Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10

April 1 He is risen! Pray that the message of Easter would be proclaimed throughout Niger today and that our Muslim friends would come to know and believe that Jesus died for their sins and rose again.

April 2 Pray for all the Zerma who heard the gospel yesterday, some for the first time. Pray that having heard the gospel, they will be compelled to seek the truth about the claims of Christ—that he alone is the way, the truth, and the life and that no one can come to the Father except through Him.

April 3 Lift up our team meeting today. Pray for our time of fellowship and study in the word. Pray that we will encourage and strengthen each other.

April 4 Last month was a difficult one. Many of you heard that friends and colleagues, Randy and Kathy Arnett, were killed in a car accident in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Pray for their daughters Jillian and Bevin and their families as they process and grieve the loss of their parents. Pray for their comfort and peace. Pray for Jeff and Barbara Singerman who were both injured in the accident. Jeff has many more surgeries scheduled in the month ahead for his arm and hand. Pray for the complete physical and emotional healing for both of them. Pray also for their driver, Jean Louis, who was also injured but has now been released from the hospital.

April 5 Last month Phil had the privilege of participating in a three-day Old Testament Survey class, taught in the Zarma language using oral methods. About twenty-five pastors and church leaders from many different villages and towns took part and we had a great time of fellowship and learning together. Pray that the things they learned will strengthen their understanding of scripture and that they will have opportunity to pass on this teaching to others.

April 6 Please pray for “Mary,” the 4 year old daughter of Pastor “Adam” and his wife “Helen.” She is scheduled for surgery today to repair her broken arm that didn’t heal properly. It has been postponed the past two weeks. Please pray for the operation to be done today and that the arm would be corrected properly in the surgery.

April 7 Please continue to pray for believers scattered across Niger in remote villages. Pray that they would stand firm when their neighbors belittle or mock them for their beliefs. Pray that others would see Christ at work in their lives, pray that the Word of God would change their hearts.

April 8 Thank you for praying for the team from Hi-Way Baptist Church that came for a week in March. Thanks to their help with kids clubs, many former attendees have returned to kids clubs. We’ve more than doubled our regular attendance since their visit. Pray that God will continually call out more and more children to hear the weekly Bible stories.

April 9 Pray for wisdom and discernment on our part as we seek ways to meet the needs of the Zerma who are hungry and experiencing food shortages. Pray for these needs, especially for the children who are prone to malnutrition and dehydration.

April 10 March was a challenging month for Kimberly. She battled a stomach virus and then a cough and congestion sickness that required antibiotics to clear from her system. Pray for good health for Phil and Kimberly this month, that they may accomplish all that God desires for them.

April 11 Thank you for praying for “Gus,” the man who works for the Cains. His wife has gotten approval to teach in Niamey and not the remote village. Pray that this plan proceeds smoothly. Your prayers make a difference!

April 12 What does it take to be considered righteous before God? For so many of our friends and neighbors here in Niger, it means praying, fasting, doing good works, following the teachings of the Quran, etc. Pray that the Zerma would come to understand that the only way to be found righteous before God is through Jesus Christ.

April 13 The Sahel Academy staffing needs remain an urgent prayer request. We are seeing a few slots being filled but there are still so many more needs that have yet to be filled. Pray for teachers to come and work and minister at Sahel Academy. Check out for more information.

April 14 The IMB missionary women will be meeting today for our monthly prayer time. Pray for our time together as we share our prayer concerns with each other and lift each other up in prayer.

April 15 Hot season is in full swing in Niger. Pray for our stamina and patience as we deal with the heat. Pray that we will continually be refreshed by His word and demonstrate His love and compassion for others.

April 16 Caleb has chosen a college to attend in the fall and will be applying this month. Pray for the application process to move forward smoothly. Pray for his relationship to Christ to continue to grow and for solid, Christian friendships on campus.

April 17 Pray for the government leaders of Niger, that God would grant them wisdom and discernment and that they would govern with integrity and compassion. We give thanks that Niger is a country that continues to respect religious freedom.

April 18 Most of the believers among the Zerma are first-generation believers, they are the first in their families to follow Christ and they are the future leaders of the church in Niger. Pray for these future leaders, that they would learn to be men and women of integrity, vision, and godly character. Pray that their influence would have a profound impact on future generations as the church grows.

April 19 The missionary women’s Bible study took a two week break for spring break the last two weeks in March. Pray for our time together as we resume meeting this month. We’re seeing God move in answering our prayer requests and speaking to us through the book of Jonah.

April 20 Thank you for your prayers for those who are cultivating dry-season gardens. We rejoice that many of these are thriving and providing much needed sources of food. Pray for those who would like to start their own garden and for villages who want to expand their current small gardening areas, that they would be able to obtain the necessary materials to do so.

April 21 Caroline continues to work two part-time jobs. She has received an “exceeds expectations” review at one of them for her first six months work and received an increase in pay. Pray for her to find full time work with benefits.

April 22 Continue to pray for Pastor “B” as Phil meets with him weekly to study the book of Acts. Pray that Pastor “B” will apply the word of God in his own life and be diligent in teaching others to do the same.

April 23 Pray for the seven boys who have begun to attend kids club regularly. Pray that they would hear, understand, and believe the truth of God’s love for them.

April 24 We have many opportunities for verbal and non-verbal witness in daily encounters as we come and go. Pray that while we interact sometimes for only moments at a time, that we will leave Christ-like impressions with all those we meet.

April 25 Pray for the young man, “John,” that Pastor “Adam” is training and who leads the music and prayer time at Zerma church. Pray for him as he is growing into the role and pray for him to remain diligent and faithful in the Word.

April 26 Pray for Kimberly and her neighbor, “Eve,” to have more time together to talk and for Kimberly to share more stories from the Bible with her.

April 27 Kimberly would like at least one woman to disciple and mentor. Pray that God would direct her to the woman and that this woman would be eager to learn and grow in her walk with Christ.

April 28 The Cains and Bartletts are selling items they no longer have need for at a yard sale today. Pray that the environment will remain calm and orderly and that they will be able to sell all their items.

April 29 Thank you for your prayer for Becker, Hudson, and Samuel on the Fusion team. They’ve moved to a different village closer to the Bartletts. Pray that they remain healthy and have many opportunities to share God’s love with their neighbors and friends.

April 30 Thank you for your faithful prayers for us and the Zerma people. Our firm conviction is that prayer undergirds all that we do, and that the effectiveness of our ministry is affected greatly by those who lift us up in prayer. As you pray today, pray that God would continue to add prayer supporters who will intercede for the Zerma.


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