Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. Colossians 3:15

November 1-5 Phil and I will be speaking at Hi-Way Baptist Church’s missions conference in Mesa, Arizona. We arrive on the 1st from Niger and will be speaking about our ministry and life in Niger. Pray for our all our flights and for our baggage to arrive with us. Pray for us to communicate effectively about ministry in Niger and the possibilities for the church to partner with us.

November 6 We’ll be flying from Mesa, AZ to Little Rock, Arkansas. After landing, we’ll be meeting a new Journeyman who will be arriving in Niger next March. Pray for our time together to be encouraging and helpful to Janna. Pray for her as she packs, goes to orientation and says goodbyes to family and friends. We’ll then drive down to Kimberly’s mom’s home for an overnight stay and visit.

November 7-10 We’ll be driving up to Williams Baptist University to spend the remainder of stay in Arkansas visiting Caleb. We’re excited to tour the campus and meet his friends and roommates. Pray for travel safety on the road and for a great time together with our son.

November 11 Early in the morning, we’ll be flying to Richmond, VA to spend the remainder of our time in the states with our daughter Caroline. Pray for the flight to go smoothly and for a great time with our daughter.

November 12-18 While visiting with our daughter, we’ll be taking care of some medical appointments while in the US. Pray that these check-ups to have positive outcomes. We’ll have a chance to visit the church we attended in the US while living in Virginia- Staples Mill Baptist Church.

November 19 We fly our early in the morning to return to Mesa, AZ for the long trip back home to Niger. Pray for check in to go smoothly and for all of our connecting flights to go well. We’ll spend 9 hours in Mesa before our next flight leaves that night for New York.

November 20 We fly to Istanbul early this morning from New York. Pray for our flight across the ocean to go well and to be smooth. Pray for our bags to be on the plane with us as we travel.

November 21 We have an 8 hour layover in Istanbul. Pray for us to be alert and as rested as possible. We arrive back in Niger tonight. Pray for our check in at the airport to be smooth and for our luggage to arrive with us.

November 22 Happy Thanksgiving! We’ll be celebrating as a mission family today at fellow IMB missionary’s home. I’m sure we’ll be jet lagged but the fellowship will be sweet!

November 23 Pray for us as we recover from jet lag. The older we get, the longer it seems to take! Pray for us as we prepare lessons and stories for the different groups we meet with during the week—church, men’s group, and kids clubs.

November 24 Pray for the kids club meeting today at our Zerma church. The group has been growing and around 19 kids were coming each week. Pray for all the children to return today and to remember the stories they’ve learned. Pray that they will continue to learn each story well. Pray for the group to continue to grow.

November 25 Pray for the Zerma church in the “G” neighborhood. Pray for this small church to continue to be faithful and to be light and salt to the community.

November 26 Pray for Phil as he travels to “S” village today. Pray for the men to be prepared to move forward with the lessons and for them to recall all that they’ve learned. Pray for the believers to be strengthened in their faith and for seekers to accept Christ.

November 27 Pray for Phil and Kimberly as they prepare the next lesson for the Purity and Sexuality Bible study they lead at Zerma church each week. Pray for the truth of God’s word to be communicated clearly and for good discussion and understanding. Pray that the youth who are attending will apply what they are learning.

November 28 Pray for the kids club meeting today. Pray that the children will recall all the stories they’ve learned so far and have thought about them and practiced them as Kimberly encouraged them to do while she was away.

November 29 Pray for Phil as he meets with a local pastor each week as they study the Bible together. Pray for this pastor to allow God to transform his heart and apply the scriptures to his life as they study together.

November 30 Happy Birthday, Caroline! It is wonderful that we got to spend time with her so close to her birthday this year. Pray for her to find a full-time job with insurance and benefits in this coming year! We praise God for His faithfulness to her in providing two part-time jobs until His timing for the full-time job.

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