Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

March 1 The Cains will be winding down their visit to the bush town where the Bartletts are living. Pray for us to be an encouragement and help to the Bartlett family.

March 2 Phil and Kimberly will be driving back to Niamey today. Pray for their safety on the road and for a smooth trip back to the city.

March 3 Pray for Phil as he prepares to preach in the “G” neighborhood church tomorrow. Pray that he will communicate well, that God will speak through him.

March 4 Pastor “Adam” and his wife “Helen” faithfully serve the “G” neighborhood and the church week after week. Pray for them to see fruit from their labors and to be encouraged by seeing people turn their lives over to Christ and for seekers to come to church.

March 5 Pray for Kimberly as she deals with an ongoing skin infection. Pray for a return to healthy skin.

March 6 An urgent prayer request is the Sahel Academy staff needs for 2017-2018. There are 18 unfilled slots for teachers and staff for the upcoming school year. Please pray for teachers and staff that God is calling to fill these slots. Pray for their financial support and for all the necessary details to be worked out in a timely fashion. Check out www.sahelacademy.com for more information.

March 7 Pray for Pastor “B” and several men he is discipling as they make plans for outreach and follow up in a number of remote villages. Pray that God will provide the funds for transportation and food, and for boldness and discernment as they preach and teach the Word.

March 8 Pray for good health and stamina as hot season has arrived. Pray for the Zerma who are growing vegetables in dry season gardens—that they may prosper and grow well for a source of additional food and income.

March 9 Pray for our team meeting today. Pray that we seek God and His plans first. Pray for our time in the word and for our fellowship together.

March 10 A team of 7 arrives today from Hi-Way Baptist Church in Mesa, AZ. Pray for John, Wendy, Phil and Kimberly as they facilitate this team. Pray for the team to adjust well to the heat and culture of Niger. Pray for them as they share with those in the city and in the bush.

March 11 Continue to pray for those who are hearing the gospel and experiencing God’s Word through the micro-SD cards we’ve been distributing. We thank God that so many are able to use these in their phones—pray that they would be listened to often, understood well, and shared with others.

March 12 Please continue to pray for “Gus,” the man who works for the Cains. His wife is a teacher who recently found out she is being asked to transfer to a town far from Niamey. Pray that the situation will be resolved in favor of her remaining at her current school.

March 13 Pray for Caleb as he is considering universities he may attend in the fall. Pray for him to be obedient to the plans God has for him.

March 14 Pray for the volunteers, who will be accompanying Kimberly, as they help lead a Bible story time in the “G” neighborhood.

March 15 Today is Kimberly’s mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Kaye! Pray for her to have a special day today.

March 16 Happy Birthday, Phil Cain! Pray for Phil as he preaches, teaches and serves among the Zerma people.

March 17
The team from Hi-Way Baptist Church leaves today to return to the US. Pray for safe and smooth travels for them. Pray that God multiplies their efforts in Niger to bring more Zerma and Gourmantche to Himself.

March 18 Lift up Yomi and his wife and young son as they travel back to Nigeria. Yomi has been our mission office worker for many years. He is a dear friend and brother in Christ. We are sad to see him go but pray for God to open up many opportunities for him in his home country.

March 19
Pray for Caroline and her work schedule. She has requested not to work on Sunday mornings but lately one of jobs has had her working often at that time. Pray that her Sunday mornings would be free so that she can attend church regularly.

March 20 Pray for “Jim,” a young believer in the village of “Z” as he learns to walk in faith. Pray that he would find other believers to fellowship with in his area. Pray for his father who has had severe health issues recently.

March 21 “Eve” is Kimberly’s friend and neighbor. Pray that God would soften her heart towards God and that she would know and understand how much God loves her. Pray for Kimberly as she shares Bible stories with her—for clear communication and boldness.

March 22 During hot season , the electricity isn’t quite as reliable as it is during the other seasons in Niger. Pray for power to be reliable and for the voltage to be steady. Pray for us to have patience and grace when there is a power cut.

March 23
Pray for the little church that we attend in the “G” neighborhood. Pray that it would be a light to the community there, that the neighbors who walk by it every day might be compelled to visit or at least talk to the pastor.

March 24 Pray for the Niger IMB ladies who will be meeting for fellowship and prayer today. Pray that we will remain committed to seeking out the good for each other and remaining faithful in prayer for one another.

March 25 As you pray for the spiritual growth of Zerma believers, pray for Phil and Kimberly as well. Pray that we would have Christ-like attitudes in all situations, pray for hearts that thirst for righteousness. Pray that we would grow in our knowledge of the scriptures and of God.

March 26 God is at work among the Zerma people. Pray for God to call out more laborers to the field. Pray for Zerma believers to be committed to spreading the Good News among all their people and to other people groups around them.

March 27 Thank you for praying for Becker, Samuel, and Hudson. The Fusion team has had to move to a new village. They received a warm welcome and had many come to hear the stories from God’s Word. Some national regional leaders felt they needed to move to a different village, so they have. Pray for God to give them favor with those in the new village and for the spread of the gospel that is occurring.

March 28 Pray for Pastor “Adam’s” shop to proper so that he can support his family well.

March 29 Phil and Kimberly enjoyed a great visit to “T” village near the end of February. Pray for more people in this village to come to Christ. There has been a faithful believer living there for many years. Pray for the salvation for his family and friends.

March 30 Praise God for the ladies Bible study Kimberly joined last month. We’ve seen God move and answer several prayers among the different missionary women in the group!

March 31 Lift up the kids’ club that will be meeting today. Pray for the children that attend to be bold in sharing their story with others this upcoming week.


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