can pray for us each week this month.

Mondays Pray for “Sweet” village. Phil shares Bible stories and training every Monday in “Sweet” village. Pray for the believers to grow in faith and knowledge of God. Pray for the seekers to become believers. Pray for Phil as he prepares each week’s lesson, that he would communicate God’s truth effectively.

Tuesday Pray for the Cain family. Pray for Phil and me to be faithful in our devotional and prayer time together. We have seen God do amazing things in answers to our joint prayers this past year. Pray for Caleb to be diligent in his studies at college. Praise God for his good friends, for professors who encourage and challenge him, and for the growth we have seen God work in his life this past year. Pray for continued good progress for the coming year. Pray for Caroline as she works two part-time jobs. Pray for a full-time job with benefits and for her continued walk with the Lord.

Wednesdays Pray for Kids clubs. Two will be meeting on Wednesdays. Each group is doing a different story. Pray for Kimberly as she prepares two different stories each week for these groups. Pray for the children to listen well and to be able to retell the story.

Thursdays Pray for Pastor “B” as Phil mentors and meets with him each Thursday. Pray for Pastor “B” to apply what he is learning. Pray for him to be a man of integrity. Pray that God will supply him with a job. Pray for Phil as he shares with him weekly and for Phil to be encouraged by seeing Pastor “B” grow stronger in his walk with God.

Fridays Pray for Phil and me as we prepare and tell the final two Bible stories in the Purity and Sexuality storying set. Pray for us to communicate well. Pray for good attendance and for those who attend to engage in good discussion. Remember to especially pray for application of these truths in their personal lives.

Saturdays Pray for the kids club that meets today. Pray for the completion of the life of Jesus storying set that will be completed the first two weeks of January. Pray for the Bible training that will happen with the children who regularly attend church as it begins on the 19th.

Sundays Pray for our Zerma church in the “G” neighborhood. Pray for Pastor “Adam” and his wife “Helen” as they faithfully witness and share God’s love to a spiritually dark and difficult neighborhood. Pray for their five children to do well in school. Pray that they will be encouraged by seeing the church grow in knowledge and in number this year.

We appreciate you and your prayers for us and the Zerma people.


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