For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you,
Do not fear; I will help you.
Isaiah 41:13

June 1 Happy Birthday to Teresa Bolls! Teresa and Don have been serving as missionaries-in-residence for the past school year at Ouachita Baptist University and will continue in that role through this December. Pray for Teresa as she continues to guide and counsel students about missions and mission opportunities.

June 2 Thank you for praying for the FBC Sandersville volunteer team. In spite of high temperatures and a dust storm that kept us awake one night in the village we had a great time of sharing the gospel, showing the Jesus film, and encouraging Zerma believers. We were well-received everywhere we went. Pray for those who heard the gospel this past month—that God will help them to reflect on what they heard, that they would understand it, and that God will continue to reveal Himself to them.

June 3 Happy Anniversary Don and Teresa Bolls! Pray God’s richest blessings on them as they continue to faithfully serve Him. Praise God for their many years of faithful witness in Niger.

June 4 Today is the last day of school for Sahel Academy. Thank you for all your prayers for Caleb has he completes his first year of high school. Pray for him to have a fun time this summer in the states as well as using his time responsibly as he takes an online course over the summer.

June 5 Please pray for Mark and Deanna Ledlow. They arrived back in Niger yesterday and due to medical reasons must leave Niger. They will be here for 2-4 months as they choose another field of service and close out and pack up their house. Pray that they may accomplish all that they desire during their remaining time here. We’re so grateful for their many years of servant-hearted service.

June 6 Pray for April and Rebekah as they spend a good part of June in Niamey working with a team from Arizona.

June 7 Pray for the people of "GK" and "H" two villages near "D" town. Pray that the people will hear, accept, and grow in the truth. Pray that April and Rebekah continue to receive favor with the people as they go and share Bible stories with these villages.

June 8 Pray for a team of volunteers from Hi Way Baptist Church in Arizona that will be arriving in Niger today to work with Mark and Deanna. Pray that the logistics and planning will come together smoothly. Pray for them to find people who are ready to respond to the Good News and who are seekers of the truth.

June 9 The Cains leave for the U.S. today. Pray that they will have a time of relaxation and refreshment during their two months in the states. Pray for them to accomplish all that need to completed before they return to Niger in August. Pray for Kanesa who is returning to the states today after her volunteer trip in Niger. It was great to have her back! Pray for the seeds that were planted during her time here.

June 10 Pray for a new village that April and Rebekah have started visiting on Tuesdays. Pray that many will come to know Christ as they continue to share.

June 11 Pray for Kimberly as she has several doctors’ appointments over the next few days. Pray for the visits to go well and that everything can be done in a timely manner before their return date to Niger.

June 12 We had some good rains in May, earlier than usual, and most people in our area have already planted. Pray for good rains to continue and for an abundant harvest. Pray for the Zerma to have strength and stamina as they spend long, hot days working in their fields.

June 13 Praise the Father for "H" a recent follower. He is experiencing persecution from family members. Pray that he will grow in his faith and not let traditions or family members discourage him in his new walk of faith.

June 14 Pray for the Zerma people who attend Kids Clubs and discipleship groups that Phil and Kimberly lead. Pray for the words of the Bible stories to settle deep into their hearts and that they will continue to grow in knowledge during the time the Cains are in the states.

June 15 Pray for two Hands On volunteers and another volunteer who are coming to work with April in D town. Pray for them as they prepare to come and live cross-culturally for 4 months.

June 16 Pray for the small groups of believers in various villages across Niger who meet together for fellowship, prayer, and the study of God’s word. Pray that God will add to their number and that by His grace, they will be able to form strong, healthy churches in their communities.

June 17 Pray for someone to hear God’s call and be obedient to come and serve in the Logistics Coordinator position. We have a very real and urgent need for someone to fill this position very soon. With the Ledlow’s departure in the coming months, pray for a servant hearted, caring and capable person or couple to answer this request.

June 18 Pray for Pastor Amadou and Hassi as they lead the Zerma church in the “G” neighborhood. Pray for their family as they live and minister in a difficult neighborhood that is resistant to the Gospel. Pray for good relationships with their neighbors and for many opportunities to share the Good News.

June 20 Pray for the Bible study in D-town Friday nights. We are studying the fruits of the Spirit. Pray that these girls will see the fruit of the Spirit in April and Rebekah and that they will desire the same.

June 21 Pray for the Cains as they spend a week at the IMB training center in Virginia. Pray for Caleb as he spends time with other IMB MKs from around the world as they share their experiences and adjust to American culture. Pray for times of encouragement and sweet fellowship.

June 22 Pray for Amadou and Hassi’s five children. Pray for their health, safety, education and witness as they grow up in a Christian home surrounded by others who follow Islam.

June 23 Pray for April as she prepares for new team members in August. Pray for her as she will be mentoring them and helping them live and minister in D town.

June 24 Pray for “Eve,” a neighbor and friend of Kimberly. Pray for her to desire a relationship with Christ. Pray that her eyes would be opened to the truth and joy that Jesus brings to life.

June 25 Praise God for the new teachers who are coming to Sahel Academy. Pray that that the remaining openings will be filled before school starts August 13.

June 26 Pray for the GK village. Pray that as April and Rebekah continue to go that many will gather at their new meeting place.

June 27 Pray for a visit that the Cains will be making sometime during their stateside assignment to Murfreesboro, Tennessee (Kimberly’s hometown). Pray for them to have time to share with pastors and a church or two during their brief stay. Pray that some churches will commit to sending teams to Niger to reach the Zerma.

June 28 Pray for the Zerma people as Ramadan begins today. Ramadan is a time for Muslims to fast from sunrise to sundown. They do not drink anything during the day either. Pray for them to dream dreams and have visions of Christ and His love for them as many will be seeking to hear from God. Pray for their health as many get sick and die from dehydration.

June 29 Pray for great family time for the Cains as they are all together for the summer. Pray for lots of fun and for special memories to be made.

June 30 Rebekah’s time in Niger is drawing to a close. Pray for her to remain focused and ready to share as she faithfully finishes her Journeyman term next month. Pray that God blesses her by letting her see many choose to follow the Savior.

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