Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. Hebrews 11:6

May 1
--Please pray for Pastor “A” who has lost his job due to “downsizing.” Pray that God would provide a job or the means for him to support his family.

May 2--Pray for rain. Pray that the rains will start this month and that they will be abundant throughout the summer, enabling the people of Niger to have a good harvest.

May 3--Pray for the many who have heard the gospel this past month. Pray that God would open their hearts to understand what they’ve heard and that they would yield their hearts to Christ.

May 4 – Please lift up Caroline as she takes the SAT test tomorrow as part of the admission requirements for the college she hopes to attend. She’ll be starting the test tomorrow morning here in Niger while most of you will be sound asleep. Pray that God would give her peace, a clear mind, and the ability to concentrate and recall what she’s learned over the years

May 5--Please pray for the Bolls as they will be traveling to Clayton, AL to speak to a church and visit with former volunteers to the Zerma

May 6-- Please give thanks to the Lord that the Bolls will once again be able to speak to Clayton Baptist Church. This church has been a partner with one of the villages in the Ouallam area.

May 7--The Bolls will be hosted by the St Clair Baptist Association. With several other missionaries the Bolls will be visiting the WMU headquarters in Birmingham, AL. We are so thankful for the WMU and their support and prayers for missions to the Zerma and around the world.

May 8—Thank you for praying for Phil’s trip to Ghana last month. He had safe travels and a very productive meeting with other Associate Cluster Strategy Leaders.

May 9 --Please pray for the village that has been partnering with Clayton Baptist Church - pray that they continue to give thanks to the Lord for the provision of latrines at the school, a latrine at the church and several books. Pray that the Christians in that village continue to meet and grow in the Lord.

May 10-- Pray for wisdom for the government leaders of Niger as they deal with many issues this year related to hunger and poverty.

May 11—Pray for the Fine Arts Festival at our children’s school today and tomorrow. Students will be sharing their art, music, and a drama production. Caroline is in the play both nights.

May 12—We’re praising God for most of the staffing needs being filled for this coming school year at Sahel Academy. Please join us in praying for the youth pastor, science teacher, and school nurse positions to be filled. If you or anyone you know is interested in teaching at Sahel, please check out the school website, www.sahelacademy.com for more information.

May 13—Happy Mothers’ Day! Pray for Mothers around the world today. Pray that the Zerma women believers would be true reflections of his glory and examples to other women around them.

May 14—Pray for our strength and endurance to remain strong during hot season. We’ve had temperatures above 110 outside and low 90’s inside.

May 15-- Please pray for Teresa as she will be having a re-check from some tests done months ago. Pray that all is clear now! Praise the Lord for Physicians and their ministry.

May 16– Caleb Cain is celebrating his 13th birthday today. Pray that he would continue to grow in wisdom and stature and in his walk with God as he enters his teenage years. Pray that he would finish his 7th-greade school year well.

May 17—Pray for wisdom and discernment as we will face many requests for help at this time of year when people are hungry and have many needs.

May 18—Pray for Ali and Miou, two boys that come to a Saturday kids’ club

May 19--Please pray for Alhassan that he would continue to teach the Holy Word in his village. Pray that he would be a Godly leader in the community.

May 20-- Pray for the young men and women among the Zerma who are believers and are seeking a wife or husband. In this country, their choices are very limited. Pray that God would help them find spouses who are like-minded and fellow-believers.

May 21—Pray for children who come to kids’ clubs. Most of the clubs are now beginning a study on the life of David. Pray for their eyes, ears, hearts, and minds to be open to the truth of God’s love for them.

May 22—Pray for opportunities to share the gospel with others

May 23--Today marks 29 years for Don and Teresa to be employed by the International Mission Board. The Bolls are so thankful to you for your many years of support and prayers. The work done in Niger, mainly in the Ouallam has resulted mostly by you... your support and prayers. Please pray that the wells, the health situations, and the many seeds planted for the Lord will continue to prosper and grow to fruition.

May 24-- Pray for God to call forth spiritual leaders among the Zerma—this has been one of our requests for many years now but we need to persist in asking God to raise up leaders who will be a godly influence and who can demonstrate how to walk with God among their people.

May 25
—Thank you for praying for the mothers of the children to come to kids’ clubs. There have been two that came and listened to the Bible stories this past month. Please continue to pray that they would come and that they would make decisions to follow Christ.

May 26— Mark and Deanna return this month and resume their roles as Logistics Coordinator and Guesthouse Coordinator. Phil and Kimberly will be back to their usual routine. Please pray for both couples as they transition back to their regular schedules.

May 27—Pray for consistent time in the Word for Phil and Kimberly amidst our busy schedules.

May 28—Pray for the internet to work well so that Caroline may complete her online courses on schedule.

May 29-- Pray for Salamatou as she tries to raise her children and be a positive Christian witness in a land where her husband, family and friends are not Christian.

May 30—Pray for Pastor “A” as he deals with the loss of his mother from cancer. He shared the plan of salvation with her many times. Pray for comfort and peace for him and his family.

May 31– Pray for a team of volunteers from First Baptist Church, Sandersville, GA as they get on the plane today and arrive in Niger tomorrow. Pray for a safe trip and good health for all, and for their time in Niger as they assist us in ministry with the Zerma people.