Give Thanks to the Lord for he is good. His love endures forever.
Psalms 136:1

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Thank you for your faithful prayers! This month’s prayer letter is full of answered prayers! Be encouraged and praise the Lord for his faithfulness!

September 1 Praise the Lord that the henna groups have gotten off to a good start and 4 different groups of ladies (over 25 people!) have heard the Creation story. Pray for April and Rebekah as they share these stories with the women in “D” town.

September 2 Pray for a kids camp that April and Rebekah will be teaching at September 17-21. They are planning for 100 or more children to attend. Pray for April and Rebekah as they are planning and preparing for this camp.

September 3 Pray for us and our missionary colleagues as we will be participating in a conference for the next three days in the capital city. Pray that the training will be beneficial and useful for our daily lives here.

September 4 Thank you for praying for Scott and Stephanie, Mark and Deanna’s son-in-law and daughter. Scott is recovered from his bad case of pneumonia. Stephanie’s pregnancy continues to progress well. Pray for a safe and healthy delivery. Her due date is the first week of October.

September 5 Pray for the Sustar family as they are on “stateside assignment” this next year. Pray for them as they travel and connect with churches that they would be able to recruit many prayer supporters and advocates for their ministry in Niamey. Pray that God would strengthen them and refresh them and renew their vision for urban ministry.

September 6 Pray for pastor “A” and his wife “H” as they faithfully serve their small church in Niamey. Pray that God would bless them and use them to accomplish great things for His kingdom.

September 7 Thank you for praying for Kimberly as she teaches the 6th grade Bible class at Sahel Academy. The school year has gotten off to a great start and has been a very positive experience.

September 8 Pray for Rebekah, April, Phil and Kimberly to have wisdom in knowing how to best use their time.

September 9 Pray for Jeremy Ledlow. He will be having surgery on his foot in about a week. Pray for the surgery to result in complete healing. Pray for his recovery time which will take 6-7 months. Pray for patience and endurance for his time of healing as he is a husband and father of three.

September 10 Thank you for your prayers for rain—we had lots of rain during the month of August and the crops seem to be growing well. September marks the end of the rainy season. Pray that there will be sufficient rains this month that will result in a good harvest.

September 11 Pray that the connections that were made between Highway Baptist Church (Mesa, Arizona), the Ledlows, and the Zerma will continue to grow and strengthen. Pray for the church as they will be sending another team next summer.

September 12 Happy Birthday to Landon Rendel, Mark and Deanna’s grandson! He is two years old today. Pray for him to continue to grow in knowledge and favor with God and man. Pray for his adjustment to becoming a big brother in a few weeks.

September 13 Pray that Zerma team would be disciplined in their memorization of scripture, that we may hide it in our hearts so that in times of need, it will come flowing out.

September 14 Thanks for your prayers for Ledlows as they traveled to South Africa last month, long meetings and lengthy discussions led to some productive conversations.

September 15 Please pray for relationships and connections to be established with the villages surrounding “D” town for April and Rebekah.

September 16 Thank you for all the prayers for Caroline as she traveled back to the states last month. God answered in a big way! A guard allowed Phil to accompany her inside the Niamey airport, which isn’t usually allowed. Two returning volunteers with another people group were on Caroline’s two flights to Atlanta. She made all her flights, even when late, and with all her luggage!

September 17 Today is first day of the kids camp April and Rebekah are leading in “D” town. Pray for them and for all of the children who will be attending.

September 18 The theme of the kids camp is reconciliation. Pray that the children will understand how they can be reconciled with God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

September 19 Pray for the kids camp today. Pray for the children who attend as they receive a meal, hear a Bible story, play games, and see Christian videos.

September 20 Pray for the families of the children who attend the kids camp. Pray that the children will share the Bible stories they are hearing at camp with their mothers and fathers. Pray for entire families to come to know God’s love for them.

September 21 Pray for the final day of camp today. Pray for April and Rebekah to communicate the Gospel clearly and effectively. Pray for the many seeds that were planted to bear much fruit.

September 22 Thanks for praying for the follow-up of contacts made through teams this summer—we’ve continued to visit some of those contacts, pray that we will continue to have opportunities to share the gospel with them and their families.

September 23 Caroline and Caleb have both gotten off to a great start to the school year. Pray for them to continue to grow academically and spiritually.

September 24 Pray for the groups of people hearing the henna stories will know that the stories are true and their lives will be changed.

September 25 Thanks for your prayers for pastor “B”. He continues to meet with and disciple a group of new believers who have many questions about living out their Christian faith. Pray that God would grant him wisdom and discernment as he teaches them. Pray for his continued spiritual growth.

September 26 Pray with thanksgiving for the open homes to share the henna stories with the Zerma.

September 27 Pray for Kimberly and the kids clubs. Due to the rains this time of year, meetings have been sporadic or poorly attended. Pray for encouragement for Kimberly and for faithful attendance at the end of rainy season.

September 28 Mark Ledlow is planning to begin a ministry providing wells for villages that lack good water sources. He is hoping to use a well drilling rig that is currently in Nigeria. Pray that the paperwork and logistics would be finalized soon so that this rig can be delivered to Niger.

September 29 Thanks for your prayers during Ramadan last month—pray that the Zerma would continue to seek God and discover the truth path of righteousness found only in Christ.

September 30 Pray that the peace of Christ would rule in the hearts of Zerma believers, that they would be aware today of God’s absolute faithfulness.


Phil, Kimberly, April, Rebekah, Mark and Deanna
The Zerma team