Don’t you have a saying, ‘It’s still four months until harvest?’ I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest. John 4:35

October 1 Pray for Caleb and many other students as they take the SAT today. Pray for Caleb to remain focused and for him to recall all that he has learned and knows to do his very best.

October 2 Thank you for praying for the Cains as they are searching for a new church home in the Richmond area. Pray for us as we are praying through this decision and choosing the right church for our family for the coming year.

October 3 Stateside Conference begins today. Phil and Kimberly will be meeting with missionaries returning from the field for stateside assignment this week. Pray for this time of fellowship, training and encouragement this coming week.

October 4 Pray for our colleagues on the field in Niger. October is a mini hot season for the country. Pray for rest, good power, and cool breezes.

October 5 Pray for volunteers Scott M. and Scott C. as they depart Niamey today to return home. Thank you for your prayers for them over the past couple weeks as they engaged in ministry and assisted missionaries in many different places around Niger. Pray for those they witnessed to and ministered to, that they would know Christ. Pray for the believers they were able to teach and encourage, that their faith would be strengthened.

October 6 There will be a lunch meeting today for the Cains to meet and talk with the missionaries ministering in Sub-Saharan Africa. Pray that this time to be an encouragement to our fellow missionaries and pray for us to have tender hearts and listening ears as we meet together.

October 7 Pray that Christ would be exalted, that His name would be made known among the Zerma and all the nations of the earth.

October 8 Pray with us that the Zerma people will see a good harvest this year.

October 9 Pray for shop owners in Niamey, Niger whose stores are being demolished in an effort to beautify and clean up the city before the African Union holds its meeting there in 2019. Many locally owned stores and shops have to relocate and find a new place from which to sell their goods. Our missionary colleagues are distressed for their Nigerien friends whose livelihoods have been upset and over the loss of known places to buy groceries, get a haircut, etc.

October 10
Pray for pastor “B” and other believers as they travel to new villages to share the gospel message. Pray for safety as they travel and for receptive hearts in the places where they visit.

October 11 Pray for the Bartlett children as they’re homeschooled in their new home. Pray for Isaiah and Maria to have good attitudes and an eagerness to learn. Pray for Shiloh and Eden to respect the time their older siblings have in school and for them to have a positive attitude to the new routines.

October 12 Our next orientation program will include three single women preparing for service in Sub-Saharan Africa. Pray for us as we work with them over the next two months to prepare them for their arrival on the field.

October 13 Happy Birthday, Cindy Sustar! Pray for Cindy as she helps lead the Urban Team, ministers among the peoples of the capital city, helps at Sahel Academy, and in her roles as wife and mother to three teenage girls. Pray for this day to be full of joy, peace, good power, and cool breezes!

October 14 With the harvest ending, schools are starting back up across Niger. Pray for these schools, that they will have adequate resources to educate the children of Niger. Pray for more Christian teachers who could be a positive influence in the lives of these children.

October 15 Pray for Caleb to remain vigilant and diligent in his studies as he is in his senior year of high school.

October 16 Pray for the Cains to have special family times together in the coming month despite it being a very busy time for Phil and Kimberly.

October 17 Happy Birthday, Rachel Sustar! Pray for Rachel as she is in her senior year. Pray for her as she decides what college to attend after graduation and for her to have a great senior year. Pray that she continues to stay and grow strong in the Lord.

October 18 Pray for Phil and Kimberly and the new missionaries they will be working with for the next two months. Field Personnel Orientation begins today.

October 19 Pray for Gen Bartlett as she homeschools, prepares meals, and meets new women and children among the Dendi people in their new home. Pray for encouragement and special times in the Word for her.

October 20 Thank you for praying for me (Kimberly) last month as I learned my way around town while Phil was in NYC. I’m comfortable getting to all the stores, school, and work on my own now and it is starting to feel like home.

October 21 Pray for the new IMB missionaries who are learning a lot of helpful information to prepare them for the field. This orientation process is an intense time of learning many new things about living and ministering overseas.

October 22 We have mentioned in previous prayer letters that half the population of Niger is under the age of fifteen. Continue to pray for these children, the future leaders of Niger, that they will hear the gospel and believe it, and in so doing transform their nation.

October 23 Pray for “D” in “Z” village as he is the only Christian we know of. Pray that he would stand firm in his faith and seek to abide in Christ. Pray that he would encounter other believers to fellowship with.

October 24 We praise God for a man that Chris Bartlett was able to share the gospel with and that the man accepted Christ! Pray for him to grow strong in his faith and for him to share the Good News with his family and friends.

October 25 Pray for the “G” neighborhood which surrounds Pastor “Adam’s” and “Helen’s” church. Pray that many will turn their hearts to God and that they will come to church to learn more about the truth of His love for them.

October 26 Thank you for praying for Caleb as he began school last month. He has done well adjusting to the new routine in a new high school. We’re thankful for such a great group of missionary kids who have been so welcoming and helpful with the many adjustments for Caleb.

October 27 Pray for good health for the Bartlett family. They have experienced several health issues over the last couple of months. Pray that they will stay healthy and for adequate rest.

October 28 Pray for those across Africa who are caught up in the snare of radical Islam and the dysfunctional lifestyle that goes with it. Their only hope is Christ, so pray that they’ll hear the gospel in a way they truly understand so that the Truth might set them free.

October 29 We’ve rejoiced in visits with three of our faithful prayer supporters over the years. What an encouragement and joy they (and you) are to us! Pray for God to call out more prayer supporters for the Zerma people and team.

October 30
Please continue to lift Caroline’s job situation up to the Father. She is having more interviews but as yet has no job offers. Please pray for the right job for her to open up very soon.

October 31 Pray for workers to join the Zerma team. Pray for those who might volunteer, serve as Journeyman, ISC, or career to come and labor and be a part of the harvest!


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