To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery,
which is Christ in you, the hope of glory
. Colossians 1.27

Dear Prayer Partners,
Thank you for your faithful prayers on behalf of the Zerma people and our family each month. We’re seeing God at work in many areas of our ministry. Please continue to pray for our requests. Your prayers provide open doors for us to walk through and encourage and strengthen our heart on the difficult days. We appreciate your valuable contribution to the Zerma ministry.

Answered Prayer
Thank you for praying for Scott and Scott last month as they assisted us in many areas of ministry. Their activities included leadership training with three different groups of people; kids ministry; visiting, encouraging and teaching several different groups of believers; a short seminar on marriage; and they also encouraged us personally.
Thanks for your prayers for rain. There’s been good rainfall in many places, not so good in others. Pray for those who got a later than normal start with planting because of late rains, that God will continue to send them rain to grow the food they’ll need for this coming year.

The African Union meetings have come and gone. Thank you for praying for peace and wisdom for the leaders. There was heightened security around town and there was peace. Some new agreements were made that can have a positive impact on many African countries’ development.

Key Dates
August 1
Our Western Niger Rural Team meeting is today. Pray for our time together to be mutually beneficial and encouraging. Pray that God would use each of us to fulfill his plan for reaching all of Niger.

August 11 The feast of Tabaski, also known as Eid al-Adha, will be observed today and tomorrow. This is a time when Muslims remember and commemorate Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son by slaughtering a ram and then preparing and sharing a “feast” with the roasted meat. For many of our friends and neighbors this ritual sacrifice will be a way by which they hope to earn God’s favor. Pray that they will hear and understand the message of the cross and place their hope instead in the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

August 15 Kimberly has been invited to be the speaker for the elementary students during Sahel Academy’s Spiritual Emphasis Week in October. Pray that she will say what God wants these precious students to know about Him and how much He loves them. Pray as she studies and prepares for this time with students.

August 21 Pray for good time management and times of rest for Phil and Kimberly. Pray for us to stay rooted and grounded in His word.

August 30 “Stephen” and “Tanya” are a man and a woman that have been coming faithfully to one of the kids clubs. Please pray that they will understand and believe that Jesus is the Savior and that they will choose to follow Him.

Weekly Prayer Points
Pray for Phil as he leads an Old Testament survey class with our church here in Niamey and a New Testament survey class in “S” town each week.

Tuesdays Remember the three kids clubs each week. At one of the locations, there have been a man and a woman who are coming each week. Pray that God would draw them close to Himself and they would follow Jesus. Pray for the children to remember the Bible stories they heard during kids club.

Wednesdays Pray for our Zerma church’s meetings during the week. We meet on Wednesdays for Bible study, Fridays for prayer, and for worship on Sundays. Pray for people to come and study and pray and for them to grow in their faith.

Thursdays Pray for “Alan” and “Zeke” in “K town.” These two Zerma believers enjoyed fellowshipping with our volunteers last month and would like to get an outreach group started in their neighborhood. Pray that God would open doors to do this.

Fridays Pray that Zerma Christians would grow in their understanding and practice of prayer. Pray that they will learn what it means to praise God and offer thanksgiving as well as confess their sins. Pray that they will seek the Lord and take all their fears and concerns to Him.

Saturdays Choosing to leave Islam and follow Jesus is a huge step for the Zerma. It can sometimes be difficult to discern what in their culture should be left behind and what is acceptable as a Christian. Pray that Zerma believers will be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding as they seek to do the right thing in their families and communities.

Sundays Pray for laborers who can come assist our fellow Zerma believers with spreading the gospel and discipleship. With Christians numbering less that one tenth of one percent of the Zerma population, there is still a great need for people to come to Niger to teach the Word, share their faith, and train leaders.


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