The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing. Zephaniah 3:17

July 1 Pray for the Zerma who are participating in Ramadan this month. Many will be seeking to hear from God. Pray for their eyes, ears, hearts, and minds to be open to the truth. Pray for them to know the truth and choose to be obedient and follow Jesus.

July 2 Pray for energy for April and Rebekah. The days are hot and humid and they need a boost of energy from the Lord!

July 3 Praise the Father for "I", "H", and "R" who say they have accepted the truth. Pray that their commitments are true and that they will continue to grow in their new faith.

July 4 Happy 4th of July! Pray for Mark and Deanna, April and Rebekah and other missionaries who will be getting together today to celebrate the 4th. Pray for their families who will be celebrating without them in the U.S. Pray that the missionaries would enjoy a sweet time of fellowship and encouragement together.

July 5 Please continue to pray for rains so that the crops might grow. The Zerma are dependent on growing enough millet to feed their families for the coming year. Pray for adequate rain so that they will have a good harvest.

July 6 Pray that God will raise up leaders and pastors among the Zerma who will be bold in their witness and passionate in discipling believers and planting churches.

July 7 Pray for the children who attend kid’s clubs. Pray for the word that has been planted into their hearts would grow and flourish deep in their hearts. Pray that they could stand strong in their belief in Jesus and not be persuaded by familial and peer pressure to conform to the demands of Islam.

July 8 Thanks for praying for the Cains. They arrived safely with all their bags and had a very smooth trip to the states. Pray that will be refreshed and renewed during their brief two month stateside assignment.

July 9 Pray for Rebekah as she will be transitioning back to the states this month. Pray for wisdom, direction and faith to follow wherever the Father leads.

July 10 Pray for the Zerma to recognize Jesus as God’s provision for the forgiveness of sins. Pray that they will see that He is the only way to a relationship with God.

July 11 Please pray that Kimberly’s medical appointments are completed in a timely manner so that the Cain’s return to Niger will not be delayed.

July 12 Phil and Caroline will be traveling to Seattle, Washington today, returning next week. Caroline will be seeing a neurologist on Monday for a follow-up appointment and MRI to make sure no new tumors have formed. Pray that all will go well and she will have a clean bill of health.

July 13 Pray for the team from Maryland as they prepare to come and work in “D” town with April and Rebekah. Pray for April’s sister, Nicole, as she is leading the team.

July 14 Today is Don Bolls’ birthday. Pray for Don as he and Teresa continue to minister to students at Ouachita Baptist University through the Missionary-in-Residence program. Pray that Don would be blessed in a special way today.

July 15 Phil and Caroline will be traveling to Idaho this week to visit Phil’s mom and family members. Pray for safety on the road and for a good visit.

July 16 Pray for peace. Niger, like the rest of the world, is not immune from turmoil and anxiety. Pray that peace will prevail throughout the land, and pray that men, women and children will recognize that they can know true peace through the Savior.

July 17 Pray for divine appointments for Rebekah and April as they go to the market and visit in their town and surrounding villages.

July 18 Phil and Caroline will be flying back to Arkansas today. Pray for safety in their travel.

July 19 Pray for Eve, Kimberly’s neighbor and friend. Pray for her to drawn to Jesus and ready to hear truth from God’s Word when the Cains return to the field. Pray for Eve as she raises her six children.

July 20 Pray for April and Rebekah’s preparation for camp in “D” town. The camp will be the first week of September but preparations have already begun. Pray for unity and revelation from the Father.

July 21 Praise God for the ministry that was done during Hi Way Baptist Church’s volunteer team visit last month. Pray for the Zerma who saw the Jesus film, the children who had a camp, and the orphans who received love in His name. Pray that all of these would choose a relationship with Christ.

July 22 We’re thankful for the many men and women in several villages who desire to learn how to read Zarma so they can read the Bible for themselves. Pray that that desire would not be quenched and that they will find the resources (writing materials, chalkboards, teachers, etc.) they need to accomplish this.

July 23 Pray for Bernard as he takes one or two believers out with him to villages far from Niamey a couple of times a month and shares Bible stories with the those who have never heard the Good News.

July 24 The Zerma are busy in their fields, spending long days cultivating their crops and hoping for rain and a good harvest. Pray that they will have strength and stamina and good health, and that their efforts will yield a good crop—enough to meet their family’s needs.

July 25 Pray for the Maryland team as they travel to Niger on the 25th. Pray for safe travels and bags to arrive. Pray for them to be bold in sharing the Good News and for the people they meet to respond to His voice and words that they heart though the team.

July 26 Thank you for praying for staffing needs at Sahel Academy. More teachers are coming but we still have spots that are unfilled. Pray that people will respond to God’s leading so that every staff position is filled.

July 27 Praise God for those with whom Bernard has shared the Good News in the villages and chosen to accept Christ and even be baptized! Pray that these individuals would grow in their knowledge and understanding and share their testimony with others in their villages.

July 28 Please pray for steadfastness in the faith for new believers. A former colleague returned to Niger for a visit and was dismayed to visit people who have fallen back into Islam. Pray for the Zerma in “K” town who believe to stay strong in their faith and not give in to cultural pressures.

July 29 Pray for Zerma Christians who are the sole believers in their villages. Pray for them to be encouraged and strengthened in their faith.

July 30 Pray for Kimberly today as she will be finishing up with some medical appointments before returning to Niger in August.

July 31 Pray for God to call out more prayer warriors for the Zerma people as the Cains share at churches and with individuals this summer.

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