And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us. Romans 5:5

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Thank you for the feedback regarding the new prayer letter format. It was encouraging and positive so we will continue with the new format. Thank you for your prayers! It is so exciting to share with you the many ways we saw God answer them this past month.

Answered Prayers
The volunteer dentist had a good experience working in a new area and many people were helped by getting treatment for abscesses and removing bad teeth.

The Fusion teams arrived safely and with all of their bags! They got off to a great start and are already engaging in ministry.

The Cluster leadership meetings were productive and we enjoyed participating in a fun and helpful brainstorming session.

The study with the children at church is proceeding very well. They are learning and memorizing the books of the Bible. They are excited about looking up verses and becoming more familiar with where to find the stories they know in God’s Word.

Feb. 1-28 Pray for Jana, a Journeyman coming to work in Niger for two years, as she completes her last weeks at FPO (Field Personnel Orientation) in Virginia. Pray for her as she is learning a high volume of information over the span of a couple of months. Pray for her as she says her good-byes to family and friends.

Feb. 3-10 Pray for a team of ten University students coming from Benin and other West African countries this week. Pray for safe travels and for many opportunities to share the gospel.

Feb. 11 The Bartletts will be arriving back in Niger today. Pray for them as they readjust to the heat and time change. Pray for the kids to rest well. Pray for them as they head out to their town after resting and shopping for supplies in Niamey for a few days.

Feb. 12-15 Pray for pastoral and theological training that will take place in Niamey this week with some of our key leaders. Pray that these leaders will master the material well and come away with the ability to reproduce it and train others.

Feb. 14-March 4 I (Kimberly) will be at a Language Learning Conference in another country. Pray for me as I learn new methods of language acquisition and learning culture. Pray for safety in travel and for smooth connections between flights.

Weekly Prayer Points
Mondays- Thank you for your continued prayers for the group in “S” village that Phil leads each week. Pray that this group would continue to grow and that these men would share what they are learning with others in their homes and villages.

Tuesdays-Pray for the Fusion team as they move out to “G” town. Pray for them as they build relationships and as they travel to surrounding villages. Pray for their language skill to continue to grow and that they will be bold in sharing the Good News.

Wednesdays- Pray for the two kids clubs that meet on Wednesday afternoons. Pray for Kimberly to tell the stories well. Pray for the children to listen well and to understand the meaning of the stories and how much God loves them. Pray for one of the mothers who has been coming to hear the stories each week. Pray for “Tina” to accept Christ and follow Him.

Thursdays- Pray for the Zerma who are putting in a lot of time and effort on their dry season gardens. In addition to watering everything by hand, carrying the water from a well or nearby pond, they also have to fight insects and geckos and sometimes goats or sheep who break through the fence. Pray that their gardens will produce abundant fruit and vegetables, enough to feed their families with extra to sell at the market.

Fridays- Pray for pastors and churches in Niger. Pray for Pastor “B” to find a job so that he can support his family. Pray that strong churches would be established among the outreach groups that he and others have started. Pray for Pastor “Adam,” his wife “Helen,” and their five children. Praise God for their faithful service and witness for so many years. Pray for a strong movement of God in their churches neighborhood, which has been resistant to the gospel.

Saturdays- Pray for the kids club that meets today. Pray for four girls as they are learning the books of the Bible and how to look up verses in the Bible. Pray for them to grow up to be strong women of faith in the church. God’s word is a lamp unto our feet and a light to our paths. Pray for us and our Zerma brothers and sisters in Christ, that we would hold fast to God’s work and let it guide our steps on a daily basis.

Sundays- Pray that many Zerma will hear the gospel today. Pray that they would not just hear it but understand it and be convicted of the sin that separates them from God. Pray that they will understand that only Jesus can wash their sin away and make them righteous before God.

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of the Zerma people and for us. We are seeing God move as a result of your prayers!


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