Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” Isaiah 6:8

September 1 Today is orientation day for new students at Caleb’s high school in the U.S. Please pray for Caleb and the many other “missionary kids” from the IMB who are new to public school in the U.S. Pray for their adjustment and for them to have a good experience as they meet other many other peers for the first time today.

September 2 Thanks for praying for our travels to Virginia. We arrived safely. The home the IMB has provided for us is lovely. They’ve also provided a nice car for us to use as we serve as the Stateside Strategy Liaisons for the next year.

September 3 Thank you for praying for Caroline as she hunts for a job. She is continuing to have many interviews and completing many job applications. Pray that the right job for her will soon be available.

September 4 We praise God for the loving fellowship we enjoyed while attending Barcelona Road Baptist Church during our time in Arkansas. We were greatly blessed during our time at their mission house and attending church. We praise God for His faithfulness through this body of believers.

September 5 Pray for Phil as he heads to NYC today for five days of training with our new field personnel heading to Africa. Pray for all the details to work smoothly and for many opportunities to share with Africans living in NYC.

September 6 Caleb begins his first day of his senior year of high school in Virginia today. Pray for him to develop good relationships with his peers, for his adjustment to a much larger school, and for him to do well with his heavy course load.

September 7 Pray for Kimberly to have a good sense of direction as she navigates the Richmond area this week. Ask God to help her learn her way around to work, school, and stores during these first days in a new home.

September 8 Pray for volunteers Scott and Scott from FBC, Sandersville, GA as they travel to Niger this month. They will be doing some follow-up from previous visits, connecting with believers, and assisting our colleagues in various ministries. Pray for safe travel, good health, and that God would use them in many and mighty ways.

September 9 Phil and the other missionaries will be returning from NYC today. Pray for travel safety on the road for them as they travel back to Virginia.

September 10 Pray for the believers in “K-town” where two former journeymen teammates ministered for four years. Pray that they would be faithful in meeting together and studying God’s word. Pray that they would be bold in sharing the gospel with others and persevere in the face of persecution.

September 11 Pray for the literacy projects going on throughout Niger where people are learning to read and write in their own language. Many of these students are believers who want to read and study the Bible for themselves. Pray for the teachers to communicate well, and for the students to understand the material thoroughly.

September 12 Phil and Kimberly will be leading “Affinity Week” for our new field personnel this week. This will be teaching/training specific to Sub-Saharan Africa, the affinity we represent. Pray for us to be effective teachers, listeners, and friends as this group of new missionaries process a lot of helpful information.

September 13 Today is the Islamic holiday known as Eid al-Adha (or “Tabaski” in Niger). This is an annual holiday where Muslims commemorate Abraham’s willingness to offer his son (Ishmael, according to the Koran). Muslims across Niger will be slaughtering rams in a ritual sacrifice and then roasting them over open fires. Pray that God will impress upon our friends the futility of shedding such blood when the blood of the Savior has already been shed to cover our sins completely. Pray for those seeking righteousness through this act, that they will come to know true righteousness through faith in Christ.

September 14 Pray for great Skype connections during this week as IMB personnel and leaders from the field connect with the new missionaries preparing to arrive on the field soon.

September 15 Pray for Phil and Kimberly to be sensitive to the needs of the new personnel and to provide encouragement and helpful answers to the new missionaries.

September 16 The yearly harvest will begin soon for the Zerma people. Pray for a good harvest that will provide enough food for the coming year.

September 17 Remember Chris and Gen Bartlett and their four children as they continue to adjust living in their new town. Pray for the relationships they are establishing to deepen and for the Dendi people to respond to God’s love for them.

September 18 Pray that God would equip those whom He has called to carry out His work.

September 19 Many Zerma believers struggle to provide for their families. Pray that they would find steady work or be able to establish businesses or find other ways of deriving regular income.

September 20 Pray for missionaries on the field, “that God may open a door for their message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ…” Colossians 4:3

September 21 Pray for Pastor “Adam,” his wife “Helen,” and their five children. Pray that their witness and testimony in the workplace, markets, and schools will bear much fruit.

September 22 We are thankful for the common grace God provides to us all on a daily basis. Pray that through this grace God will provide wisdom to government and local leaders in Niger as they deal with conflict and strife.

September 23 Pray for those whom God has called, that they would be able to fulfill their calling with a single-minded focus.

September 24 Pray for these missionaries who are at orientation to have smooth transitions to a new culture and a new language as they prepare to arrive in their field of service.

September 25 Pray for church leaders to have opportunities to further their education through solid biblical teaching. Pray that they be able to discern the good from the bad, the true from the false.

September 26 Take some time today praying for Niger. Pray for at least one Zerma person to come to faith as a result of your intercession today.

September 27 We often note that the Zerma (like many Americans) are so caught up in tradition, culture, the pressures of daily living, etc. that they are blinded to the truth. Pray that God would open the eyes of their heart that they might see Him.

September 28 Pray for Zerma believers to stand strong under persecution they may be facing today. Pray for their faith to grow and withstand the pressure from family and friends to return to Islam.

September 29 Pray for children who attend kids clubs. Pray that God is continually bringing His truth to their young minds, so that they will know and believe His truth.

September 30 We rejoice in the fact that God’s Word never returns to Him void, or empty. Today His Word will be heard in Niger. His Word will be read. His Word will be spoken. Pray that His Word will go forth in abundance and with power among the Zerma.


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