The seed will grow well, the vine will yield its fruit, the ground will produce its crops, and the heavens will drop their dew. I will give all these things as an inheritance to the remnant of this people. Zechariah 8:12

August 1 Praise God for the more than 50 professions of faith and over 100 baptisms in the villages where Pastor B and his team have been working the past six months. Pray that these new believers will grow in their faith and knowledge of the Lord. Pray that as they form fellowships and churches that they will be rooted and grounded in the scriptures and in their love for each other.

August 2 Pray for continued good rains. The Zerma people depend on their yearly millet harvest to provide their main source of food. Pray that they will recognize the Lord of the Harvest as the one true God.

August 3 Caroline was able to help out at VBS last month by helping with the daily skits for the children. Phil and Kimberly were able to share one day about mission work among the Zerma. We rejoice in the three children that accepted Christ and for families that indicated an interest in coming to church. Pray for their spiritual growth of these new believers and for the salvation of their families.

August 4 The Bartletts have traveled to another country for a training conference at the end of last month. They will follow this time with a week of much needed vacation. Pray that this conference will be informative and helpful and for a time of rest and refreshment for this sweet family.

August 5 This is the time of year when many new missionaries, returning missionaries, new teachers and students, arrive in Niger. Pray for their healthy adjustment to their new life in a different and challenging climate and culture.

August 6 Thank you for your prayers for Caleb and the college tour we attended at the end of July. It went very well. Caleb enjoyed the tour and we believe this college to be a strong contender for Caleb to choose after high school graduation. Pray for guidance and direction in Caleb’s life as he plans his future.

August 7 Pray for the health and safety of our colleagues who live and work in Niger. Pray that they will be strengthened in the Lord today.

August 8 Please pray for Caroline to find a job. She has been diligently applying. Many responses have been positive but require more experience. Pray for the right job to open up for her and for her to find joy in her employment.

August 9 Pray for the Zerma who have not yet heard the gospel, that they will have opportunity to both hear it and understand it. Pray that God will reveal Himself to them through His Word and through believing Christians.

August 10 Sahel Academy’s fall semester begins today. Pray for faculty, staff, and students who will be at school this year. Pray for the students who attend this Christian international school to hear and respond to God’s love for them.

August 11 Ask God to strengthen Zerma believers in their walk with Him and give them a spirit of boldness to share their faith with nonbelieving friends and family. Pray that they will resist temptation and seek to live godly lives.

August 12 Thank you for praying for the Bartlett family’s move to their new town to work with the Dendi people. Pray for them as they continue to adjust living in a new place and begin to establish good relationships with those around them.

August 13 Pray with us that God will send laborers into the harvest fields of Niger to spread the good news of the gospel, that salvation and forgiveness can be found through Jesus Christ.

August 14 Lift up the children who have attended kids clubs throughout the years. Pray that they will respond and choose to follow Christ. Pray that God will daily bring to mind the Bible stories they have learned.

August 15 Pray for the small groups of believers in “Z” village, in “T” village, “W” village, “C” village, and “K” villages. Pray they will be filled with the knowledge of God’s word and His will for their lives. Pray that they will have spiritual wisdom and understanding as they deal with the challenges of living in a difficult and sometimes harsh environment.

August 16 Please continue to pray for the farmers who are working hard in their fields this month, trying to keep weeds and grass from overtaking their crops. The Zerma have no tractors or farm machinery so all cultivation is done by hand. Pray for physical strength and endurance in this difficult and tiring work.

August 17 Begin praying now for Caleb as he prepares to start public high school September 5th. Pray for good friendships to be made and for a smooth transition to high school in the states.

August 18 Pray for the youth of Niger. As half of the population is under the age of 15, this next generation will have the potential to bring about great change. Pray that that change will involve making Christ Lord of their lives.

August 19 The Cains will be winding down their time at Barcelona Road Baptist Church. Today we ask for God’s blessings upon this church as they seek to make an impact on their community and in various parts of the world through their missions program.

August 20 Pray for Gen Bartlett as she is building relationships among the Dendi women and as she homeschools three children, and cares for her fourth child. Pray for encouragement, patience, strength, and endurance for her as she performs so many tasks.

August 21 Praise the Lord for the sufficiency of Christ. Pray for our fellow Zerma believers who are anxious about the future, or who may be suffering. Pray that they would rest in Christ’s sufficiency and know that He is able to meet their needs.

August 22 Pastor “Adam” and his wife “Helen” continue their faithful work and witness in their neighborhood. Pray that God will bless their labors and allow them to see the joy of many coming to know Christ personally.

August 23 Pray for the Cains as they say good-bye to the new friends they have made in Arkansas and for them to have a good transition as they say farewell and for the new relationships they will make in Virginia.

August 24 Just as one seed planted in the ground can yield a stalk of millet with hundreds more seeds, pray that the seeds of the gospel planted in the lives of the Zerma would multiply itself a hundredfold. Pray for churches that would reproduce, and believers who have a passion and vision for reaching the lost.

August 25 Phil, Kimberly, and Caleb will be moving to Richmond, Virginia this week to begin work as the Stateside Strategy Liaisons for Sub-Saharan African Affinity Group. Pray for safety in travel and for a smooth transition to this new role for their family.

August 26 Praise God for the new additions we added to our prayer letter as a result of our time in Arkansas. Many new faithful prayer warriors will be praying for the Zerma people. Pray that God will continue to increase our prayer support.

August 27 Pray for unity among Zerma Christians, that their hearts would be united in love and oneness of purpose. Pray that this will be a strong testimony to their friends and families.

August 28 Pray for Christian radio broadcasts throughout Niger, that God would use them speak to the hearts of the Zerma people and to draw people to the truth.

August 29 Please pray that the registration process goes smoothly as we register Caleb for his new high school. Pray that he can get the core classes he needs as well as some good electives.

August 30 Remember Isaiah, Maria, Shiloh, and Eden Bartlett to the Father today. Pray for their continued adjustment to their new home. Pray for good friends and for good attitudes as they are homeschooled.

August 31 Pray for the Cains as they will be searching for a church to attend in Richmond. Pray that we will find one with a good youth group for Caleb and that will spiritually challenge and feed our hunger for God’s Word.


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