Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother,
have refreshed the hearts of the Lord’s people. Philemon 1:7

October 1 We have been so thankful to have the opportunity to work with new personnel this past year at the International Learning Center. Pray for the many men and women who’ve been sent out into the world to preach the gospel and disciple believers. Pray that they will bear much fruit as they serve the Lord.

October 2 Pray that all the necessary paperwork will be accomplished in a timely manner so that Phil and Kimberly can return to Niger in the next two weeks; medical clearance, tickets, and visa.

October 4 Pray for Phil and Kimberly as they transition back to Niger this month. Pray that we would be able to get our house in order quickly after a year-and-a-half of being away. Pray for wisdom as we pray and look at where and how best to invest our time in the coming months.

October 6 Thank you for your prayers for rain this summer—pray for a good harvest that will meet the needs of the Zerma people for the coming year.

October 7 Pray for Caroline as she holds down two part-time jobs and is living on her own for the first time. We’re thankful for the lovely apartment she was able to get and for all her IMB “aunts and uncles” in the Richmond area.

October 9 Pray for Caleb as he adjusts to University life. Pray that he will be diligent in his studies and learn to make wise decisions about how he spends his time. Pray that he would establish good friendships with other guys who know and follow Jesus.

October 11 Public schools in Niger will be starting back up this month. Pray for the students and teachers, some of whom travel far from home to attend school. Pray that the students would have a desire to learn and that they would see God’s hand at work in all of creation through their studies. Pray that the teachers would be encouragers and help their students to excel.

October 13 Today we praise God for His faithfulness, mercy and grace in our own lives and in the lives of the Zerma people. He is worthy of our praise.

October 14 Pray for unity among believers—pray that they would develop a genuine love and respect for each other that will be a testimony to the world.

October 16 Many Zerma men travel to the cities to look for work. Pray for job opportunities for them so that they can help support their families.

October 18 Current demographic studies show that half the population of Niger is under the age of fifteen. Pray that these young people will encounter the gospel and understand what it means to truly submit to God. Pray for the youth who are believers, that their lives would be a testimony to their parents and siblings.

October 20 We are thankful that technology has allowed us to distribute God’s word and many other biblical resources on SD cards which can be inserted into phones and players and listened to or watched—even in the bush! Pray that these electronic tools would lead to transformed minds and souls across Niger.

October 22 Pray for boldness for Phil and Kimberly so that “whenever they speak, words will be given to them so that they will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel.” Ephesians 6:19

October 23 Pray for the kids clubs as they will resume after a long break when Kimberly returns to the field. Pray for Kimberly to be sensitive to His leading and for the right decisions to be made concerning new club locations.

October 24 Pray for Pastor “Adam,“ his wife “Helen,” and their children as they minister in their neighborhood. Pray for many to respond positively to their witness and that those they share with would be drawn to Christ.

October 25 Lift up our friends and colleagues in Niger today. There have been many days of little to no power in the capital city. Pray for encouragement and refreshment for them and for the electricity to improve and be more consistent.

October 27 Ask God to give wisdom and discernment to Phil and Kimberly as they return to Niger as empty nesters and will have increased amounts of time to serve in ministry. Pray that they will make good decisions on where to invest their time.

October 28 Relationships are a vital part of life in Niger. Pray for the relationships that Phil and Kimberly have among the Zerma people to be strengthened and to continue to grow after their return to Niger.

October 29 Pray for God to send out more missionaries from the churches in the states to reach the lost.

October 31 Ask God to burden the hearts of the Zerma believers to have a bold witness among their people and that they would share the Good News faithfully.


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