But seek first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things will be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

May 1 Thank you for your prayers for our family as we’ve been stateside these past three and a half months. We know we’re where God wants us to be at this moment. Pray for our family in these coming weeks as we will be taking care of some family matters and for our return to the field in the coming months.

May 2 Pray for Kimberly as she will be having a biopsy on June 4th. This is a repeat procedure from 6 months ago. Pray for the results to be normal, just as they were before.

May 3 The Zerma are preparing their fields for planting, pray that the rains will come early and consistently so that they might have an abundant harvest. With an extremely dry climate, the people of Niger depend on rain to produce their staple crops.

May 4 Caroline will be directing a one-act play for her directing class on May 4-6. Pray for her as she directs her peers, and is in charge of lighting, set design, and all the many details that go into this production.

May 5 Pray for Phil, Kimberly, and Caleb as they visit colleges to check out possibilities for Caleb next year. Pray that the Caleb will be seeking God’s direction and being obedient to what God has in store for him.

May 6 Pray for the missionaries serving in Niger as hot season continues. There are have been many power cuts for 2-6 hours or more daily. The daytime temperature often reaches 110 degrees or more and doesn’t cool down much in the evening. Pray for consistent and reliable electricity. Pray for them as they carry on despite the lack of good rest and the challenging climate.

May 7 Pray for the many outreach groups scattered across Niger, that they will develop into thriving churches with vision and passion to take the gospel to the lost. Pray for perseverance and for a mutual desire to know and obey God’s word.

May 8 Happy Mother’s Day! Pray for missionary moms today who much handle so much responsibility with family, ministry, and navigating daily life in a culture not their own. Pray for them to have grace, patience and to know that deep rooted joy and peace in a real and special way that comes from being obedient to God’s call on their lives.

May 9 Continue to lift up Sahel Academy. This has been a challenging year with staffing needs. Please pray for qualified and gifted teachers to answer God’s call to Sahel for the 2016-2017 school year. If you’re interested and would like more information, check out Sahel Academy’s website at www.sahelacademy.com.

May 10 Pray for “Moses”, “David”, and “Ivan” from “T” village as they meet together periodically for fellowship and to listen to God’s word together. Pray that they will be faithful and obedient to the scriptures and be strong witnesses to their friends and neighbors.

May 11 Thank you for praying for Kimberly as she shared about life in Niger with a local 10th grade English class last month. It went very well and the students were interested and attentive.

May 12 Pray for Zerma believers as they live out their faith day-to-day. Pray that they would know and experience Christ and His power—to transform their minds and hearts, provide for their needs, and help them be salt and light in a dark world.

May 13 Pray for Caleb as he is homeschooled in the states. Pray for a good attitude, and a willing and teachable heart.

May 14 Caroline Cain graduates from Ouachita Baptist University today! Pray for God’s clear direction for her as she finds a job and begins life after college. She graduates with a double major in theater arts and mass communication.

May 15 Barcelona Road Baptist Church is recognizing graduating seniors today. The church has graciously invited Caroline to participate and is recognizing her accomplishment during the morning service today. Pray for these young people who will be graduating high school and college and for them to seek first His righteousness.

May 16 Happy Birthday, Caleb Cain! Caleb turns 17 today. Pray for him to deepen his walk with the Lord and for him to pursue excellence. Pray for him to know the depth of God’s love for Him.

May 17 Mike and Becky Stonecypher, whose January 2016 return to Niger was delayed for medical reasons, have recently heard great news from the doctor and are hoping to return to Niger soon. Pray for the medical clearance to be received in a timely fashion. Pray for all their preparations as they pack and say farewells in the U.S. and as they adjust back to life in Niger.

May 18 Hunger needs are plentiful at this time of year in Niger, as the rains have yet to begin and the harvest from last year will be running out. Pray for the missionaries who will be facing an increasing number of requests to help. Pray for wisdom and discernment as they are faced with these daily needs.

May 19 Please continue to pray for pastor “B” as he ministers in Niamey and in many remote villages. Pray for his continued spiritual growth and for wisdom and discernment as he leads and disciples others.

May 20 Isaiah and Maria Bartlett will be finishing up their first grade and kindergarten year in the next couple of weeks. Pray for the friendships they have made to remain strong as they will be moving to a new town and doing homeschool for the coming school year. Pray for all the adjustments coming for Shiloh and Eden and the entire Bartlett family in the coming year.

May 21 Thank you for praying for the elections in Niger. While there have been some protests by the opposition parties, the process has proceeded peacefully. Pray for the peace to continue in Niger and for President Issoufou who was reelected.

May 22 The number of Christians among the Zerma remains well below one tenth of one percent. Pray that God will send laborers among the harvest, pray that the Zerma will hear the gospel and believe. Pray that whole families will come to Christ.

May 23 Pray for our friends and colleagues in Niger to build fruitful ministries, partnerships, and friendships. Pray that God will open doors for that individual hearts can be reached by the gospel.

May 24 Pray for our walk with God, that we would spend sufficient time in prayer and in the scriptures so that we will not be conformed to the world but rather transformed by the renewal of our minds.

May 25 The Bartletts completed their first year in Niger last month. Praise God for their growth in learning language and culture. Pray for them as they will be moving this summer to their new town to live and minister to the Dendi people.

May 26 Pray for the children who attend kids clubs in Niger. Pray that God’s word, which is alive and active, to working on their hearts and minds, while Kimberly is stateside. Pray for many children to return to learn more when the Cains return to Niger.

May 27 Pray for health of our missionary friends in Niger. Pray that they will have good health and stamina and strength during this challenging hot season.

May 28 Pray for the young men and women of Niger who may be tempted by the more radical elements of Islam, that God would soften their hearts and open their eyes to the truth of the gospel. Pray that they will hear and understand God’s plan of salvation through Christ alone.

May 29 Pray for the Zerma who are living in the U.S., that in the midst of so many false religions and competing ideologies, they will seek the truth. Pray that God would connect them with strong believers who can explain the gospel and show them the way.

May 30 Pray for John and Wendy Kirk as they prepare to head to Niger to assist and encourage our fellow believers and missionary colleagues over the next several weeks. John and Wendy have made many previous trips to Niger and we are so thankful for their continued commitment to serve alongside us. Pray for John and Wendy as they make plans for longer-term service in Niger in the near future. Pray for safety as they travel and for good health during their stay.

May 31 Pray that God would raise up additional intercessors for the Zerma. If you would like to become even more involved in praying strategically and effectively for missions, go to www.imb.org and check out the prayer tab for requests and for links to prayer apps for facebook and twitter. We appreciate your prayers so very much!


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