The LORD is gracious and righteous; our God is full of compassion. The LORD protects the simple-hearted; when I was in great need, he saved me. Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you. Psalm 116:5-7

November 1 Pray for April, Melanie, and Terra in “D” town. This is their last full month in Dosso, pray that the Lord will use it in a mighty way. Pray also for the relationships that they will be putting on hold, pray that the Lord will continue working in the hearts of those they have relationships with in town and the surrounding villages.

November 2 Tawey nya (“mother of twins”) is a common Zerma name given to a mother of twins. Pray for Tawey nya who has been coming and listening to the stories for the past few weeks. Kimberly has known her for years and this is the first time she has ever come and sat and listened to the stories each week. Pray for her heart to be open to hearing and believing God’s word!

November 3 We want to assure all our friends and prayer supporters that that are no known cases of Ebola in Niger. Please continue to pray for the many people who are suffering and have lost family members and loved ones in the countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea because of this terrible disease.

November 4 Thank you for praying for language skills for Melanie and Terra! Terra has been using French and Melanie is really progressing in Zarma. Continue to pray that the Lord would bless their remaining time here.

November 5 April, Melanie, and Terra have all had some kind of sickness last month in “D” town. Pray that November will be a healthy month because these young ladies desire to give it their all their final full month.

November 6 There are many people and situations that pull for our attention. Pray for peace as we decide which opportunities to pursue.

November 7 Thank you for your persistent prayers for us and the Zerma people, you’ve prayed often that God’s Word would spread among the Zerma and we ask you again to do so. Pray that as God’s Word goes forth, that every Zerma person would hear it and have an opportunity to respond to it.

November 8 Thank you for praying for Kimberly’s kids clubs so faithfully! Grace and Kimberly have been meeting consistently with two of the groups. Around fifty kids are hearing Bible stories each week! Pray that many will choose to follow after Jesus!

November 9 “Hannah” is a lady that Melanie and Terra are spending time with, visiting and reading the Zerma Bible. Pray that the word of God will be planted to deep in her heart and mind and that it will produce much fruit.

November 10 Pray for the families whose children attend kids clubs. Pray for whole families to come to Christ and become strong Christian families.

November 11 Today is Susie McFarland’s birthday—Susie does a fantastic job of designing and maintaining our Web site at Pray that Susie’s birthday today will be filled with joy and blessings.

November 12 Today we ask that you remember the youth of Niger. Like young people everywhere, they face temptation to sin and yield to peer pressure. And like young people everywhere, they face a world that is changing and becoming much different than what their parents knew. Pray that we would find ways to speak and minister to the youth here that meets their needs—pray that they would see that God’s Word contains the answer to their problems and questions. Pray that out of this generation of young people, God would raise up men and women among the Zerma who will be the means of making Christ known throughout Niger and even beyond Niger’s borders.

November 13 Pray for Phil as he continues to fill the role of logistics coordinator for IMB missionaries in Niger. Pray that he would balance ministry and administrative tasks wisely and make good use of his time at the office.

November 14 Pray for “Jacob,” a man that Melanie has been sharing the gospel with in Niamey. Pray that he would choose to believe the Good News.

November 15 Caroline Cain’s 21st birthday is coming up on November 30th. She is a junior at Ouachita Baptist University. It can be a difficult day to be apart from your family. If you would like to send her a card to wish her a happy birthday and to encourage her, I’m including her address: Caroline Cain, 410 Ouachita Street, O.B.U. Box 3075, Arkadelphia, Arkansas 71998. Thanks!

November 16 Pray for discernment for Grace as she is praying about her future plans. Pray that she would walk in line with the truth of the Gospel and that she would clearly know the plans God has for her for the coming new year.

November 17 Pray for the kids that April, Melanie, and Terra talk to everyday in “D” town. Pray that they will want to follow Jesus and not Islam.

November 18 Grace requests prayer for “Adam,”, a Fulani boy with a tumor in his head. Pray for him to trust Jesus since his cancer is most likely beyond medical care.

November 19 Pray for a former neighbor of the Cains who moved to a new home. Pray for the mother, “Alana,” to believe in God’s love for her.

November 20 Pray for the “tree village”, April, Melanie, and Terra were able to show the Jesus film again and there are many seekers. Pray for boldness and open hearts.

November 21 “Michael” is a young Muslim man that Melanie has been sharing the Gospel with every time she is in Niamey. Pray for him to accept Jesus as his personal Savior.

November 22 Pray for the group of Sahel girls that Grace is leading in Bible study once a week. Pray for preparation time and for her as she teaches the girls. Pray that His Word would be precious to these high school girls.

November 23 Pray for good conversations with the “lunch ladies” in “D” town when April, Melanie, and Terra visit with them. Pray for these ladies as they make and sell lunches to the children who attend school. Pray that their eyes will be open to the truth of God’s love for them.

November 24 Thank you for praying for divine appointments for us. God has provided them. Pray for us as we share His love with the people we meet.

November 25 & 26 Pray that God would lead our footsteps everyday and that we would serve Him obediently.

November 27 Happy Thanksgiving! Praise God for life and that His mercies are new every morning. Pray for the Zerma to come to know Him and for them to be thankful for God’s provision of salvation for all people.

November 28 Continue to lift up “Belinda” before the throne. Pray for her faith journey and for her to make a decision to follow Christ.

November 29 Congratulations to April and Jon on their recent engagement! April finishes her term in December and will be returning to the U.S. Jon is a missionary here in Niger with another Christian mission organization. They will be getting married in May and returning to serve in Niger in late July or August. We’re so thrilled for them and love not having to say good bye to a great team member!

November 30 Happy Birthday, Caroline Cain! Caroline is 21 years old today! Pray for her to have a very special day and that she would be encouraged and blessed by God today. Pray for the Cain family as it is so very hard to be apart on special days like today.


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