All this is for your benefit, so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God. 2 Corinthians 4:15

November 1 Caroline continues to search for employment. Please pray that in God’s perfect timing and provision, the right job will open up.

November 2 Jordan, a former summer missionary on the Zerma team, and her husband recently had a second baby. Lucy was born with a heart defect. Please pray for complete healing for her and for the doctors who are in charge of her care.

November 3 Pray for the Zerma people today. Pray for them to have opportunities to hear the gospel and respond to His love for them by choosing to follow Christ.

November 4 Pray for Pastor “Adam” and his family as they serve in the “G” neighborhood. Pray for those living in darkness will seek the light and visit church and engage in spiritual discussions with Pastor “Adam.”

November 5
Please lift up Jeff, a 30 year veteran missionary serving with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) in Niger who was abducted by terrorists last month. Pray for him and his family. Pray for his safe release.

November 6 Thank you for praying for rain and for a good harvest in Niger. Overall, it looks like Niger will have an average to above-average harvest this year. Please continue to pray for the physical needs of the Zerma who face the effects of poverty on a daily basis.

November 7 Today we ask that you remember the youth of Niger. Like young people everywhere, they face temptation to sin and yield to peer pressure. And like young people everywhere, they face a world that is changing and becoming much different than what their parents knew. Pray that they would see that God’s Word contains the answer to their problems and questions. Pray that out of this generation of young people, God would raise up men and women among the Zerma who will be the means of making Christ known throughout Niger and even beyond Niger’s borders.

November 8 With the end of the millet harvest in Niger it’s now “gardening season” for many. It takes a lot of hard work to produce these vegetables and fruit, but it is a great way to supplement diet and income, especially in areas that had a poor harvest. Pray for perseverance and stamina as many Zerma plant, water, and care for these gardens.

November 9 Pray for the many new outreach groups that have been started this past year among the Zerma—pray for the “seekers” who’ve been coming to these groups that they will understand and respond to the gospel. Pray for the believers in these groups, that they will grow in their faith and their love for the Lord. Pray that these groups will be a light to their communities.

November 10 Please pray for Caleb as he continues to adjust to a new school. Pray for Caleb to be diligent in his studies and pray for him to do his best work.

November 11 Happy Birthday, Susie! Susie has maintained our Zerma team website for many years. We’re grateful for all the work she does on behalf of our team. Pray for Susie to have a very special day!

November 12 Lift up the kids in Kimberly’s neighborhood to the Father today. Pray that God’s word, which has been planted in their lives, will continue to grow and that they will choose to follow Christ.

November 13 Pray for our new personnel who will be leading worship for the entire group attending orientation this evening here at the International Learning Center in Virginia. The worship will be done in a Sub-Saharan African style.

November 14 Pray for the Zerma Christian women today. Pray for them to lead transformed lives among their families and friends.

November 15 Did you know you can give chickens for Christmas? Yes, that’s right, chickens! For just $25 you can gift a family in need 10 chickens. These chickens will provide eggs, food, and income for a family. What a gift! Check out Baptist Global Relief’s Christmas Catalog at for more information on these and other gifts to help others in need. Pray that this ministry might be the means of reaching many with the gospel.

November 16 Pray for Caleb as he takes a field trip today to see a Shakespearean play for English. Pray for a good time with his classmates and for safety on the road for the two hour trip.

November 17 Pray that new churches would emerge from among Zerma outreach groups and that these churches would multiply. Pray that the Word of God would spread through families, communities, and neighboring people groups.

November 18 Thank you for praying for the volunteers from FBC, Sandersville, GA last month. They had many opportunities to share the Word and encourage believers—pray that God would multiply their efforts a hundredfold.

November 19 Pray for the kids in the “G” neighborhood that have attended kids clubs. Pray for them to be faithful in coming to church and for them to grow in their understanding of who God is and how much he loves them.

November 20 We continue to receive encouraging reports from the field about the gospel being sown and people responding to the Good News. Pray that God’s Word would continue to go forth with power among the Zerma.

November 21
Pray for the believing men among the Zerma. Pray for them to be bold in their witness and to lead their families in Christ honoring ways.

November 22 Pray for our fellow believers in the villages of “Z”, “T”, “W”, “K”, and “TC”. Pray that God would continue to work in and through them to reach their families, friends, and neighbors. Pray that today He would strengthen them through His Spirit.

November 23 This afternoon Phil and Kimberly will be leading a session with the five people headed to Sub-Saharan Africa. Pray that this time would be beneficial to them as we discuss issues related to where they will serve .

November 24 Happy Thanksgiving! Today, the Cains will be spending Thanksgiving at our Learning Center with all of the missionaries in training. Pray for a great time of food, fellowship, and fun.

November 25 Begin praying now about how God would have you give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. The national goal this year is $155 million dollars. 100% of this offering goes to support missionaries on the field.

November 26 Remember the five people headed to Sub-Saharan Africa in just a few weeks. Pray for them as they prepare to enter a new culture and begin ministry among their new people group.

November 27 Pray for more workers to join us in Niger—Journeyman, ISC’ers, Masters, Career Missionaries, and Volunteers—to live, work, and minister among the Zerma.

November 28 Pray for Phil as he travels to New York City today for five days of training with our new field personnel heading to Africa. Pray for all the details of this trip to work out smoothly and for many opportunities to share with Africans living in NYC.

November 29 The Lottie Moon Week of Prayer is coming up December 4-11. In partnership with you, IMB is able to send your missionaries so the gospel will resound throughout the world. The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is a vital part of this work–100% of the money collected goes to sending and sustaining missionaries.

November 30 Happy Birthday, Caroline! Pray for Caroline as she transitions in to life after college and finds meaningful employment.


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