And I will give them one heart, and a new spirit I will put within them. I will remove the heart of stone from their flesh and give them a heart of flesh…” Ezekiel 11:19

February 1 Kimberly will be joining a new ladies Bible study tonight with other missionary women in the community. Pray for our time in the word to be rich and sweet.

February 2 Please pray for connections for Phil and Kimberly. We’re re-establishing connections among those we’ve shared with and ministered with for many years. Pray for those relationships to deepen and grow and for new opportunities to emerge to labor together for the sake of the gospel

February 3 Lift up the “G” neighborhood and the kids club that will be meeting today. Pray for the children that had been coming to return and attend faithfully. Pray for Kimberly to tell the Bible story well and in a way that is best understood by the children. Pray for God’s word to penetrate their hearts and minds.

February 4 Thank you for praying for our meeting last month. All of the IMB missionaries serving in Sub-Saharan Africa met together for worship and training in Madrid, Spain at the end of December and first week of January. It was a great time! Afterwards, Phil and I took a Mediterranean cruise to celebrate our 27th anniversary. We had a wonderful time and are eager to dive back in to ministry among the Zerma.

February 5 Pray for Becker, Hudson, and Samuel, three students from the U.S. who will be in Niger for the next four months with a missions program called “Fusion.” Pray for their language study and acquisition, and for good relationships among the people in the village where they will be living.

February 6 We have a team meeting today. The Zerma team is now part of the Western Niger Rural team and we’re teaming with the Songhai, Dendi, and Gourmantche teams. We’re excited to be a part of a larger team once again. Pray for our time together and that we will be obedient to the plans that the Lord has for us.

February 7 Please pray for Mark and Parker, our cluster leader and wife. Parker’s mother just passed away after a long illness. Pray for them and their four children as they walk through this difficult time. Pray for their remaining time in the states.

February 8 Pastor “Bill” was at a prayer meeting recently when his motorcycle was stolen. Pray that it would be recovered and returned to him.

February 9 Pray for Pastor “Adam” as he preaches and leads the church in the “G” neighborhood. Pray for his little shop that sells items like flour and sugar to do well so that he can provide for his family.

February 10 “Nathan” is a young man who has attended the kids club near Kimberly’s house since he was a little boy. He is now working at a neighborhood garage and is attending the local mosque with the men. Please pray that God’s word and all the Bible stories would be recalled continually in his heart and mind and that he would accept Jesus as His Savior.

February 11 “Eve” is Kimberly’s good friend and neighbor. Eve’s husband has been out of work for quite some time. Pray for her husband to find a job that would provide for his family. Pray for the salvation of Eve’s entire family.

February 12 As you are lifting up the Zerma believers, unbelievers, and us, pray with confidence. “The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” James 5:16

February 13 Pray for “T” village, Phil was encouraged during a recent visit to hear that the believers there are staying faithful but they struggle to meet together regularly for worship. Pray that they would see the importance of this and the need to study the scriptures together.

February 14 Happy Valentine’s Day! As you celebrate today, take a moment to pray for the Zerma who have yet to hear and know of God’s great love for them. Pray for them to hear and believe today!

February 15 Pray for “Gus,” a man who works for us. He regularly attends the mosque but did attend church on Christmas eve. He works or has worked for several missionary families over the years. Pray for him to hear, understand, and believe the truth of God’s love for him.

February 16 We continue to get many requests for “memory cards”, the small micro-SD cards that fit in cellular phones. The cards we give away contain an abundance of resources from recorded testimonies to an audio version of the Zarma New Testament to the Jesus film and other videos. Pray that these materials would be used in mighty ways to expose people to the Gospel and help believers grow in their faith.

February 17 A prayer time for the IMB women missionaries will be beginning today. Pray for our time together to be mutually encouraging and for us to be faithful in prayer for one another.

February 18 “Who is Jesus?” is a question that every Muslim must come to terms with when they consider and evaluate the claims of Christianity. Pray that our Muslim friends would ask this question and that the truth would shine through any false teachings they encounter.

February 19 Phil and Kimberly will be hosting our cluster leadership for dinner tonight. Pray for a great time of fellowship as we eat together. It is a great chance to visit and connect with those serving in other countries in our cluster.

February 20 Pray for our ability to communicate well, that the light of Christ would shine through us as we teach the scriptures. Pray that God would help us to choose the right words to use so that His word is understood.

February 21 Phil is mentoring a local believer and pastor through the book of Acts on Wednesdays. Pray that we would be able to help “Bill” to apply the truths he is learning to his own life in order that he may teach others effectively.

February 22 Pray for wisdom in our decision making—that our decisions would bring glory and honor to God and point others to Christ. We are faced with many needs this time of year when food is running out from the past harvest and before the new planting season begins.

February 23 Pray for our son Caleb as he works through decisions about where to attend University in the future. Pray that he would find employment as he takes this semester off.

February 24 Sahel Academy has a vital need for teachers for the upcoming school year. Please pray for those teachers God is calling to come to Niger to respond and obey. Pray for all the logistical needs to be met quickly and smoothly. If you’re interested in teaching at Sahel, check out their website at

February 25 Pray for good health for Phil and Kimberly as the cooler, dusty season changes to the hot, dry season. Pray for protection against malaria and for good rest.

February 26 Pray for the Zerma living near the church in the “G” neighborhood. Pray for boldness for those who are seekers, that they will come to church and stand firm in choosing the things of God.

February 27 Pray for Caroline as she looks for a church home with singles her own age. Thank you for your prayers for her work situation as she juggles two part-time jobs.

February 28 Pray for Zerma believers who are undergoing trials and tribulations, that they would know the “peace that passes understanding.” (Phil. 4:7)


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