Be completely humble and gentle, be patient, bearing with one another in love. Ephesians 4:2

Dear Prayer Supporters,
Thank you for your prayer support for our family as we closed up our house in Niamey for six months and returned to the U.S. We are hoping to return to Niger in June or July. We were able to pack up our house and our suitcases in just two weeks. While it was a challenging time, we were able to complete what needed to be done to leave.

We had a great trip back to the states. It was one of our smoothest and easiest trips we’ve ever had! Thank you for praying for us! We arrived to the lovely home provided to us by Barcelona Road Baptist church in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. The home has a beautiful sun room that looks out in the woods behind us. We’re enjoying the beautiful view and cooler weather, which is quite a contrast from the Niger heat and desert landscape.

Barcelona Road Baptist Church has been so welcoming and loving towards our family. We know that God blessed us tremendously by placing us here. Our prayer letter will look a little different these first few months of 2016. We’re the only missionaries on the Zerma team at the moment and since we’re stateside, we’ll be sharing prayers in this abbreviated format. Thank you for understanding and your prayers are as vital as ever to our family and our ministry.

February 1-7 Praise God for our safe and smooth trip to the states and all our baggage that arrived with us. Praise God for the blessing that Barcelona Road Baptist Church is to us. Pray for our family as we build new relationships and invest our time here in the U.S. Pray also for these next few weeks leading up to the presidential election in Niger on the 21st. Pray that this election would go smoothly and fairly and be peaceful and free from strife.

February 8-14 Pray for God to continue to heal my (Kimberly’s) knee. I’m still depending on my crutch to get around outside the home. Pray that my left knee would be strengthened and I can quit using the crutch. Pray for our family as we get medical needs addressed. Pray for Caleb as he adjusts to homeschool. Pray for Caleb as joins in the youth group at church. Ask God for good friends and for good spiritual development. Please remember Pastor “B” and his colleagues as they minister in villages in the bush, strengthening existing work and seeking to plant new churches.

February 15-21 Intercede on the behalf of our missionary colleagues in Niger. Many of you may have heard of the terrorist attack in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in January. A missionary with another organization was killed in the attack. Ouagadougou is only an 8 hour drive from Niamey, Niger. Pray for our missionary colleagues to know his peace, mercy, and grace during these challenging days. Lift up the Bartlett family in prayer as they continue to learn language and culture. Pray that they are encouraged as they are such an encouragement to our family. Pray for our fellow believers in the villages around Ouallam where we and the Bolls ministered for many years—pray for continued spiritual growth and that they would be encouraged in their walk with the Lord. Remember the Niger presidential election on the 21st.

February 22-28 Pastor “Adam” and his wife “Helen” continue to serve and witness faithfully—pray that their physical needs will be met as they minister in their community, pray that their ministry will bear fruit and that their small church will grow. Pray for the Zerma people to hear the Word and to believe. Pray for them to step out in faith and walk in obedience and to share boldly the Good News with friends and family. Pray for entire households to come to faith in Jesus Christ. Pray that the Zerma will the hope and peace that can only be found in a personal relationship with Christ.

Thank you for holding the ropes!
Phil and Kimberly


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