But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7

June 1 Thank you for praying for Caleb’s safe arrival in Niger for the summer. He had a smooth trip and both of his bags arrived. Pray for our family as we enjoy our time together this summer. Pray for this to be a time of making new memories and a good farewell to Caleb’s life in Niger.

June 2 Pray for Phil as he preaches in the “G” church tomorrow during pastor “Adam’s” absence. Pray that he would communicate God’s word well. Pray for pastor “Adam” as he is traveling in another part of the country.

June 3 We will be hosting an IMB colleague from another African country today. Pray for our time together to be productive and beneficial and to accomplish all that needs to be done.

June 4 The last ten days of Ramadan are believed to be the most blessed days of the entire Muslim calendar. These are the “Days of Refuge” to seek Allah’s blessing and ask for safety from hell, as Muslims have no guarantee of going to heaven. Pray for the Zerma to know and understand that only Jesus is the way to an eternal life.

June 5 Thank you for praying for “Mary,” Pastor “Adam” and “Helen’s” daughter. She had surgery on her arm last month. Pray for continued healing and that the surgery accomplished all that was needed. Pray against infection and complications.

June 6 Pray for Phil as he travels to “T” village this week to express condolences to the chief, whose brother passed away recently. Pray that his time with believers there would bear much fruit.

June 7 We’re having a team meeting today. Pray for Jody as he leads the team. Pray that God would be glorified as we pray and meet together.

June 8 Phil and Kimberly recently saw the church neighbor man who had broken both of his legs in an accident. He is up and using crutches. Pray that his heart would be softened to the things of God as the church ministers to him.

June 9 The Bartletts will be in the states for the next seven month on stateside assignment. Pray for them to have adequate times of rest and for many opportunities to share about their work in Niger. Pray for their four kids as they adjust to school and life in America.

June 10 This night is the holiest night of the year for Muslims. They believe this is when the gates of heaven open and forgiveness of sins is poured down. Pray for the Zerma who are seeking God with all their hearts, that they would find Him. Pray that Jesus would reveal himself in dreams and visions.

June 11 Pray for four young adults who were baptized near the end of May at our local Zerma church. Pray for them to stand firm in their faith and be bold in their witness.

June 12 Please pray for rain. We’ve had one good rain by the 1st of June. Pray for the rain to come regularly so that the Zerma may plant their millet and get a good harvest.

June 13 Some missionary women and Kimberly recently completed a Bible study on Jonah. We plan to meet again in the fall and study the armor of God. Pray for those women who will be stateside during the summer to be renewed and refreshed. Pray for us to remain diligent in our time in the word until we can meet together again.

June 14 Today is the last day of Ramadan. Pray for those seeking truth and seeking God to hear from Him, and to recognize that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

June 15 Thank you for praying for “Samuel,” the young boy coming to kids club. He was able to tell a story for the first time all on his own and recall many details from other stories. Pray for him to grow in his knowledge and understanding of God’s word and for him to choose to give his heart to Jesus.

June 16
Pray for the kids club today as they will be learning stories about Jesus’ arrest, death and resurrection this month. Pray for them to understand that Jesus’ death on the cross paid the price for their sins and that he rose again and has power over life and death.

June 17 Happy Father’s Day! Pray for the Zerma people to see God as a loving, personal God who desires a relationship with them. Pray for our fellow Christians who are fathers, that they would lead their families well and reflect the characteristics of their heavenly Father.

June 18 We are rejoicing that three believers in “D” village were baptized last month. Pray for their spiritual growth as they learn to walk with God. Pray that they would be effective witnesses in their community.

June 19 Pray for Kimberly as she mentors and meets with Colleen while the Sustars are on stateside assignment for the next year. Pray for us to be able to talk openly and honestly and for wisdom and sensitivity for Kimberly in this role.

June 20 With the rains come the mosquitos; please pray for the Zerma people and for the Cains to stay healthy and pray for protection against malaria.

June 21 Pray for Pastor “B” and several other believers as they make plans for starting a garden area and rice farm in “D” village.

June 22 Pray that we will “set our minds on things above.” Col. 3:2

June 23 Please remember to pray for the Christians in and around the Ouallam area. Pray that they will remain faithful and continue to share the Good News with their friends, families, and villages.

June 24 Continue to pray for Phil and John Kirk as they travel to “S” village each week. They are currently working on an overview of the Old Testament in oral form. Pray that those who are coming to the study will grasp all that is being taught and be able to teach it to others.

June 25 Kimberly has agreed to serve as a mentor to a new, single female teacher coming to Sahel this fall. We will be meeting monthly and going over language, culture and her adjustment to teaching at Sahel. May God grow our relationship and may Kimberly help her adjustment to a new culture, climate, and language.

June 26 Ask God to strengthen Zerma believers and give them boldness to share and live out their faith. Pray that they would learn to love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

June 27 Pray that Zerma will have strength and stamina as they spend long hours in their fields this month, cultivating their crops. Some of them have to walk an hour or more just to get to their field.

June 28 Pray for Pastor “Adam’s” boutique to operate at a profit so that it would be able to support the pastor and his family.

June 29 Please continue to pray for at least one Zerma woman for Kimberly to disciple.

June 30 Pray that the Zerma walking in darkness to see a great light; on those living in darkness, a light has dawned. Isaiah 9:2

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