The LORD is close the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

September 1 Thank you for praying for Caleb’s return trip to the US. He had a very smooth trip. Praise God for the wonderful dorm situation Caleb is in at WBU. He is settling in well at college and making new friends. In the busyness of college life, pray that he would sense God’s presence daily. If you would like to write Caleb an encouraging note his address is: 56 McClellan Box 3490 Walnut Ridge, Arkansas 72476.

September 2 Pray for Cassie, a Journeyman who has experienced a change in job assignment. Kimberly is now serving as her supervisor/mentor. Pray for good communication and pray for Cassie as she adjusts to her new job. She is serving as a PE teacher at Sahel Academy and will be doing student work at the university and with other schools.

September 3 Pray for “Bella’s” family that hosts one of the kids clubs each week. Different family members have had malaria and/or other health issues during this rainy season. Pray for their physical health. Pray for their spiritual health, that they might come to know Jesus as their Savior.

September 4 Pray for our team meeting today. Pray for our time together to be mutually encouraging and for us to be strengthened in our work.

September 5 Please continue to pray for the new staff members at Sahel Academy as they prepare for their classes each day. Pray for them to have wisdom and insight into their students’ lives and minds as they teach them.

September 6 IMB missionaries in the Congo have developed a Bible story set dealing with purity and sexuality for teenagers and young adults. Phil and Kimberly are planning to use these stories to teach the youth that attend church in the “G” neighborhood. Pray for the youth and their friends to attend these sessions. Pray for wisdom and sensitivity because this is a topic not taught or discussed much in this culture and there is a real need for it.

September 7 Thank you for your prayers for Phil and John and the group meeting in “S” village. The group continues to expand and it’s been encouraging to see these men grow in their understanding of the scriptures. Pray for continued growth, and pray for those who have not yet trusted in Christ, that through these studies they might come to know Him personally.

September 8 The IMB missionary women will be meeting for our monthly prayer meeting today. Please be in prayer for time together. Pray for us to receive encouragement, support, and hope from our time together in prayer. God is at work!

September 9 As churches and groups meet in Niger today, pray that the hearts of believers will filled with praise and worship, pray that they will hear God speak through His word. Pray for those villages with only one or two believers, that their numbers will increase.

September 10 Pray for Colleen as she travels to another African country for medical checkups. Pray for a good report from the doctor and for the trip to be a safe and smooth one.

September 11 Thank you for your prayers regarding rain. There have been good rains in many areas of the country so far, continue to pray for these last weeks of rainy season that the Zerma might have a good harvest.

September 12 Pray that the peace of Christ would rule in the hearts of Zerma believers, that they would be aware of God’s absolute faithfulness.

September 13 Thank you for praying for Pastor “Adam” and his family last month as they traveled to his home village. They had a very good visit and are now safely back in Niamey. Pray for Adam’s family and others who heard the gospel, that they would yield their hearts to Christ.

September 14 Please continue to pray for Caroline to find a full-time job with insurance and benefits. She continues to work two part time jobs. We’re grateful for God’s provision for her and we know he has more in store for her.

September 15 Pray for “Eve,” a friend of Kimberly’s, who recently had a miscarriage. Pray for her complete physical healing. Pray for her to accept Christ as her Savior.

September 16 Thanks for your prayers during Tabaski (or Eid al-Adha) last month. Pray that the Zerma would continue to seek God and discover the true path of righteousness found only in Christ.

September 17 Pray for Christian radio broadcasts throughout Niger, that God would use them to speak to the hearts of the Zerma people and to draw people to the truth.

September 18 Ask God for at least one Zerma woman for Kimberly to disciple.

September 19 Pray that the Zerma Christians would learn to understand, obey and apply God’s Word in their lives.

September 20 Please continue to pray for the Bartlett family as they are settling in to their new routine for the remaining months of their stateside assignment.

September 21 Pray for those who preach and teach, that they would do so with wisdom and discernment and by the power of the Living God.

September 22 Pray for Zerma believers who are undergoing trials and tribulations, that they would know the “peace that passes understanding.” (Phil. 4:7)

September 23 Pray for the kids club that meets in the “G” neighborhood. Kimberly is teaching the life of Christ to the kids. Pray for them to understand how much Jesus loves them and that He wants a personal relationship with each of them.

September 24 Pray for “Bella’s” family to be able to rebuild their home made from grass mats. They are continuing to live in an unfinished home on their property.

September 25 Ask God to give Phil and Kimberly much wisdom as they deal with many requests daily for help from those who are looking for work, are hungry, or sick.

September 26 Pray for a volunteer to come and help homeschool the Bartlett’s children – Isaiah, Maria, Shiloh, and Eden when they return to Niger in January. Could God be calling you?

September 27 Pray for older kids and teens who have dropped by the kids clubs to hear a story and reconnect. One young man chose to stay and hear the story instead of going to the mosque to pray with his friend. Pray for God’s word to penetrate their hearts and minds with the truth and that they will choose to follow Jesus.

September 28 Pray for Phil and Kimberly to accurately and boldly tell the Bible stories each week in Zerma. Pray for them as they communicate the truth of God’s word.

September 29 Pray for Pastor “Adam” and his small shop to do well and provide an income for his family to live on as he ministers in the “G” neighborhood.

September 30 Pray Isaiah 44:3 for the peoples of Niger that God would pour water on this thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground. Pray that He will pour out His Spirit and His blessing on the team.

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