Give thanks to the Lord, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done. 1 Chronicles 16:8

November 1 Thank you for your prayers for us as we make many decisions about who, when, and how to help with the many physical needs that we’re confronted with daily. I (Kimberly) was able to help our neighbor’s child that comes to kids’ club when he was very sick with malaria. I was able to drop what I was doing and take him to the clinic where I spent half the day with him. Your prayers enable us to respond with grace and compassion when the unexpected occurs. Please continue to cover this area with prayer.

November 2 Please pray for Sahel Academy. We’ve had two members of the staff return to the states unexpectedly. Pray that God will call other people to come and work at the school. Pray for obedience among those who hear this call.

November 3 Pray for Amina, who helps Kimberly tell the Bible stories at the Zerma church. Pray that Amina will continue to grow in her faith and that Kimberly will find new and creative ways to mentor her.

November 4 As you pray for leaders in your country and around the world, pray for the leaders of Niger that God would give them the wisdom and knowledge to govern this country effectively.

November 5 Please continue to pray for the youth of Niger. According to recent statistics, half of the population of Niger are fifteen years or younger. Pray that there will be many opportunities for these children and young people to hear and respond to the gospel. Pray that their parents would give them the freedom to choose the path of faith they want to follow.

November 6 We appreciate your prayers for Caleb. He is enjoying riding his bike and/or walking to school this year. Pray that God would continue to shape him into the young man He wants him to be. Praise God for the maturity we’re seeing grow in him this year.

November 7 With the end of the rainy season, it won’t be long before many people start their dry-season gardens. As we help with seed distribution and encourage people to get involved in gardening pray that there will be many opportunities to share Christ and teach the Word.

November 8 Thank you for praying for April and her time at the eight week orientation program. April says your “prayers are much appreciated and please continue to pray for me.”

November 9 Recently a donor provided funds which were used to purchase three sewing machines for a group of women largely made up of single mothers and widows. Pray for God’s blessing as they learn to sew and work together to run a small business which will help provide an income to support themselves. As one of our local churches takes responsibility for the machines and teaching the sewing classes, pray that all of these women who are not yet believers would be drawn to Christ. Pray for pastor “B” as he evangelizes and teaches through these classes.

November 10 Thank you for you prayers for the kids’ clubs. God moved mightily in the kids’ club on our street the last week of October. The kids were attentive to the story of Adam and Eve. When it came time to stop, they asked me to keep going and tell one more story. This led to a great time of sharing about God providing animal skins for their clothes and the need for a sacrifice for sin. The time was perfect as Tabaski (the Muslim feast when sheep are slaughtered as a sacrifice) was taking place just two days after they heard this Bible story. God is moving among the children here! Please continue to pray that there would be many other moments such as this one!

November 11 Happy Birthday Susie McFarland! Susie maintains and updates our Zerma team website! We’re so grateful for all her work on this through the years.

November 12 Please pray that April will have a better understanding of the Zerma people, culture, and religion as she is preparing for her arrival on the field.

November 13 Pray for new believers among the Zerma, that they would grow in their faith and learn to pray with conviction and power.

November 14 Thanks for your prayers for Amadou and Hassi, their youngest daughter was quite ill earlier this month but she has completely recovered. Pray for them as they continue to bear witness to Christ in their neighborhood. Pray that God would provide for their needs as they seek to earn a living and provide for their family.

November 15 We praise God for His blessings and for answered prayers. Thank you for your prayers for rain and for a good harvest. It’s been encouraging to see a good harvest in many of the villages we work in, the best in several years.

November 16 Pray for April to build relationships quickly after her arrival in Niger. Pray for her continual growing relationship with Christ.

November 17 Please pray for Sahel Academy. The school is planning to move back to campus for the fall 2013 school year. The damage to all the buildings from the flood is extensive. Pray that the funds will be raised for the repairs and that teams will come and help with the work that must be completed. Visit for more information on how you can help.

November 18 Pray for the Cain’s neighbors on their street. Pray that their eyes will be opened to the truth and pray for our relationships with them. Pray that we would be salt and light in their lives.

November 19 Pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit upon Niger. Pray that people would be convicted of their sin and their need for a Savior. Pray that eyes would be opened to the truth and hardened hearts would be softened in light of the love of Christ. Pray that people would repent and yield their hearts to the Savior.

November 20 Caroline Cain’s birthday is November 30th. Would you help make her first birthday away from her family a special one? We would love for her to receive a note, postcard, or card to let her know that she is being prayed for and thought of on her special day. Her address is :
410 Ouachita St.
OBU Box 3075
Arkadelphia, AR 71998

November 21 Please continue to pray for the health of the Zerma people and of our family. We’ve dealt with many medical needs of our friends and neighbors since we returned last month.

November 22 Happy Thanksgiving! We’re thankful for you, our wonderful prayer partners, who are faithful to pray for our family and for the Zerma people! Take a moment to thank God for what He is doing among the Zerma.

November 23 Pray for peace in Niger and neighboring countries. The enemy is active and is doing his best to create conflict—pray that the peace of God would prevail and these conflicts would be resolved. Pray that our response to these reports of conflict and uncertainty would be an attitude of peace and confidence in God.

November 24 Ask God to give the Zerma the opportunity to hear the Gospel in their heart language. Many Zerma are not able to read the written Scripture. Pray for the development of an oral Bible in their languages. Pray the stories from God’s Word would spread quickly among villages and communities. Pray that these stories will be etched into their hearts and minds, so that they will
teach God's truths to their children and grandchildren.

November 25 Praise the Lord for His promise that one day every people, tribe, and nation will worship before Him.

November 26 Pray that new churches would emerge from among the Zerma and that these churches would multiply. Pray that the Word of God would spread through families, communities, and neighboring people groups.

November 27 Please pray for April’s mom. April will be serving in Niger for two years and her mom is really going to miss her. Pray for peace, comfort, and encouragement while April is away.

November 28 Pray that the Zerma will bow and acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Savior. Pray that new believers will be obedient to God’s mission to share the Good News of salvation with their families, neighbors, and even with their enemies. Pray that new believers would have the courage to share their faith despite persecution.

November 29 Thank you for your persistent prayers for us and the Zerma, you’ve prayed often that God’s Word would spread among the Zerma and we ask you again to do so. Pray that as God’s Word goes forth, that every Zerma person, young and old, would hear it and have an opportunity to respond to it.

November 30 Happy 19th Birthday Caroline Cain! Pray that today would be a very special day for Caroline. This will be the first birthday away from her mom and dad, and brother. Praise God for her great adjustment to college and her good relationships with her friends.