You turned my wailing into dancing, you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, that my heart my sing to you and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever. Psalms 30:11-12

November 1 Congratulations Stephanie and Scott on the birth of their second child, Aiden Mark! Thank you for your prayers for them and big brother Landon! Aiden arrived October 9th and weighed in at 9lbs 15 oz. and 23 inches long! The whole family is doing well.

November 2 Pray for Phil as he teaches a leadership class with non-believers. Pray for the men who are coming. Pray that they would bring friends with them to class and that they would faithfully attend the classes. Pray that they would understand that Jesus is the best model for leadership.

November 3 Pray for protection, courage, and strength for the Zerma who are being ridiculed for their interest in knowing more about the truth.

November 4 Thank you for praying for opportunities to open in villages surrounding “D” town. At the end of this month Rebekah and April and other believers will be going out nearby villages to share the gospel.

November 5 Pray that each day the Zerma team would be refreshed in The Lord and grow in our knowledge of Him.

November 6 We are excited to see some new outreach groups started in an area to the south of Niamey. Pray that the “seekers” who are a part of these groups will understand the gospel as they hear it. Pray for wisdom and discernment for pastor “B” and other believers who accompany him as they answer many questions about their faith and what it means to be a follower of Christ.

November 7 The rainy season has ended. We were one to two rains short of having a good harvest. The millet crop will be small this year and beans and secondary crops failed to produce in many areas. Pray for the Zerma as they will be struggling with an inadequate food supply in the coming months.

November 8 Pray for a volunteer team from our partnering church, FBC Sandersville, GA who will be leaving today for Niger, arriving tomorrow evening. Pray that God will bless them with safe travels and good health during their time here. Pray also that God would give them many opportunities to share the gospel and to help disciple believers.

November 9 Pray for the Zerma team members as we will be dealing with many needs of the Zerma in the coming months. We will be asked to help even more with heath issues, monetary issues due to the poor harvest. Pray that their eyes would be open to knowing the Lord of the harvest.

November 10 Give thanks to God for the children who are continuing to want to know more about the truth in “D” town.

November 11 Happy Birthday Susie McFarland! Many of you know Susie as the one who maintains our Web site. Pray that God would bless her today.

November 12 Pray that we will be good stewards of what The Lord has blessed us with, including our time.

November 13 Thank you for your prayers for Caroline and her studies. She is doing well and is having her best semester yet. Pray that she continues to manage her time well and to finish the semester as strongly as she began it.

November 14 Thank you for praying for the henna stories. Many girls and women are hearing the Bible stories and remembering them. Pray for April and Rebekah as they continue to share the Bible stories with these ladies. Praise God for the overwhelmingly positive response to these stories and the henna designs on their hands that help them remember the Bible story.

November 15 Thank you for praying for Kimberly as she teaches the 6th grade Bible class at Sahel. There are a few students in the class who are not believers. Pray that they will come to understand and believe that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

November 16 Thank you for praying for Caroline and her fall break trip. Ouachita Baptist University took the MKs and International students to New Orleans for the break. They traveled safely and she had a wonderful time learning more about the history and culture of an American city that was new to her.

November 17 Pray for the FBC Sandersville volunteers as they board the plane tonight for the return trip to the U.S. Pray again for safe travels. Pray that the many seeds that were planted during their time here will bear fruit.

November 18 Pray for Mark and Deanna as they enjoy family time in the states. Deanna arrived safely last month and in time for the birth of their fifth grandchild. Pray for their family time this month as they celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas in November with their children and grandchildren before returning to Niger.

November 19 Thank you for your prayers for Caleb and his freshman year of high school. He is doing well. Pray that he will desire to do his best at all times and in all ways.

November 20 Caroline’s second birthday away from family is coming up November 30. Thank you so much for all the cards you sent her last year. They really helped to brighten the day for her and lift her spirits. If you would like to send her a card, her address is 410 Ouachita Street OBU Box 3075 Arkadelphia, Arkansas 71998.

November 21 That we would put away all bitterness, wrath, anger, slander and be filled with Christ's love.

November 22 Pray for Don and Teresa Bolls as they continue to serve as missionaries in residence at Ouachita Baptist University. They are encountering many students interested in missions and mission opportunities.

November 23 A missions conference is taking place the 24th-the 27th in “D” town where April and Rebekah live. 3 different countries will be represented and the goal is to evangelize villages surrounding Dosso.

November 24 Happy Birthday, Rebekah! Today is Rebekah’s birthday. Pray for her as she lives and ministers in “D” town. Pray that today would be a day of blessing and encouragement to her.

November 25 Thank you for praying for the three neighbor children of Phil and Kimberly who moved away last month. Pray that Phil and Kimberly will have time to visit them in their new home. Praise God that one of the children has come by twice to visit Kimberly. Pray for the years of Bibles stories that they hear at kids club would transform their hearts and minds.

November 26 As many of you know, this time of year in Niger is the “gardening season.” It takes a lot of hard work to produce these vegetables and fruit, but it is a great way to supplement diet and income, especially in areas that had a poor harvest. Pray for perseverance and stamina as many Zerma plant, water, and care for these gardens.

November 27 Thank you for praying for “H,” Pastor “A’s” wife. She is feeling better and recovering from a minor infection. Please continue to pray for her health and the health of the baby she is carrying inside her.

November 28 Thanks for your prayers during the time of Tabaski. Please continue to pray that the Zerma will realize that only the blood of Christ can wash away their sins.

November 29 Pray for Amina. Pray that she would grow in her knowledge and understanding of being a Christian and how to live that out in her daily life.

November 30 Happy Birthday, Caroline! Today is Caroline Cain’s birthday. This will be her second birthday away from home. Pray that today would be a special day for her.