My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. John 15:13

June 1 Those who’ve been receiving this prayer letter for many years may remember that today is Teresa Bolls’ birthday. Though retired from the field now, she and Don continue to have an impact on the Zerma people through a foundation laid through their many years of ministry here. Pray that today would be a special day of blessing for Teresa.

June 2 Pray for Scott and Scott, two volunteers from our partnering church, FBC Sandersville, GA as they leave the U.S. today to assist us in ministry in Niger for the next couple weeks. Pray for safety as they travel and for a fruitful ministry here as they share the gospel and encourage, teach, and disciple Zerma believers.

June 3 Please pray for Rebekah and April as they live in minister in “D” town. They have had no water at their house for over a week. The electricity has been off a lot too. Please pray that their water will be restored and that they will have dependable electricity. Pray for their perseverance and health as they live and work with little respite from the heat. We praise God for their persevering spirits!

June 4 Pray for the Sandersville team and Phil as they show the Jesus film in the village of “T” where Phil meets with a small group of believers each week. This will be an opportunity to reach a large number of people from the community with the gospel. Pray that many would attend and understand the message of the film.

June 5 Praise God for all that He has done this past school year for Sahel Academy. Teams are continuing to come and help restore and repair the campus for the 2013-2014 school year. We will be holding the final assembly and at the restored dining hall of the campus today. Thank you for all your prayers for the campus restoration!

June 6 Please pray for a language helper for April that understands her and would help her to share the gospel more effectively.

June 7 Thank you for your prayers for Mark and Deanna as they were in South Africa for past couple of months to deal with Deanna’s medical needs. We rejoice in their return and in the way the medication adjustments have alleviated her symptoms. Yours prayers have made a difference!

June 8 Please pray for the Sustars and Caleb who will be traveling to another West African country for a retreat just for children of missionaries. Pray for a week that impacts Caleb, Rachel, and Christin’s lives for God and that there would be lots of spiritual growth and fun.

June 9 Phil and Ben Sustar have been participating in and helping teach a course on leadership with a few Nigerien men. Pray that this time would yield opportunities to impart biblical principles and to build relationships with young people who will be future leaders in Niger.

June 10 Pray for the kids who come to the kids clubs. Pray for Kimberly as she prepares lessons and activities for the kids. Pray for her as she resumes a regular schedule now that she is no longer filling in for Deanna at the guesthouse.

June 11 Thank you for your prayers for Caroline as she traveled back to Niger last month. She made it safely and with all of her baggage. She said it was one of the smoothest trips she has ever had. We deeply appreciate all your prayers on her behalf.

June 12 As the rainy season gets underway, pray for abundant rains and a good harvest. Pray that God would supply strength and stamina to the Zerma people as they spend long, hot days in the fields cultivating their crops.

June 13 Scott and Scott will be leaving Niger today, heading back home. Pray again for safety as they travel and pray with us that God would bless them for giving up time away from family and responsibilities at home. Pray that the seeds they planted here in Niger, along with the teaching and discipling, would yield much fruit in the months ahead.

June 14 Thank you for your prayers for Amina and her pregnancy. She continues to help Kimberly with the Kids Club that meets on Saturdays. Her tests show that everything is going well with this pregnancy.

June 15 Pray for the Goudel church and for pastor Amadou and his wife Haasi as they labor faithfully even though the congregation remains small. Pray that as Amadou and Haasi visit and pray for people in their community that the Spirit of God would move, convicting people of their need for the Savior. Pray for the growth of their church, that it would be known as a place of hope and comfort to those who are hurting.

June 16 Pray that God would continue to reveal Himself to April, Rebekah, Phil, and Kimberly each day and that we would fall more in love with Him and shine for Him.

June 17 Pray for Rebekah as she continues to study and learn the Zerma language. Pray for her to be encouraged as she continues to add to her vocabulary and as she shares with the Zerma people.

June 18 Please continue to pray for pastor “B” as Phil spends time with him discussing the qualities of a pastor and as “B” seeks to put those qualities into practice during the week.

June 19 Please pray for God to provide teachers and staff for Sahel for the coming school year. Perhaps God is calling you to come and teach for a year or two and work with a wonderful bunch of kids?

June 20 Pray for renewed energy and stamina for Kimberly as she leads the kids clubs.

June 21 Pray for our cluster retreat in Kenya. We will be traveling there for a time of worship and rest. Please pray for our safety as we travel. Pray that we will have a great time of worship, fellowship, and rest.

June 22 Pray that the words from our mouths and the meditations of our hearts would be pleasing to the Lord.

June 23 Pray that the villages around “D” town that are open to the gospel and ready to receive the Good News would be made known to April and Rebekah and that God would place people in their lives who are from those villages.

June 24 Pray for the speaker at our retreat. Pray that God will speak mightily and clearly through him. Pray that we would be attentive and responsive to His voice.

June 25 Pray for the Zerma team’s walks with the Lord. Pray for us to be consistent in our individual prayer times and our devotional times with the Lord.

June 26 Pray for “Roukayla,” one of the young girls who comes to Kids Clubs. She has been leaving early and seems troubled. Pray for wisdom and insight for Kimberly and that this girl would confide in Kimberly what is weighing on her heart and mind.

June 27 Pray for Phil as he serves others on our team and other IMB personnel in Niamey. Pray that God would multiply his time and provide times of rest.

June 28 Pray that the Zerma team’s ministry will be exceedingly fruitful and that God would be glorified through their ministry. ( 1 Thessalonians 3:1)

June 29 As our retreat will be drawing to a close, pray for Cains who will be staying on in for a few days of vacation. Pray for great family time and for a wonderful time of refreshment physically and spiritually.

June 30 Pray that the Zerma team would set their minds on things above and continue to live in Him and for Him.