Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your
hearts be troubled and do not be afraid
. John 14:27

July 1 Thank you for praying for our meetings last month with our IMB colleague from another African country. These meetings regarding security were very informative and helpful. Pray that what was suggested to be done in our mission would be accomplished in a timely manner.

July 2 Please pray for “Samuel,” the young boy who had been coming to kids clubs. He hasn’t come to kids club in several weeks. I (Kimberly) see him playing with other boys down the street from where we meet on the way to kids clubs. Pray for him to return and to be brave against other boy’s teasing or encouragement to stay away. Pray for those other young boys to join “Samuel” in coming to kids club.

July 3 Pray for our team meeting today. Pray for our time of prayer, fellowship, and worship.

July 4 Happy 4th of July! As you celebrate America’s Independence Day, take a moment to pray that Niger will continue to be country where missionaries can openly share the gospel with others and that Niger will continue to enjoy religious freedom.

July 5 Pray for the “seekers” among the Zerma who are hearing the gospel, observing Christians, and perhaps asking questions about Christ. Pray that they would hear the truth and know clearly what they must do to respond.

July 6 “Mary,” Pastor “Adam” and “Helen’s” daughter, continues to do well from her surgery on her arm. Pray for the bone to grow correctly and to be healed completely. Praise God that there is no infection.

July 7 Thank you for praying for Kimberly as she mentors and meets with Colleen. Our times together are going very well. Pray for Colleen as she enjoys some vacation time this month. Pray for her to return refreshed, relaxed, and recharged to Niger.

July 8 Pray for “Dave,” a believer who lives in a distant village. Last week a storm flooded the crops he had planted and now he will have to start over. Pray for him to find the means to buy seed and still provide for his family.

July 9 Pray for Pastor “Adam” as he leads the local Zerma church, guides his family, and operates his boutique. Pray for the boutique to earn enough for him to make a living.

July 10 The men Phil has been meeting with in “S” village are enjoying the Old Testament survey study. Pray that this will enable them to better understand the scriptures as well as their own walk with God. Pray that it might be a useful tool to lead others to faith.

July 11 Pray for the new kids club that started last month. The first week we had four kids and the second week it grew to ten children plus a couple of mothers. Pray that these children would hear, understand and believe God’s plan of salvation.

July 12 In the new kids club there is a girl named “Belle.” She sought out Kimberly to come and teach the club at her house. It is apparent that God is working on her heart. She remembers the stories each week perfectly. Pray for “Belle’s” salvation.

July 13 In Niger, we’re in the middle of rainy season, meaning in this desert country that it rains about once every week to ten days. Please continue to pray for adequate rains for the crops that have been planted—pray for the Zerma as they labor in their fields. Pray for strength, stamina, good health, and for abundant and healthy crops.

July 14 Please pray for Kimberly as she is preparing to lead a training for believers and pastors in the fall. This training is designed to highlight the importance of teaching and training children and youth. By 2050, more than half of Niger’s population will be 15 years old or younger. Pray for Kimberly to plan effective ways to communicate orally the importance of churches and families discipling children.

July 15 Caleb will be starting school at a different university in August. He will be attending Williams Baptist University in Arkansas. Pray for a good roommate, good friends, and for continued spiritual growth for him at his school.

July 16 Pray for Zerma Christians who are the sole believers in their villages. Pray for them to be encouraged and strengthened in their faith.

July 17 Caroline continues to work two part- time jobs. Please continue to pray for a full time job for her that would use her gifts and abilities.

July 18 The apostle Paul reminds us in his letter to the Ephesians that we who follow Christ are in a spiritual battle with the forces of darkness. Pray that we and our fellow Zerma believers would resist Satan and learn to make use of our spiritual armor as we experience times of temptation and testing.

July 19 “Hannah” is young married woman with two young children. She came to kids clubs when she was young. Kimberly has reconnected with “Hannah.” Pray for Kimberly as she continues to share the Good News with her and for her to come to faith in Christ.

July 20 Pray for Phil as he continues to meet with Pastor “B” each week and study the book of Acts. Pray for a job for Pastor “B” to support his family. Pray that his life would be transformed by the Bible study.

July 21 Pray for peace in Niger. Pray that peace will prevail throughout the land. Pray that men, women and children will recognize that they an know true peace through the Savior.

July 22 Please continue to pray for at least one Zerma woman for Kimberly to disciple.

July 23 Pray for the new teachers who are raising support to come and work at Sahel Academy this fall. Pray for them to arrive before the school year starts. Pray that they have time to adjust to culture, climate and to complete their lesson plans.

July 24 Faithful Muslims say their prayers at five specific times each day. As you pray today during your quiet time, before meals, with your family, etc., pray that the Zerma will hear the gospel and call upon the name of the Lord in repentance and place their faith in Him.

July 25 The rainy season brings an increase in mosquitos, which brings an increase in malaria. Pray for the Zerma peoples’ and our health and protection from malaria at this time of year.

July 26 We’ve enjoyed a great summer with Caleb being here. Pray for Caleb and for us as he heads back to the U.S. for university on August 1st. Pray for us to readjust to being empty nesters again and for him as he travels to the U.S.

July 27 There are a number of widows and orphans among the Zerma who are suffering. Pray for wisdom for us in knowing how we can help them.

July 28 Remember the Bartletts as they are stateside for several months. Pray for the children’s adjustment to new schools and pray for good friends for them.

July 29 Pray for three girls who are nearing the end of our ST4Kids stories at our local Zerma church. The church will be recognizing the girls’ achievement and they will each be sharing a story they learned with the church. Pray that this will encourage church members to teach their children Bible stories and to continue to seek ways to involve the children in church.

July 30 We’ve been enjoying wonderful family devotionals each evening. Pray for us to stay rooted and grounded in God’s word as we minister to the Zerma people.

July 31 Pray that God would pour out His Spir it upon this dry and thirsty land, convicting the lost of their need for repentance and salvation and revealing to them the river of life that flows through Jesus.

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