Speak and act as those who are going to be judged by the law that gives freedom, because judgment without mercy will show to anyone who has been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment. James 2:12-13

July 1 Thank you for praying for Phil and for Pastor Lee Lacey and his daughter Hannah during their trip to Niger. Even though their time in country was short they were able to meet with many individuals and groups to encourage and teach from the Word.

July 2 One of the highlights from the trip to Niger was meeting with a group of University of Niamey students, discussing a broad range of topics and answering their questions from a Christian worldview. Pray that the seeds we planted will bear fruit in the lives of the people we encountered.

July 4 Happy 4th of July! We will be celebrating with missionary friends here in Richmond. Pray for our missionaries on the field as they serve faithfully and celebrate this holiday outside of the states.

July 6 Pray for volunteer John Kirk who has graciously offered his time and expertise to fill the Logistic Coordinator position this summer while the Campbells are on stateside assignment. Pray for wisdom and patience as he deals with the many facets of logistical needs in Niger. Pray also for John and Wendy as they plan to return in November for a three year assignment.

July 7 Pray for leaders in the churches of Niger, that they would take to heart Paul’s admonition to Timothy to take the things he heard and saw from Paul and entrust those to faithful men who will teach others also.

July 9 Pray for the 141 missionaries and their 139 children who will be attending a stateside conference July 10-14. Pray that this time together to debrief, share stories, and worship together would be beneficial and encouraging.

July 10 Pray for Phil and Kimberly as they meet and greet the stateside missionaries from Sub-Saharan Africa at dinner this evening.

July 13 Phil and Kimberly will be facilitating an affinity lunch today with our stateside Sub-Saharan Africa missionaries. Pray that we listen well and that this will be time of good sharing, encouragement, and prayer.

July 14 Today is the final day of stateside conference. Pray for safe travels for the attendees as they return today and tomorrow to their homes in the US. Lift up their remaining time in the US that it would be restful and renewing. Pray for their speaking engagements and travels to see family and friends.

July 15 Pray that Zerma believers will see the need to preach the Word, reprove, rebuke, and exhort with patience and persistence. Pray that in so doing they will build up the body of Christ and continue with sound teaching

July 17 Pray for “Zeb” in “K” town as he is the only Christian in his family. Pray that he will seek to follow Christ in such a way that his family members and his wife will want to follow Christ also. Pray also for another believer there, “Adam,” that he will seek fellowship with other Christians and grow in his faith.

July 18 Pray for adequate rainfall this month across Niger so that the crops planted last month will produce a good harvest.

July 20 Pray for the “Fidélité” (French for trustworthy or faithfulness) radio and TV station in Niamey. Pray that it will continue to reach into many homes with the message of the gospel.

July 21 Pray for Phil and Kimberly as they will be having many doctor appointments over the next couple of months to gain medical clearance to return to Niger. Pray for the timeliness of the visits and for them to be given a clean bill of health.

July 22 Pray that God would grant wisdom to the government leaders in Niger.

July 24 Another stateside assignment conference will be taking place this week. Pray for Phil and Kimberly as they meet with, listen to, and encourage this group of missionaries.

July 25 Remember the missionary kids who are adjusting to their time in the US while stateside. Some will be attending public school in the US for the first time and making new friends. Pray for them to adjust well to all the new changes in their daily life.

July 26 Pray for peace in Niger. Pray that peace will prevail throughout the land. Pray that men, women and children will recognize that they can know true peace through the Savior.

July 27 The staff at the International Learning Center work diligently to coordinate all the events, meetings, and trainings that occur throughout the year. Pray for them as they work to train, debrief and encourage IMB missionaries.

July 29 The Cains enjoyed Caleb’s high school graduation ceremony. Kimberly’s mom came up to see Caleb graduate. Pray for Caleb as he prepares for what is next as he makes plans for his future. He continues work at the cinema throughout the summer and we’re grateful for his employment for these summer months.

July 31 Pray that God would pour out His Spirit upon Niger, convicting the lost of their need for repentance and salvation and revealing to them the river of life that flows through Jesus.


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