But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.”
Luke 2:10-11

December 1 Thank you for giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, it is what put us on the field and enables us to live and work among the Zerma people. This offering provides us with housing, a vehicle to drive, schooling expenses for our children, resources in sharing the Gospel with the Zerma, training for lay leaders and the list goes on and on. Thank you for making it possible for us to share the hope of Christ daily with the Zerma people. 100% of this offering directly supports us and nearly 5000 other personnel around the world. Thank you for your faithful giving, we appreciate you.

December 2 Pray for a garden that was planted with seeds Rebekah provided for a family that she and April have good relationships with. Pray that these seeds would grow and produce a good harvest. Pray for the family who has taken ownership of this project and built a grass mat fence and covered the plants with netting to prevent lizards from eating the tender shoots before they reach maturity.

December 3 April and Rebekah are so thankful for the opportunity this past month to enter their first village. Please pray that we will have an open door to share the good news in this village and to have wisdom and the language that we need to boldly proclaim the truth amongst people who have never heard the truth.

December 4
Pray for opportunities to share during the Christmas season. Pray that we would be quick to share of Christ's birth, life, death and resurrection.

December 5 Pray for Mark and Deanna, as they return to Niger from vacation time in the U.S. Praise God for their wonderful time with their children and grandchildren. Pray that they return refreshed and ready to resume their work and ministry in Niger.

December 6 Thanks for praying for our volunteer team from FBC, Sandersville, GA last month. We stayed very busy and were able to visit many villages and individuals over the course of the week. They were a great encouragement to us and the people we encountered. Continue to pray that their words and conversations will have a lasting impact on those we encountered.

December 7 In November there was a conference to encourage and train local people to share the good news and plant new fellowships in villages. Please pray that the Africans will respond to this challenge with boldness.

December 8
We did have many good rains this past rainy season, unfortunately the rains ended before many of the crops were able to mature. Many are facing another year of struggling to find food—pray that God would provide what is needed, when it is needed. Pray for all of us to have wisdom in knowing how we can help.

December 9 Many of the Zerma here know that Christmas (or “Noel” in French) is a Christian holiday that has something to do with Jesus. Pray that this season would yield many opportunities for the Zerma to hear the truth of what this “holiday” is all about. Pray that the Zerma would receive Christ not simply as another in a line of prophets, but as the one true Savior, “God with us”, the hope of glory. Pray that we would be ready always to give an answer to those who ask about this hope.

December 10 Please pray for “Z” and his circle of influence in K town and beyond. Pray that he would remain grounded in the scriptures and develop a love for the word of God. Pray that God will strengthen his faith as encounters resistance from friends and family. Pray for his brother, “B” who has asked for an audio portion of the New Testament and is interested in hearing more from God’s word.

December 11 Pray for Caroline and Caleb as they have exams and finish their semesters. Pray that they finish strong and the semesters end well.

December 12 Thank you for praying for Phil’s leadership class. We’ve finished the first course and will look at starting another course after the new year. Pray that we will be able to use this leadership training as an effective tool to reach Nigeriens with the gospel and make an impact on the future leaders of this country.

December 13 Pray for our health and the health of the Zerma. Now that cold season is here many are sick with colds, fever and malaria. Ask God to place His healing hand on Niger and to show the Zerma that He alone is the Great Physician.

December 14 Thank you for praying for the gardening season in Niger. Please continue to pray that these gardens will do well and that these gardens would yield plentiful produce to supplement the Zerma people’s diet and income.

December 15 The ladies in “D” town sell food outside the school. April likes to call them the lunch ladies. Pray for April and Rebekah as they build relationships with them. Pray that The Lord would open their hearts.

December 16 Praise God for the continued relationship with the three children who moved to a new neighborhood that is far from the Cain’s neighborhood. The children miss kids club and would like to have one in their neighborhood. Pray for their mother who has returned to visit Kimberly. Pray that Kimberly will have time to visit them in their new home this month.

December 17 Pray for the children who attend the kids club at the church in “G” neighborhood. They were recently harassed while Kimberly was there at the end of November by other children calling down curses on them for coming to the club. Pray for them to remain strong and faithful. Pray for them to know that God’s truth is more powerful than any lies of Satan.

December 18 Thank you for your overwhelming support and encouragement to Caroline, as she celebrated her birthday in the states. She had a great day. She appreciates all the cards very much. Thank you for helping to make her day so special!

December 19 Please continue to pray for the 6th grade Bible class that Kimberly teaches at Sahel. Pray for two girls in the class who are not believers but that are earnestly seeking the truth and it is evident that God is drawing them to himself. Pray for Kimberly as she prepares lesson and teaches the Bible that she accurately handles God’s Word.

December 20 Pray for the relationships that April and Rebekah have established among the children, women, and families in “D” town would strengthen and deepen. Pray for them to have many divine appointments as the meet people in town and for many opportunities for spiritual conversations.

December 21 Happy Birthday, Kimberly Cain. Pray for Kimberly as she ministers to Zerma women and children; pray that God would give her strength and endurance, wisdom and insight as she shares the Good News with others.

December 22 Pray for the children who come to the kids clubs. Mary Ann, the volunteer who came last month, did a great job sharing the Bible story and doing crafts with the children. Pray that those who heard the message of Jesus’ love and salvation plan would accept Jesus as their savior.

December 23 Perhaps God is calling you to come and volunteer among the Zerma? You can share God’s love with the people here and make an impact in whatever amount of time you have to come. We would love to see you for a week, two weeks, or more!

December 24 Pray for Phil as he carries out his many responsibilities. He serves as husband, father, evangelist and discipleship teacher, team leader, Associate Cluster Leader, chairman of our Niamey English Worship Service, and as Chairman of the Sahel School Board. Pray for his health and that God would multiply his time and energy.

December 25 Merry Christmas! As you celebrate Jesus’ birth, pray for the Zerma who have yet to hear of the Good News that is for all people.

December 26 Amina’s baby boy, Gabriel, is doing well. After being underweight at birth, he is growing well and has a beautiful smile. Pray for Gabriel to grow and thrive. Pray for Amina as she mothers him and her other four children.

December 27 Pray for the Zerma church in the “G” neighborhood. Pray for the church to grow in number and in the power of its witness.

December 28 April’s sister Nicole arrives in Niger today. Pray for safe travels and a refreshing time with family.

December 29 Today marks two special anniversaries for the Zerma team! The 29th marks one year of Rebekah and April being in country. Praise the Lord for His provision and grace. Today is also Phil and Kimberly’s 23rd wedding anniversary. Praise God for His faithfulness, love, and encouragement.

December 30 Pray for Phil and Kimberly, April, and Rebekah as they live and minister among the Zerma people. Pray for their health, rest, and for time alone with God and in His Word. Pray for them as they deal with the pressing physical and spiritual needs that they are confronted with daily.

December 31 As we reflect over the past year, we have so much to be thankful for. We’ve been so blessed with the arrival of Rebekah and April to assist us with reaching the Zerma in a part of Niger where we’ve not been previously. We have had several volunteers that have come to help share the work, we have more that are planning to come the next year. In spite of some tense security situations at times we remain safe and are able to continue our work. We thank God for you. We look forward to “working with you” again next year! We also give thanks to God for His abundant provision, for His grace, and for enabling us to partake in His plan for planting the gospel among the Zerma.

Thank you for your prayers! They are making a difference in the lives of the Zerma people!


Phil, Kimberly, April, and Rebekah
The Zerma Team