If we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself. 2 Timothy 2:13

June 1 Happy Birthday, Teresa Bolls! May God bless her in this coming year as she continues to faithfully serve Him!

June 2 Pray for Hi-Way Baptist church volunteers John and Wendy as they assist our missionary colleagues in Niger over the next six weeks. They will be overseeing our guesthouse as well as carrying out ministry in various villages.

June 3 Happy Anniversary, Don and Teresa Bolls! We’re grateful for the impact of their many years of service among the Zerma people. We’re thankful to see God’s faithfulness in their life together!

June 4 Pray for the Bartletts as they attend training in the country of Senegal, and as they prepare to move to Gaya next month.

June 5 We (the Cains) are rejoicing over God’s faithfulness and provision in our lives. We only have a few more months of stateside assignment time left. As we were awaiting an uncertain medical clearance, our Affinity Group Strategy Leader called us and asked us to consider serving as Stateside Strategy Liaisons in Richmond, Virginia for the next year. We will help prepare new missionaries going to the field, help prospective missionaries who are considering serving in Africa, and help connect churches in the U.S. with missionaries and ministries on the field. We will return to Niger at the end of summer 2017.

June 6 The month of Ramadan begins today. During this month Muslims around the world will be fasting daily from sunrise to sunset. For those who adhere to the Islamic faith, this time of fasting is intended to help focus attention on God, practice self-discipline, and purify the soul. Pray for the Zerma and other Muslim peoples during this time, that as they fast and pray they might see the one true God who sent Jesus Christ to die as a ransom for their sins. Pray that God will open their hearts and minds to the gospel.

June 7 This is a difficult month for farmers who are spending long days in their fields cultivating crops. In addition to the heat and hard physical labor, they must contend with hunger and thirst as they fast and abstain from drinking during the day throughout the month of Ramadan. Pray for stamina and endurance. Pray that they will find freedom in Christ who will loosen these bonds of “good works” they feel they must perform to earn favor with God.

June 8 This is a difficult time of year for our friends and colleagues on the field. Friends are graduating and returning to the states, returning to their home country for furlough, and new missionaries, along with veteran missionaries, are returning to the field. It is a time of transition and of many difficult good-byes. Pray for the God’s grace to be made manifest during this challenging season of life.

June 9 Kimberly is scheduled for a biopsy at 10 am today. Please pray that the results return normal. Please pray that she will no longer need a medicine she is taking that has some unpleasant side effects.

June 10 Happy Birthday, Gen Bartlett! Pray for Gen as she celebrates her birthday today. Pray for cool breezes, good and reliable electricity, and a special day with her family. Pray for wisdom and patience as she is packing up their house and preparing to move to their new town to live among the Dendi people.

June 11 Happy 6th Birthday, Maria Bartlett! Maria just completed kindergarten at Sahel Academy. Pray for her as she says good bye to the friends she has made and prepares to move to her new town with her family. Pray that God would give her special friends in her new home and a special day today!

June 12 Pray that God would give courage and boldness to Christians across Niger, to proclaim the gospel in their homes and neighborhoods, with the friends and families.

June 13 After a year of language and culture learning, the Bartletts will soon be moving to the town of Gaya to work with the Dendi people, closely related to the Zerma people. Pray for them as they prepare to make another major adjustment, moving to a new, more isolated location. Pray for their continued spiritual growth, for Isaiah, Maria, Shiloh and Eden as they will be living several hours away from their friends in Niamey, and for Chris and Gen as they set up a new household, continue to learn the language, and seek to develop relationships where they can share the gospel.

June 14 Pray for Zerma as they plant their fields this month. Pray for adequate rains and a good harvest so they will be able to provide for their families.

June 15 Fear and anxiety are common emotions among believers seeking to make Christ known among the Zerma. Pray that God would fill Zerma believers with His love and compassion for the lost that will overcome those fears and anxieties.

June 16 Please pray for “B” village. Last summer they experienced a severe flood that destroyed many homes and many of their crops. We received news recently that a flood has once again caused lots of damage. Pray for these precious people who have suffered much. Pray for the believers to stand firm in their faith and the hope they have in Christ. Pray for the rest of the villagers, that they would see that hope and secure it for themselves.

June 17 We were very blessed to be able to attend Caroline’s college graduation ceremony last month. Please pray for her as she enters a new chapter in her life. Pray that she will soon find a job. She is diligently applying at many different places. Pray that the right doors open and that the job will be a good match for her talents and abilities.

June 18 Thank you for your prayers for Caleb and me as we homeschool in the states. Pray that Caleb will remain diligent during the summer months. Several courses are near completion and Caleb is working well to finish before September.

June 19 Pray for the believers among the Zerma that they will, even today, be growing in their faith, presenting themselves to God as those approved, as workers who do not need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.

June 20 Sahel Academy has had a challenging school year with many adjustments due to staff shortages and unexpected health issues. Pray now for the coming 2016-2017school year. Pray for qualified and gifted teachers to answers God’s call and come and teach at Sahel. Contact the school at www.sahelacademy.com for more information on staffing needs.

June 21 Please pray for “Eve,” a neighbor and friend of Kimberly’s for the past 12 years. God has been bringing her to my mind for the past few weeks. Pray for her to come to know the truth of God’s love for her. Pray for her and her children to stay healthy and have enough food to eat. Her children have come to kids clubs for many years.

June 22 Pray for a special Dendi woman friend for Gen as she moves to her new home among the Dendi people. Pray that this woman would be open to the Gospel and be someone who can help Gen with language and culture and learning her way around town. Pray that this woman can help Gen connect with other Dendi women.

June 23 As the Zerma participate in Ramadan, pray Acts 2:17 over them; “…God says, I will pour out my spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” Pray that they will God’s voice and find the truth of God’s love for them.

June 24 Happy Birthday, Eden Bartlett! Eden is turning two today! Pray for her to have a very special day and for a good adjustment to the Bartlett’s new home in the village.

June 25 While we’re stateside pray for the Zerma we have relationships with to turn to God as their provider and sustainer.

June 26 While most Zerma do not have access to a Bible in the Zarma language, they do have access to Christian media through TV, radio, social media, and media files that can be accessed through their phones. Pray for quality programming that exalts the Father. Pray that those listening who have questions will have opportunities to meet believers face-to-face who can answer their questions.

June 27 1 Samuel 15:22 says “to obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.” Pray that the Zerma participating in Ramadan would understand that God wants their obedience more than making the sacrifice of not eating or drinking.

June 28 The children will not have kids clubs for over a year during the Cain’s stateside assignment time. Pray that they will hear His word through songs, radio broadcasts, and the Jesus film on TV. Pray that the seeds that have been planted in the past will spring to life in their hearts and minds.

June 29 Pray for Pastor “Adam” and his wife, “Helen,” as they continue to faithfully serve and minister to the “G” neighborhood. Pray that God will bless and encourage them by allowing them to see the fruit of their labors.

June 30 Pray for the Cains as they travel to Texas for some family fun time. Pray for safety as they travel and that it would result in great family memories.


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