For I know the plans I have for you declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Dear Prayer Warriors,
Thank you for lifting up the Zerma people and our family to the Father. It seems like there is no slowing down in sight for 2019. Our days continue to be very full and busy. Please pray for us to have a good balance between ministry, daily tasks, and rest. Hot season is upon us and the heat has a direct effect on our stamina. We’ve had several power cuts, the last one on March 30th for over 5 hours during the hottest part of the day. Pray for our health and endurance during hot season (March – May).

Answered Prayers
I (Kimberly) had a long but uneventful trip home from my conference in Egypt. It was a smooth trip and my bags arrived with me. The Language Learning Advisor Course I attended was very informative and useful in helping new missionaries learn language when they arrive on the field.

The Bartletts are doing well in Gaya. They’ve been able to settle in and are staying very busy with ministry, the Fusion guys, and homeschool. Please make sure you check out a special request for their family in the requests below.
Jana and all her bags arrived safely in Niger and she is adjusting well to the heat, culture and life in Niger. Her language is off to a great start.

My mom had a lovely birthday and several friends and co-workers went out of their way to celebrate her special day with special cupcakes and flowers. Phil had a busy birthday and all our colleagues sang Happy Birthday to him at a cookout to welcome Jana.

Key Dates
April 1 Please pray for the Bartletts. They have had hardly any water or electricity for the past three weeks. Pray that consistent power would be restored soon. The power operates the water pumps, so when there is no power there is no water. They have a generator and have been hauling water to get them through this difficult time. Hot season is difficult enough here but these shortages have made it even more challenging. Pray for encouragement, strength, and health for their entire family.

April 3 We believe God equips men and women to lead and to serve in the church. The Zerma need spiritual leadership—ask God to raise up men and women of integrity and righteousness to lead this generation to know and follow Him.

April 4 Hot season is in full swing in Niger. Pray for our stamina and patience as we deal with the heat. Pray that we will continually be refreshed by His work and demonstrate His love and compassion for others.

April 5/8 Jana will be entering Phase 1B of her language study on these dates. This means after two weeks of listening and comprehension activities she will be able to begin speaking Zarma in class and using all of the vocabulary she has learned thus far. Pray that God will loosen her tongue to speak Zarma. Pray for her ears to hear, her mouth to speak, and her heart to love the people and the language.

April 10 We give praise for eighteen new believers and fourteen baptisms in three villages this past month. Pray for their spiritual growth, and for the outreach groups in these villages to grow into strong, healthy churches.

April 12 Pray for believers in “Z” village, where a poor harvest last year means that they are now dealing with food shortages. Pray for their spiritual growth as they deal with many difficulties. We are also rejoicing that the wife of one of the believers has recently placed her faith in Christ.

April 21 Happy Easter! Pray that God would reveal himself through dreams and visions to people as churches celebrate Easter here. Pray for those who are seeking truth to attend a church meeting or to speak with a Christian friend or pastor.

April 25 Pray for Pastor “B” to find a job. Pray for wisdom for him as he disciples and trains new believers.

Weekly Prayer Points
Mondays Pray for the men in “S” village as Phil continues to faithfully meet with them each week. Pray for the Zerma men who are attending to share with family and friends the truths from God’s Word they are learning weekly. Pray for others in the village who have heard the gospel several times, that they will seek the truth and know that the truth can set them free.

Tuesdays Pray for Jana, Salamatou, and Kimberly as they meet Monday through Friday for Jana’s languaculture learning time. It is going very well. Pray that God will encourage and strengthen Salamatou through this time. Pray for Jana to hear, understand, and speak the language well so that she may boldly declare the love of God to the people of Niger.

Wednesdays Pray for children who attend the two kids clubs on Wednesday afternoon. Pray for Louise and Zoe, two of the Fusion girls, who help Kimberly each week with the clubs. They have built relationships with a neighbor near one of the clubs. The neighbor’s children and their friends come so this group has grown by 7-8 kids. Pray for this mother and these children to understand and believe that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

Thursdays We’re thankful that in a country where more than ninety-five percent of the population adhere to Islam, that Christians are allowed to spread the gospel through radio and television broadcasts. Pray that as the gospel is planted it will find good soil and bear much fruit.

Fridays Please continue to pray for the two Fusion teams of seven men and five women. Pray for them to finish strong as they will be completing their assignment in May. Pray that God would strengthen them and keep them healthy. Pray for all the follow up that will be done after they return to the states. Praise God for the many, many relationships they are building among the Dendi and Zerma peoples.

Saturdays The kids club that meets at church will be completing the Old Testament Bible books overview this month. Pray for the girls to retain everything they’ve learned and that they will continue to grow in their confidence in using God’s Word. Pray that as we begin the New Testament Bible books overview, that they will see the big picture and how the Old Testament and New Testament work together to tell us God’s story.

Sundays Pray for a strong and bold witness that points the way to Christ will be preached and taught every Sunday in the churches in Niger. Pray for believers to share their faith with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. Pray for the Holy Spirit to move across Niger and that many would come to faith in Him.

We’re grateful for your prayers. We need them more than ever.


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