Those who look to God are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame. Psalm 34:5

May 1 Pray that the April and Rebekah will continue to have water through the month of May. They usually have water for just a few hours in the middle of the night. Pray for them during Niger’s hot season.

May 2 Praise The Lord that He is a merciful God and Father with a plan. Pray as we start to build a meeting place in GK village. Pray that there will be peace in the village and that many will come to know Christ as their Savior.

May 3 Pray that as hot season continues, the Lord will grant us grace and energy to do His work.

May 4 Praise the Lord for answered prayers! Thanks for your prayers for pastor “B” as he travels to villages in the bush. He reports that over the Easter weekend, sixteen people from two villages put their trust in Christ and are now following Him. Three other people have requested baptism. Continue to pray for pastor “B” as he makes follow-up visits and seeks to disciple these new believers. Pray that these believers will be rooted and grounded in their faith and that God would give them insight and understanding as they read and hear His word. Pray that God will raise up leaders among them.

May 5 Pray for God’s continued healing in Deanna’s life from past health issues.

May 6 Pray for those who are hungry and whose food supplies have begun to run out. Pray that they would find the resources to buy or find food. As hope sometimes seems in short supply, pray that the Zerma would discover the hope that endures in the living Savior.

May 7 Thanks for praying for the staffing needs for Sahel Academy. All the elementary slots have been filled for the 2014-2015 school year. Pray for physics, calculus, and science teachers for the secondary students to be filled.

May 8 Thank you for praying for April and Kimberly as they traveled to and from Burkina Faso at the end of March for a National Baptist Women’s Conference. Heat, minimal electricity, and a well that ran dry did nothing to diminish our great time of praise and worship with these terrific ladies. One group of women walked 50 miles from their village to attend. It was such a humbling and joyful experience to be with these women. Pray that the joy we saw on the faces of those there will soon be on a multitude of Zerma women’s faces here.

May 9 A volunteer team from our partnering church in Sandersville, GA leaves the U.S. today for a one-week trip to Niger. Pray for safety as they travel and for their health and endurance as they minister during the hottest time of the year in Niger. Pray for their time here as they make follow-up visits to villages from previous trips and as they share the gospel and encourage believers.

May 10 Please pray for wisdom and direction as we continuously seek to pour into the people around us.

May 11 Many of you will remember KS, who served for four years here in Niger. Pray for K as she leaves the U.S. today to spend about a month in Niger. She will be accompanied by a volunteer team of eleven University students from Texas. Pray for K and this team as they spend a couple weeks in the area of “K” town where K lived previously. Pray that they would be a great encouragement to the believers there and that there will be many opportunities to share the share the gospel in “K” town and surrounding villages. Pray that God would prepare the hearts of the people in and around “K” town to receive this team and their message of Good News.

May 12 Today is Mark and Deanna’s daughter, Stephanie Rendel’s Birthday. Pray that God gives her peace today as she and her family are preparing to leave for the mission field in August.

May 13 Pray for April's sister as her church plans a trip to come in July. Pray that The Lord would work through them.

May 14 Praise the Father for "I" a man in "GK" village who has said he has accepted the truth. Pray that he will have a desire to learn more and share it with others.

May 15 Pray for God's will to be done, and that the Ledlows would have wisdom in the movement of their ministry from facilitation. Mark has felt HIS leading in transferring his ministry to begin well-drilling, and garden projects, taking the gospel to villages that have never heard.

May 16 Happy Birthday, Caleb Cain! Today is Caleb’s 15th birthday. Pray for a passion for God’s word and for his relationship with God to be the center of his life.

May 17 Thanks for your prayers for Phil’s leadership class. We didn’t get as many students signed up as we’d hoped so we are postponing the class for now. We hope to start again soon so keep praying for this opportunity to impact future leaders of Niger.

May 18 The team from Sandersville leaves Niger tonight, pray for them as they make the long trip back home. Pray that their time and efforts here will bring glory and honor to the Lord and that men and women and children who heard them share the gospel and their testimonies will put their faith and trust in Him.

May 19 Pray that ministry opportunities will be evident to us as we walk through our daily lives, and that we would not be blinded by Satan, as they are presented.

May 20 As we are living in a dry and thirsty land, pray that we will seek the living water daily and that others will see His light and love in us.

May 21 Please pray that every time we greet a person or enter a home that the truth will be boldly proclaimed in words and actions.

May 22 Please pray for "M" a women in "D" town who says she knows the truth. Pray that she will have a desire to learn more about the word and even share the truth with others.

May 23 Pray for patience for each of us, as we navigate new ways to reach those in this parched land. Planting seeds that someday, we may see the harvest.

May 24 We’ve heard there is a man and his family praying about coming to be the Sahel Academy youth pastor. Pray that if this is God’s will for this family, that they would come and minister to the youth at the school.

May 25 The “Messengers of Christ”, is a group of men and women who from several churches in Niamey. Through drama, music, preaching, and the Jesus film they’ve been sharing the gospel in various villages in some fairly remote places this past month. Pray that as many seeds have been planted, there would be many lives where the gospel takes root and bears fruit. Pray for those that made decisions to follow Christ, that they would grow in their faith and form strong fellowships with other Christians.

May 26 Pray for Rebekah as she finishes her Journeyman term in the next 2-3 months. Pray for focus and that God would honor her desire to finish well.

May 27 Thank you for praying for Kimberly and her students in the 6th grade Bible class at Sahel Academy. God is working in the hearts and minds of those students who don’t know him personally. Pray for them to make decisions to give their lives to Jesus.

May 28 Please pray for strength, health, and safety as we continue to serve.

May 29 K’s team leaves today, headed back to Texas. K will be staying on a few days longer. Pray for health and safety as they travel home. As with the Sandersville team, pray that their time and efforts here will bring glory and honor to the Lord and that men and women and children who heard them share the gospel and their testimonies will put their faith and trust in Him. Pray that God will use this experience to call forth laborers from this group to be future missionaries to Niger and other countries where Christ is not yet known.

May 30 May God keep us grounded in our faith and help us to pray for and be a blessing to those we meet and pass on the street!

May 31 Pray for the children who attend kids clubs. Pray for energy for Kimberly as she teaches in the heat and for preparation time as she plans the stories for the months ahead.

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