“In the last days,’ God says, ‘I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” Acts 2:17

July 1 The Cains are on vacation for the first few days of July. Please pray for travel safety, especially as we travel the road on a holiday weekend.

July 2 On June 23, Kimberly shared with a group of ladies at a local church about her ministry among the Zerma. Pray that God would increase the prayer support and possible volunteers as a result of this experience.

July 3 It is rainy season in Niger. Pray for good rains that will help the crops grow and reach maturity so that the Zerma people will have enough food to eat for the coming year.

July 4 Pray for our mission family as they celebrate the 4th of July in Niger today. Pray for good times and good fellowship. Pray for a day of good power and good rest.

July 5 Thank you for praying for Kimberly’s biopsy last month. We praise God that the results were normal. Thank you so much for your prayers!

July 6 Caroline continues to diligently send out applications as she searches for a job. Pray for doors to open and for her to find employment soon.

July 7 Today marks the end of the month of Ramadan for 2016. Thank you for praying for our Muslim friends during Ramadan this past month. Pray that they would seek God and pursue righteousness. Pray that as they do this they will see their need for the Savior who alone can make them righteous before God.

July 8 We rejoice in the work of John and Wendy, volunteers from Hi-Way Baptist Church, who spent the past six weeks serving in Niger. Pray for their safe travel back to the states and for their future plans as they seek to return to Niger next year for a longer term.

July 9 Thank you, thank you for giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas offering! The 2015 Lottie Moon Christmas offering was a record 165.8 million dollars last year. Our IMB President David Platt predicts a balanced budget for 2017. We deeply appreciate your faithful giving so that our family may share God’s love with the Zerma people.

July 10 Pray that God would give strength and encouragement to the Niger missionaries today, especially those who might be under attack from the enemy.

July 11 Pray for spiritual breakthroughs, that God would pour out his spirit so many would be saved.

July 12 Thanks for praying for “B” village last month as they suffered from another devastating flood. Thanks to the generous giving of Southern Baptists, our colleagues on the field were able to secure funding from Baptist Global Relief to purchase grain to help with food supplies. Pray for volunteers John and Wendy as they oversee this distribution. Pray that this might be used to turn the hearts of unbelievers toward Christ.

July 13 Pray for Zerma Christians who are the sole believers in their villages. Pray for them to be encouraged and strengthened in their faith.

July 14 Happy Birthday, Don Bolls! Pray for Don to have a very special day. He and Teresa are such an encouragement to the Cains. We rejoice in the many years of Don's faithful service to the Lord and to others!

July 15 Ask God to bless Niger and to give the government leaders wisdom as they govern the country. Ask God to give them compassionate hearts with the people’s best interests in mind.

July 16 Please continue to lift up Sahel Academy and the urgent needs they have for staff for the 2016-2017 school year. Teachers need to arrive in the next few weeks to adjust and prepare for the start of the school year in August. Contact the school at www.sahelacademy.com for more information on staffing needs.

July 17 Pray for us to be strong and courageous, trusting the Lord in times of uncertainty.

July 18 Pray for more volunteers, semester missionaries, short-term missionaries , and career missionaries to come and join the work among the Zerma people.

July 19 Caleb completes one of his homeschool courses this month. Pray for us as we continue to homeschool in the coming months.

July 20 Pray for Zerma believers who are unemployed and looking for work. Pray that God would provide a way for them to support themselves and their families. Pray that as they seek work, they will learn to trust and depend on God.

July 21 Lift up the mothers of the children who attend kids clubs. Pray for them to have ears to hear the Good News of God’s love for them. Pray for them as they work hard to care for their families.

July 22 Pray for Pastor “Adam” and his wife “Helen.” Pray that their positive witness in their neighborhood would bear much fruit and more would be drawn to come to church and that they would see much fruit.

July 23 Pray for Isaiah, Maria, Shiloh, and Eden Bartlett to find good friends in their new town and to adjust well to their new home.

July 24 This time of year can be very challenging for missionaries in Niger. Food from last year’s harvest isn’t enough to last before this year’s harvest. Rainy season brings an increase in malaria and other diseases. Missionaries are faced with overwhelming needs daily. Pray against discouragement and burnout for our friends on the field.

July 25 Pray for the fathers of the children who attend kids clubs. Pray that they would become faithful followers of Jesus and lead their families to become believers by the lives they lead.

July 26 Pray that God would pour out His Spirit upon the dry and thirsty land of Niger, convicting the lost of their need for repentance and salvation and revealing to them the river of life that flows through Jesus.

July 27 Pray for God to equip the Bartlett family today, whom God has called to carry out His work.

July 28 Phil and Kimberly will be taking Caleb on a college preview trip as they travel today. Pray for wisdom and discernment for Caleb as he is considering which colleges to apply to in the coming months.

July 29 Today will be spent touring a college during one of its preview days for prospective students and their parents. Pray for the Cains they meet professors and other prospective students and their families today.

July 30 Begin praying now for Caleb as he will be attending high school here in the U.S. this fall. This will be his first stateside school experience since the third grade. Pray now for peace and for good friends for Caleb.

July 31 Pray for the Cains as they have just one more month in Arkansas before they move to Richmond at the end of August. Pray for them as they transition to a different assignment with the International Mission Board for the coming year before they return to the field.


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