No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him. 1 Corinthians 2:9

March 1 We are giving thanks and praising God that several believers have been baptized recently in the area where pastor “B” has been ministering. Among them were an older couple in one village and an older man in another village, which is unusual among the Zerma. Pray for these believers that they will continue to listen to and be obedient to God’s word and that they might form the foundation of a strong church in Niger, building their lives upon the Chief Cornerstone, Jesus Christ.

March 2 The village of GK has many people interested in the Gospel and they are building us a pavilion to have our weekly meetings. Pray for continued openness and response to the gospel as April and Rebekah share the Good News.

March 3 Pray for B, one of the lunch ladies, as April and Rebekah continue to invest in her and share with her. Pray that she will come to know the truth.

March 4 Happy Birthday, Ben! Pray for Ben as he leads the Niamey Urban Team. Pray that he and his family will finish their stateside assignment time well rested, refreshed, and ready to resume life in Niger this summer.

March 5 Phil is hoping to continue the leadership course this month at a new location. Pray that we can gather at least 10 men and women who will commit to attending classes and participating in discussions. We feel this will be a great opportunity to influence future leaders in Niger.

March 6 Please pray for consistent meeting times for the three Kids’ Clubs that Kimberly teaches each week. There have been many times since the start of the year where other obligations have taken priority in either Kimberly teaching or the children being able to meet.

March 7 April and Rebekah are looking into admitting two little boys into the CURE hospital for correctional surgeries. Pray that if it is Gods will they will be admitted and that their families will come to know The Lord as a result.

March 8
Happy Birthday, Mark! Pray for Mark as he serves as Logistics Coordinator for all the IMB missionaries in Niger. Pray that God will give him times of rest and encouragement. Pray for God to multiply his time to accomplish all that is before him.

March 9 Pray for Rebekah as the travels to today through March 23rd for vacation time. Pray that God would provide safety in travel and guidance that He would work out all the details necessary for her trip to proceed smoothly.

March 10 Remember that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Continue to pray that God would call forth his servants to join us in Niger in reaching the 99% of the Zerma who don’t know Him.

March 11 Pray that the Zarma team will look to the God of all comfort in all of our troubles, for He is there.

March 12 Pray for April as she takes a short trip. Pray for safe travels for her today and for a refreshing time.

March 13 Driving in Niamey is becoming increasingly frustrating with new road construction, blocked off roads, and ever increasing numbers of vehicles and motorcycles. Pray for patience and for safety as we travel these congested roads.

March 14 Pray for the health concerns of the Zerma team members.

March 15 Happy Birthday, Kaye! Pray for Kimberly’s mom to have a good birthday today. One of the most challenging things about being on the mission field is being apart from loved ones on their birthdays.

March 16 Happy Birthday, Phil! Pray for Phil as he celebrates today. Pray that God would bless his ministry with fruit and growth, for his work to be blessed and that all he says and does would bring glory to God.

March 17 Pray for a new believer with whom Pastor J was able to share the truth. Pray that he would continue to grow and stay strong in his new faith.

March 18 Pray for the villages of Banjitti, and Tankounde, concerning well and garden projects, and the existing churches.

March 19 Pray for the logistics of obtaining the well rig, financing, and shipping of the well rig to Niger so that wells may be dug for the Zerma people.

March 20 Thank you for praying last month for the former witch doctor who is now a believer. At last report, he is doing much better. Pray that he will continue to grow in his faith and be a testimony to others about the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

March 21 Pray for our lives to be INTENTIONAL IN CHRIST while we live here in Niger. With HOT season upon us, we need to have God’s grace as we show Christ in our everyday lives.

March 22 Pray for details to fall into place for some leadership training for bush village pastors. (ie. financial, location, training materials)

March 23 Pray for April and Kimberly as they travel to Burkina Faso to participate in a Burkina African Women’s Christian Conference. Pray for safety as they drive there and for a wonderful time of fellowship with national believers.

March 24 Pray for the 6th grade Bible class this coming week. Pray for the substitute teacher who will fill in for Kimberly as she attends a conference in Burkina. Pray for the lessons that Kimberly has prepared for her absence to go smoothly.

March 25 Pray for April as she shares with Burkina women about the henna stories and how to share the gospel with other ladies using the henna that is so popular here.

March 26 Pray that the Zarma team will look to the God of all comfort in all of our troubles, for He is there.

March 27 Praise God for the healthy and safe delivery of Marie, Pastor A and Hassi’s new baby girl. Pray for those that attended the Christian baby dedication to be drawn to a personal relationship with God.

March 28 Pray for the children who attend kids’ clubs that they will recall the Bible stories and the messages in God’s Word with understanding and a desire to learn more.

March 29 Pray for April and Kimberly as they travel today and tomorrow to return to Niger after the conference is over. Pray for smooth and complication free border stops and safety as they travel. Pray they will be ready to share with anyone that the come across on their trip home.

March 30 Pray for Hi-Way Baptist church in Mesa, Arizona that is coming out in June to do VBS in Niamey and garden and well projects in the villages of Banjitti, and Tankounde.

March 31 Praise the Father today for eternal life, but also remember those who are still lost without hope.



Phil, Kimberly, April, and Rebekah
The Zerma Team

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