And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7

May 1 Pray for our team meeting today, that we would be an encouragement to each other and for God’s guidance as we discuss plans and strategies.

May 2 Thank you for praying for Jeff and Barbara Singerman. They are recovering well but have many months of therapy and surgeries ahead. Pray for Jeff as he will be undergoing a skin graft today to cover his arm wound. Pray for the best possible outcome.

May 3 Pray for “Mary, “ “Adam” and “Helen’s” daughter. Her surgery was once again postponed last week and is rescheduled for today. Pray that the surgery would take place as scheduled and that the surgeon would be able to repair/correct her broken arm.

May 4 Thanks for praying for the staffing needs of Sahel Academy—they have been able to fill some positions but there are still several vacancies for the next school year. For more information, check out

May 5 Our houseworker, “Gus, “ received some disappointing news from the minister’s office regarding his wife’s ability to switch assignments with another teacher. Their proposal was rejected. Pray for God to provide a job for his wife so she doesn’t have to resign her teaching position in order not to be separated from her husband and children.

May 6 Please pray for Pastor “B” as he is dealing with financial difficulties as result of some poor decisions. Pray that God will provide for his needs and that of his family.

May 7 “Samuel” is a boy who has begun coming to kids club meetings this past month. He is full of mischief and fun. When we had a recent review of the stories, “Samuel” surprised me by answering many of the questions, when I had thought he might not have been paying attention. Pray for him and for these Bibles stories to penetrate his heart and mind so that he may believe in Jesus.

May 8
Pray for the Zerma farmers as they prepare their fields for planting next month. This involves a lot of hand labor clearing and working the debris from last year’s crops into the soil. Pray for their health and strength as they work long days in the hot sun.

May 9 The kids clubs are halfway through the ST4Kids Bible storying set. Pray for them to retain all that they’re learning and for them to share boldly with family and friends.

May 10 Pray for Phil as he travels each week to “S” village to teach a new discipleship class. Pray for opportunities for evangelism as people often stop by to listen.

May 11 Continue to pray for at least one woman for Kimberly to disciple and mentor. Pray for God to open the doors wide on some potential opportunities for this to occur.

May 12 The “G” neighborhood church was able to minister to a neighbor recently who broke both his legs in an accident. Pray for his healing and pray for “Adam” as he visits and shares the gospel with him.

May 13 Happy Mother’s Day! Pray for Zerma mothers as they raise their children. Pray for them to turn to Christ and raise their children to follow Him.

May 14 Thank you for praying for the Cains and Bartletts as they participated in a yard sale last month. We enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people in the community and clear out some items we no longer use. Pray for the Bartlett family as they prepare for a seven month stateside assignment beginning next month.

May 15 Today marks the beginning of the month of Ramadan, observed by Muslims around the world. For the next twenty-eight days Muslims will fast from food and water during the daylight hours. Since this is a time when Muslims are especially sensitive to spiritual things and earning God’s favor, pray that they would be open to the gospel and that there would be many opportunities to hear the Word and receive the truth. A helpful article on Ramadan can be found on the IMB website here:

May 16 Happy Birthday, Caleb Cain! Caleb turns 19 today. Pray for Caleb to grow in the grace and knowledge of God, that he would seek Him first and walk in the way God has for him.

May 17 Becker, Hudson, and Samuel have completed their 4 month assignment in Niger and will be returning home this month. Pray for all the men and women who have heard the gospel in the villages they have lived in to understand and believe the Good News.

May 18 Pray for Pastor “Adam” as he seeks to shepherd believers in the “G” church. Pray for him as he encourages believers who’ve been attending services to follow Jesus’ command in the area of baptism.

May 19
A missionary colleague brought a group of kids to kids club last month and a few have returned. Pray for them to keep coming and to learn the Bible stories.

May 20 Pray for Zerma believers as they live out their faith day to day. Pray that they would know and experience Christ and His power—to transform their minds and hearts, provide for their needs, and help them be salt and light in a dark world.

May 21 Pray for God to use dreams and visions to reveal Himself to the Zerma during the month of Ramadan. Pray for our friends and neighbors who will be eating and drinking nothing during the daylight hours while enduring 110 degree temperatures.

May 22 Thanks for your continued prayers for the Zerma as they suffer food shortages and malnutrition this time of year. Please continue to pray for us to have wisdom in knowing how best to help people that come to our door.

May 23 Zerma traditional rituals and celebrations such as marriage, birth, death, and others that are influenced by Muslim beliefs are not easily changed. Pray that God would show clearly to new believers how to make these celebrations ones that truly honor God in their new found faith in Christ and the courage to practice them.

May 24
Thank you for praying for Caroline. She continues to work at her two part-time jobs. Continue to pray that the right full-time job would become available for her.

May 25 Pray for Caleb as he leaves Arkansas today to fly to Niger for a two-month visit. Pray for travel safety, smooth flights and connections, and for his baggage to arrive with him.

May 26 Caleb arrives in Niamey today. Pray for our time together this summer. May this be a good time of visiting Niger, us, and his mission family.

May 27 Thank you for praying for our health this past month. We had a good month of feeling well and being productive. As hot season continues, please continue to pray for our health.

May 28 Pray for peace in Niger, pray that angry hearts might be transformed by the Prince of Peace.

May 29 The missionary women’s Bible study Kimberly has been participating in will be finishing up this month. Pray for our time in the word and prayer to continue to be rich and sweet.

May 30 Pray for us to be ready at every moment to share the Good News with others around us as they are fasting and seeking to hear from God this month. May we communicate the gospel effectively.

May 31 Pray for the rains to begin soon so farmers can begin planting.

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