Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you. Psalm 9:10

April 1 Happy Birthday, April! We’re so thankful that God called April to work with the Zerma! Pray for her to have a very special day today. Pray that God would use April in her relationships with the Zerma to draw them closer to Himself.

April 2 Thanks so much for your prayers for pastor “B” as travels to villages in the bush. He reported last week that 8 more people were baptized in one of the villages he’s been visiting. Pray for these men and women as they begin their new life in Christ. Pray for their spiritual growth and that they would be bold witnesses in their villages.

April 3 Pray for us in the days before Easter as we share Christ and explain why we celebrate this magnificent event that defines who we are as followers of Christ. There are many misunderstandings and misconceptions about the cross—pray that God would help the Zerma people to understand what really happened on that day over 2000 years ago and why it is central to our faith.

April 4 April and Rebekah just returned from some vacation time. Please pray that as they head back to "D" Town that we would be refreshed and ready to share the truth with everyone that we meet.

April 5 Pray for Sahel Academy, the Christian international school that many missionary children attend. There are many staff needs for the coming 2014-2015 school year. Pray that wonderful teachers would hear and obey God’s call to come and teach at Sahel.

April 6 Pray for Phil’s leadership class this month—that it will touch the lives of Nigeriens who have a passion to be leaders. Pray that as we identify and discuss the characteristics and values and attitudes that make for excellence in leadership they will come to realize that those same values line up with the message of Christ.

April 7 Praise! David's surgery went well and he is recovering nicely! This is the boy you prayed for last month to have surgery that April brought to Cure Hospital in Niamey from “D” town.

April 8 David's dad has put his trust in Christ! He is the first man in the GK village to be bold and say something. Pray that this will be the start of the whole village coming to Christ.

April 9 April and Rebekah will have two young women staying with them about two weeks. They are here in Niger through the “Hands On” program. Pray that this time will be blessed with many opportunities to share in and around "D" Town.

April 10 David's dad has put his trust in Christ! He is the first man in the GK village to be bold and say something. Pray that this will be the start of the whole village coming to Christ.

April 11 Please continue to lift up April and Rebekah and the two “Hands On” missionaries. Pray that they will work well together and accomplish great things for the kingdom. Pray that they will be an encouragement to one another.

April 12 Continue to lift up pastor “A” in Goudel as he leads a small group of believers, as he preaches the Word faithfully each Sunday, and as he shares the gospel with people in his neighborhood during the week. Pray that people will respond to the gospel and that his church will grow and make a positive impact on this community.

April 13 Pray for Kimberly and the 6th grade Bible class at Sahel. Pray for those students who don’t yet have the joy of Easter in their hearts. Pray that they would understand and believe how much God loves them and has a plan for their lives.

April 14 Pray for Mark as he works on community development plans for a garden project. Pray that the plans fall into place and the work progresses smoothly. Pray that many people in the village will come to know Christ through this effort.

April 15 We know that God equips men and women to lead and to serve in the church. The Zerma need spiritual leadership—ask God to raise up men and women of integrity and righteousness to lead this generation to know and follow Him.

April 16 Please pray for "GK" village which April and Rebekah visit weekly traveling. Please pray for more people to follow Christ there and for many opportunities to share in the village.

April 17 Please pray for a youth pastor for Sahel Academy. The school has been without one for the past two years. This is a great need for the student body. Pray for someone to work with these great kids and help them grow and mature spiritually.

April 19 Pray for Mark and Deanna as they serve the other missionaries by taking care of the guesthouse and business needs of so many. Pray for times of refreshment and relaxation for them.

April 20 Happy Easter! Join us in celebrating that Jesus is the resurrection and the life and he who believes in Jesus can have eternal life. Pray that the Zerma will come to know this truth.

April 21 It seems physical hunger will be a problem that will plague Niger far into the future—this country is in much need of God’s blessing, yet how can He bless it when so many reject His plan and insist on following their own way? Pray for those who are experiencing hunger in this hot, dry season when food supplies are drying up. Pray that the Zerma will turn their hearts toward the One who is the living water and the bread of life.

April 22 Praise! Two new “Hands On” missionaries will be joining April in “D town” after Rebekah completes her term and returns home this summer.

April 23 Pray for Melanie and Terra, the two “Hands On” missionaries who will be joining April, as they plan and prepare to come to Niger. Pray that The Lord will work in their hearts and that they will reach many people for Christ.

April 24 Remember today our brothers and sisters in the area between Niamey and Ouallam—over the years, beginning with the ministry of Don and Teresa Bolls, we’ve started many outreach groups. Some of those groups faded away, others are continuing to meet faithfully—even with just a few believes. Pray that God will continue to build His church on the foundation of these first believers. Pray that they will be encouraged today with a special awareness of the Lord’s presence in their lives.

April 25 Pray for the Zerma team as April is in the middle of hot season. Pray for patience, energy, stamina, and encouragement as there is no escaping the heat during the day and it doesn’t cool off at night.

April 26 Pray for Amina, a local woman believer. Pray that she would trust God with all aspects of her life and to rest and be still in His love.

April 27 Continue to pray for Bisarra, one of the lunch ladies in “D” town. Pray that The Lord will speak to her and that He will reveal himself as the one true God.

April 28 Pray for Caroline and Caleb to finish their school years strong and to keep on persevering through the many exams and projects due at the end of the school year.

April 29 Pray for Kimberly as she does research on backpacks and school supplies in order to work on a project to distribute school kits in the fall for the kids clubs’ attendees.

April 30 Pray for those children who attend the kids clubs each week faithfully. Pray that God’s word will accomplish its purpose and that many will choose to follow Jesus.



Phil, Kimberly, April, and Rebekah
The Zerma Team

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