I will praise the LORD according to His righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the LORD most high. Psalms 7:17

October 1 Thank you for praying for Sahel Academy. Due to the river flooding the campus, the school had to find new buildings in which to meet for this school year. God has answered and provided two large buildings for the elementary and secondary classes to meet. School resumed September 17, the day after our return from the states. Praise God for his provision ask that the administration, staff, students, and parents would be given grace an patience as all the details are being worked out for the smooth operation of school.

October 2 Please continue to pray for the many Nigeriens who lost their homes and possessions when the Niger River flooded part of Niamey this summer. Pray that they would be able to find affordable places to live. The river is expected to rise again before the end of the year so pray that repairs to the dikes and levees can be made in time to control the flooding.

October 3 We give thanks for answered prayer for additions to our team. April Cox will be joining us for two years beginning in December. For the next couple months she’ll be in orientation at the IMB training facility in Virginia. Pray for April as she prepares to leave family and friends behind for the sake of taking the gospel to the Zerma people.

October 4 Public schools will be starting back up this month. Pray for the students to be diligent in their studies and to develop a desire to learn and further their education. Pray for the teachers, who have to deal with inadequate facilities and resources. Pray that they would persevere and be faithful in their teaching responsibilities.

October 5 Pray for “Y”, a young man who requested an audio version of the Zerma New Testament recently. This version is in mp3 format so he can listen to it on his cell phone. Pray that the Word of God would penetrate his heart and that God would give him understanding in all that he hears.

October 6 Thank you for your prayers for our family as we returned to field, leaving Caroline in the U.S. at university. God has indeed blessed us with a good adjustment for Caroline and peace and joy for us as we returned to Niger.

October 7 Pray for us as we make many decisions about who, when, and how to help. There are many physical needs that we’re confronted with daily. Pray that we will be faithful to use every opportunity to share the Good News and that the Zerma’s spiritual needs will be met.

October 8 Thank you for your prayers for the Nigerien people whose homes have been flooded or collapsed due to the rains and flood. There are still thousands without homes. Baptist missionaries were able to help many thanks to the Baptist Global Relief Fund. 310 daily life kits were given to two villages in which our missionaries work. These kits included two blankets, two plastic mats, sugar, soap, tea, small water kettle, a small bucket, and two mosquito nets.

October 9 Pray for the teachers and administration of Sahel Academy today. Pray for endurance, encouragement, humor, strength, and health as they adjust to teaching in a different setting and a different year than expected as a result of the flood.

October 10 Thanks for your prayers for rain this summer—many areas of Niger have received a good amount of rain. Pray for a good harvest this month.

October 11 Pray for Kimberly, as she may be travelling to Johannesburg, South Africa this month or next, for some follow up exams to ones she had in the U.S. Pray that all the details for this would fall into place and that she would have a speedy return to Niger.

October 12 A typical day can bring any number of distractions. Pray that we would stay focused on God and His plans above all else. (Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you. Matt. 6:33)

October 13 We praise God for the maturity we are seeing develop in Caleb. He is happy to be back in school and with his friends. Pray that he continues in making good decisions and for His walk with the Lord.

October 14 Pray for Caroline to use her time wisely and to use good study habits. Pray that she would make good decisions on where to focus her time and energy.

October 15 April begins an eight-week orientation program today, along with many other missionaries preparing for service around the world. This will be a time of learning and training in preparation for coming to the field. Pray for April as she absorbs a lot of new information. Pray for her spiritual growth during this very busy time.

October 16 Thank you for praying for the children who attend kids’ clubs. The children ran to greet our family as we arrived back home. Nineteen children attended the one on our street as the groups resumed meeting regularly. Pray that God would use their joy in studying God’s Word to lead many to personal relationships with Him.

October 17 Pray for Aissa’s family. Pray that she and her husband would choose to follow Christ. Thank God for their willingness to host a kids’ club at their house.

October 18 Pray that missionaries and Zerma believers would be “strengthened with power through His Spirit in the inner man . . .” Eph. 3:16)

October 19 We rejoice in the encouragement and sweetness of fellowship that we enjoyed in the U.S. We had three wonderful visits with Don and Teresa, a great visit with a former short term missionary, Lauren, and connected with the Sutleys, who are faithful prayer warriors for our team. We also spent our last day in the states with Stacey and Michael, who have travelled twice to Niger as volunteers. What a blessing and encouragement all of them were to us!

October 20 Pray for Pastor Amadou and his wife Hassi as they serve and minister in the “G” neighborhood. Pray that God would encourage them by seeing more men and women attend church faithfully and seeing people be courageous enough to leave Islam and choose Christ.

October 21 Pray for Phil and Kimberly as they prepare for April’s arrival. Pray as we look at placing April into ministry settings that are the most strategic and where God is leading us.

October 22 Thank you for praying for the village of Sarando, where Phil has a weekly storying group. This village was one of the two villages to receive the daily life kits distributed by our fellow missionaries. Phil has resumed his weekly trips to this village to continue discipleship lessons.

October 23 Pray for the children that meet at the kids’ club at the Zerma church. Praise God that they are eager to meet again and that many came to church on the Cain’s first Sunday back after returning from the states.

October 24 Thank you for praying on behalf of the Cain family, Phil and Kimberly have been continuing ministry and filling in for Mark and Deanna they were in the states. Praise God that Mark and Deanna are returning this month and that Phil and Kimberly can resume their normal ministry schedule.

October 25 Pray that as we communicate God’s Word in a different language and in the context of a different culture, that we would be clear and communicate well.

October 26 Pray that God would pour out his Spirit upon the Zerma, convicting them of their lostness and their need for salvation through Christ alone. Pray that God would prepare their hearts to receive His Word.

October 27 We give thanks for the generosity of donors in the U.S. which enabled our missionary colleagues, through Baptist Global Response to provide assistance to villages that were hardest hit by the floods. Other evangelical organizations and churches in Niger have done likewise. Pray that all these efforts would have an impact in helping people get back on their feet and in helping them see Christ in our actions. Pray that those who need help the most would receive it.

October 28 Praise God for giving Caroline good relationships among her peers. Pray that God would continue to build and strengthen those relationships.

October 29 Pray for our relationships with the Zerma people to strengthen and deepen as we settle back into our lives and ministry in Niger.

October 30 Rejoice that the flood waters are receding at a faster rate than expected. Pray for the rebuilding and repairs that will need to be accomplished in the coming weeks and months ahead.

October 31 Celebrate the Lord’s faithfulness and goodness in all of our lives today! Did you notice how many praises there were this month for answered prayer? God is at work among the Zerma!

Thank you for your prayers! They are making a difference in the lives of the Zerma people and in the lives of our family!