You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit—fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name. John 15:16

Dear wonderful and faithful prayer warriors,
The above verse is our Zerma team verse for the year. Please pray that the ministries we are involved in will bear fruit, fruit that will last. Our ministries have an eternal focus. Pray that we are obedient and faithful to Him as we’ve been appointed to go and bear fruit. Thank you so much for you faithful prayers for us and for the Zerma!

May 1 Praise God for a good visit from April’s dad during the last week of April.

May 2 Pray for April’s and Rebekah’s continued language learning. Pray that they may be able to communicate the Gospel clearly and effectively.

May 3 Thank you for praying for the repairs and construction at Sahel Academy. God is answering your prayers! We’ve had more teams come. One team recently completed the roof on the school’s dining hall. Check out the progress at for pictures and updates.

May 4 There is still a lot to be done on the Sahel Academy campus before school begins in August. Please continue to pray for more teams to come and help with the repairs to the campus. Perhaps God is calling you or a team from your church to come and help! Find out how you can help at for more information.

May 5 Pray for the new kids clubs and programs that April and Rebekah are starting. God is opening many doors for them to share His Word.

May 6 Exam week (May 6-10) begins for Caroline. Please pray for her to recall all that she has studied and for her to have peace and calmness as she finishes her last week of her freshman year.

May 7 Pray for pastor “B” as travels to several different villages this month, discipling believers and sharing the Gospel. Pray for safety as he travels and for God to open the hearts of those he meets with.

May 8 Pray for the Kids’ Club children who meet today with Kimberly. Pray for them to follow Christ and to faithfully share the Bible stories with their families.

May 9 As many of you know, this is a difficult time of year for the Zerma as the heat continues day after day, food supplies from last year’s harvest dwindle, and people struggle to make ends meet. Pray for the hungry, that they would find food, for the sick, that they would be healed, for the discouraged, that they would find hope in the Savior.

May 10 Pray for the Zerma as they prepare their fields for planting next month. Most of this involves hand-labor, clearing and working the debris from last year’s crops into the soil. Pray for their health and strength as they work long days in the hot sun.

May 11 Please continue to pray for the Christian radio/television station in Niamey. They were off the air for part of April due to a damaged cable and many people were asking why they aren’t broadcasting so we know it is reaching a wide audience. Pray that this would continue to be a tool that God uses to plant His word in the hearts of people across the city.

May 12 Pray for the guard and his family as they move on to April’s and Rebekah’s compound. Pray that it would be the start to a great and healthy relationship.

May 13 April and Rebekah are leading classes at a church in “D” town. They are teaching preschool children and teenage girls. Pray for them as they teach Bible stories and what God’s Word says about how we are to live. Pray for good relationship with those they teach as well as their families.

May 14 Please continue to pray for Deanna. Pray for there to be no or minimal side effects from the medication and that she will be restored to feeling her usual self.

May 15 Pray for Caroline as she begins her trip home to Niger, for the summer, tomorrow. This will be her first time to fly internationally alone. Pray for great flights, smooth connections, and safety as she travels.

May 16 Happy 14th Birthday, Caleb Cain! Pray for Caleb as he navigates his way as he becomes a young man. Pray that Caleb would have hears to ear and eyes to see all that God is doing in his life.

May 17 Caroline arrives in Niger today! Pray that all her baggage arrives with her and for our family time this summer! It will be wonderful to be all together again.

May 18 Caleb is a narrator for the musical Sahel Academy is performing today. Pray for all the students (4th-8th grade) to do their best. Pray for them to recall their lines and to have fun as they perform.

May 19 Pray for wisdom for April and Rebekah as they settle into “D” town. Pray for them as they develop lessons, visit with friends and neighbors, and set boundaries to handle the steady flow of visitors to their home.

May 20 Thank you for praying for Amina, who helps Kimberly with one of the kids’ clubs. Pray for her health as she pregnant. Pray for Kimberly and Amina to have some good discipleship time together as Kimberly mentors her.

May 21 Thank you for prayers for Kimberly’s mom. We’ve shared how God has answered your prayers and provided her with a wonderful job. Praise Him with also providing a better place for her to live. She moved in on the first of this month. Pray for her to have good relationships with the people who live around her.

May 22 Pray for words and wisdom as Rebekah and April share with the people in their town.

May 23 Pray for Zerma believers as they live out their faith day-to-day. Pray that they would know and experience Christ and His power—to transform their minds and hearts, provide for their needs, and help them be salt and light in a dark world.

May 24 Pray that “I” and “D” in the village of “T” would persevere in following Christ and in witnessing to their friends and neighbors who so far have rejected Christ. In this same village, several men in the past have requested and received micro-SD cards with the audio New Testament in Zarma as well as a variety of songs and messages. They can listen to these through their cell phone. So pray that even as they seem to reject Christ outwardly, that God’s word would penetrate their thoughts and hearts as they listen to it in private.

May 25 Lord, keep Phil, Kimberly, April, and Rebekah close to You. Cause them to love You with all their hearts, souls, and minds. Draw them into Your Word each day, and fill them with thankfulness. (Mt. 22:37; Col. 3:16)

May 26 Pray for opportunities to share with people in surrounding villages of “D” town where Rebekah and April are living.

May 27 Pray that God would speak to the Zerma through dreams and visions—compelling them to seek the Truth.

May 28 As Rebekah and April establish their lessons, schedules, and routines; please pray Psalms 16:6 over them. The passage reads, “The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places: surely I have a delightful inheritance.” Pray that the boundary lines will indeed fall in pleasant places for them.

May 29 Lord, I praise You that You do not slumber as You watch over the Zerma team. Grant them good health, and protect them from physical danger. Shield them with Your armor so that they can stand firm against evil. Remind them that You have not given them a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-discipline. (Ps. 121; Eph. 6:13; II Tim. 1:7)

May 30 Pray for the men Phil meets with each week in the village of “S.” We’ve been memorizing scripture together and discussing/reviewing what a life of discipleship looks like. Pray that God would strengthen them in their walk with Him and that they would be vessels of God’s grace and mercy to all those they come in contact with.

May 31 Lord of the harvest, please send out more workers to help Phil, Kimberly, Rebekah, and April serve in the place to which you have called them. (Matthew 9:38)

Thank you for your prayer support! You’re holding the ropes and standing in the gap for us!