Dear Prayer Supporters,
Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to seeing what 2016 has in store for our family. 2015 brought many joys, trials, and struggles. We are deeply grateful for your faithful prayer support. This month’s prayer letter is a bit different in style from the regular ones we send out. As I write this month’s prayer letter, I’m surrounded by boxes and trunks as we pack up the Christmas decorations, as well as packing up our house. When we returned to Niger at the beginning of December, we were thrilled to be reunited with Caleb and return to our lives and ministry among the Zerma. However some issues arose, which require us to travel to the U.S for 6 months of stateside time. The last half of 2015 has brought more than its share of trials and difficulties. I’ve had two surgeries in November and been off my feet for a couple of months and am still in recovery from knee surgery. Phil has been doing ministry as well as cooking, shopping for groceries, and running all the errands (I’m still unable to drive until near the end of January). We were apart from Caleb for five weeks; he lived with another missionary family while we were away.

When we returned from South Africa, we didn’t know that we would be packing up to head to the states in January. BUT, God knew in His infinite wisdom and sovereignty, that this would be what is best for our family at this time. No, we did not take the VRI and still feel the call to reach the Zerma people with the gospel. We will be returning to Niger, hopefully in June. For this month I’ve shared our most urgent needs for each week of January. Thank you for holding the ropes for us and for the Zerma. Your prayers make such a difference!

January 1-14
Pray for us as we pack up our house. This is a huge job and we need to get it done in two weeks. There is much to sort through and pack. Pray that we will remain patient with each other and manage our time well.

January 1-31 Pray for the Bartlett family as they continue to learn language and culture. They’ve been doing a great job! Pray for them as we leave. We’ve been serving as their mentors and now they will be working with another missionary family as we will be apart for the first half of the year.

January 13-14 We travel to the states on these dates. Pray for a smooth trip and good connections. We’ve requested a wheelchair assist as I will just be off crutches and still building up my knee strength. Pray that all goes smoothly with that at the airports.

January 15-31 Pray for us as we settle in to our missionary house for the next six months. We will be staying at a home provided for us by Barcelona Road Baptist Church in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. Pray that we will be a blessing to the church and an encouragement just as they will be for us. Pray for this time to be beneficial to our family. We will be an hour away from Caroline, so we will be able to see her regularly. And as an added blessing, we will be stateside to see her graduate! Pray for Caleb as I homeschool him for the next six months. Pray for him to be encouraged and to see himself as God does.

January 1-31 Praise God for the Zerma who have come to faith in Jesus this past year. There are more believers among the Zerma today than this time last year! Pray for the Zerma believers to faithfully share the Good News among their friends and family. Pray for those who haven’t heard to hear and believe! We are happy to report that many of the outreach groups are thriving—believers are growing in their walk with God and are seeking to take the gospel to their neighbors. We received news last week that twenty-two believers in one area have requested baptism—always a huge step of faith in this country. Pray for their spiritual growth and for strong, healthy churches to be established in each of these villages.

Thank you dear ones! You mean so much to us and we’re humbled at your faithful prayers on our behalf and for the Zerma people!

Kimberly Cain for the Cain family


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