If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9

December 1 Thank you for your prayers for us as we traveled most of the month of November. We had a great time at the missions celebration in Arizona, as well as time with both of our children in Arkansas and Virginia. Jet lag was a bit rough when we returned to Niger but we’re so grateful for our smooth travels and time with family and friends. Many of our colleagues will be traveling this month, pray for their safe arrival at their destinations.

December 2 December 2-9 is the Week of Prayer for International Missions. Join us in praying for IMB missions work around the world. Pray that our churches will have an increased awareness of the importance of prayer in reaching the lost around the world.

December 3 Thanks for your ongoing prayers for the weekly studies in “S” village. We have enjoyed discussing basic biblical doctrines together and it’s encouraging to see this small group of believers grow in their faith. Pray for this group as they witness to their neighbors, pray that visitors from the village would continue to come and feel welcomed.

December 4 Pray for our team meeting today. This will be our final one of the year. Pray for the Foxes, who will be leaving in December for a six-month stateside assignment. Pray for their family to be refreshed and renewed while in the states.

December 5 At kids club today, Kimberly will be sharing the final story in the ST4Kids story set. We will be talking about church. Last week’s story on the Spirit went very well. Pray for Kimberly to communicate clearly the story this week and for the children to hear, understand, and believe.

December 6 Ask God to give guidance and wisdom to Kimberly as she chooses and prepares the next set of stories for the Wednesday kids clubs.

December 7 Williams Baptist University’s semester exams begin today and run through December 12. Pray for Caleb as he studies and prepare for these exams. Pray for him to recall all that he has learned and to do his best on the exams.

December 8 Our colleagues, Mike and Becky Stonecypher, after 37 years of faithful service in Nigeria and Niger, will be retiring this month. Today we will be celebrating their many of years of missionary service with a party attended by over 120 people. Pray for their time today. Pray that they will feel all the love, admiration, and appreciation for them today in a special way.

December 9 Janna is a Journeyman coming to work with the Songhai people next year. Pray for her as she enjoys the holidays with family and friends before heading to our International Learning Center for her training in January.

December 10 We yearn to see God’s glory displayed among the Zerma with thriving churches and followers of Jesus who are full of the joy of the Lord. Pray that He will raise up a generations of Zerma Christians who understand the times and what they must do, who will shine the light of Christ across Niger and beyond to the nations.

December 11 Pastor “B” and fellow church members had to make a difficult decision recently resulting in a person leaving their church. For the health and testimony of the church it was necessary, but hard for all involved. Pray for unity in their church as they move forward, pray for a strong and vibrant fellowship. Pray for the person who left, that the issues hindering their witness to the community would be resolved.

December 12 Many of you who pray for us are members of Southern Baptist Churches where Lottie Moon Christmas Offerings are collected throughout the month of December. (Lottie Moon was a Baptist missionary to China in the 19th century whose letters home encouraged churches to support mission work). Today we offer thanks and praise for the generosity of these Baptist churches across the U.S. who help support us on the field through this annual offering. Pray that churches will give generously this Christmas season.

December 13
Today is first day of Christmas break for Caleb. Pray for him to have a good Christmas break with Kimberly’s mom.

December 14 Gardening season is underway in Niger. A garden can be a good example of how small seeds, planted in good soil, watered, and cultivated, can flourish. In the same way pray that the Word of God, planted like small seeds in the hearts of the Zerma, will flourish and yield much fruit in the years ahead.

December 15 Today we will be at a going-away party for our colleagues Ryan and Christy Campbell. They will be in the states for an extended period of time. Due to ongoing medical reasons, they will not be able to return to West Africa. Pray for their family as they adjust to life in the states. Pray for God’s direction to be clear for them in the months ahead. Pray for a person or family who can come and fill the Logistics Coordinator job that will now be open in Niger.

December 16 We rejoice to hear reports of thirty people choosing to follow Christ among four villages in an area south of Niamey. Pray for their spiritual growth. Pray that they will stand firm in the face of persecution. Pray that God will give them insight and understanding as they read or listen to the scriptures. Pray that God would open the door for mature believers to travel to their area for further teaching and discipling.

December 17 Pray for our friends and colleagues, the Campbells and the Stonecyphers, as they depart Niger today for the US. Pray for God’s blessings on both families as they adjust to life back in the U.S.

December 18 This year, the national goal for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is $160 million. We’re grateful for those who give to this offering so that we might live in Niger and minister to the Zerma people. This offering provides for our house, our car, and so much more. Thank you! Pray that our churches will give generously so that we can continue to send laborers into the harvest field.

December 19
“Helen,” Pastor “Adam’s “ wife, will be teaching at a school that has been built next to their house to train young women sewing skills. Pray for her to be a light and a bold witness for Christ as she teaches these young women. Pray that the salary she earns would be a blessing and a help for her family.

December 20 Pray for Kimberly’s mom and Caleb as they travel from Arkansas to Virginia to spend Christmas with Caroline. Pray for their safety on the road and for a great time together as a family.

December 21 Happy Birthday Kimberly! Pray for Kimberly to continue to be faithful in prayer, Bible study, and time with God. Pray that all she says and does in the coming year would be out of the overflow of her relationship with Christ.

December 22 As the churches of Niger celebrate Christmas this year with special services, pray that they will be a light to their communities. Pray that he gospel will reach into these communities with the message of hope, peace, and joy found in Jesus Christ the Savior.

December 23 Please pray for “Joe” and “Lou,” two young men who attend Zerma church regularly. Pray for them to become men of influence in their families and schools as they follow Christ.

December 24 Praise God for provision for school supplies that will be distributed to the kids at kids club this month. It has been a dream of Kimberly’s for many years to help provide needed books, supplies, and material for school uniforms to the kids who faithfully attend kids clubs each week.

December 25 Merry Christmas! Joy to the World, the Lord has Come! Pray for the Zerma people to come to Christ and that there would be many among the Zerma to come to faith in Jesus today,

December 26 Pray for Kimberly as she works on writing out in Zerma and committing to memory the training she is developing for national believers to train children.

December 27 Thank you for praying for Caleb as he transferred to Williams Baptist University this past fall. Pray for his upcoming spring semester to continue to build on his great first semester at school. We’ve seen God do amazing things these past few months!

December 28 Pray for Phil as he works on translation projects, mentors a local pastor, and teaches in the village as well the city. Pray for him to communicate clearly the truth of the Gospel and that many would hear, understand, and believe.

December 29 Today is Phil and Kimberly’s 28th wedding anniversary. Pray for their marriage to continue to grow deeper and stronger. Pray for them to effectively communicate and demonstrate a Godly marriage to their family, friends, and to the Zerma.

December 30 We rejoice in God’s provision for Caroline as she works two part-time jobs to meet her needs. Please continue to pray for a full time job that utilizes her gifts and abilities and provides insurance and benefits.

December 31 As we are about to enter 2019, pray for God’s spirit to move across Niger and that 2019 will be a year that sees a multitude of Zerma come to Christ with many new churches planted.

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