“Honor His holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice.” I Chronicles 16:10

June 1 Today is Teresa’s birthday - but is also the official date of the Bolls Retirement! The Bolls would like to thank all of you for lifting us up as we have ministered to the Zerma, worked alongside them, sharing so much of our lives with them - knowing that you have held the ropes for us.... praying for not only the Bolls but for the salvation of the Zerma.

June 2 As many of you know, Phil’s father passed away unexpectedly in his sleep May 1. Thank you for the many e-mails and words of encouragement to our family. We rejoice in the fact that Ron was a believer and we will see him again one day. Please pray for Phil’s family in the states and for us as we move through the grief process.

June 3 On this day in 1978, Don and Teresa stepped out of the choir loft at Wildwood Baptist Church and made their decision public to serve the Lord through International Missions. Today Wildwood Baptist Church (Clinton, MS) is providing a celebration at the church for the Bolls as well as friends and family. If you would like to come by and help celebrate, you are so welcome to come. Don and Teresa want to personally thank all of you for your love and support. It has been so special to have been able to serve the Lord in Niger and have the support and prayers from Southern Baptists all over.

June 4 Please pray for the volunteer team here from FBC, Sandersville, GA. They arrived on June 1st and will be ministering to the Zerma through June 10th. Pray for them as they adjust to the culture and climate of Niger. Pray that God would use them this week for His glory and to accomplish His purposes among the Zerma. Pray for good health and stamina for each of the team members.

June 5 Praise God for the positive witness of the Zerma church in Goudel. Pray that more people will be drawn to come to the church and overcome cultural obstacles that blind them to the truth.

June 6 Pray for the visits to the homes of children who attend kids’ clubs. The Sandersville, GA volunteer team will be passing out bags of travel size toiletries and Zerma evangelical tapes to the mothers as a thank you for allowing their children to attend the clubs.

June 7 Please pray for the rains, pray that this will be the month that the rains will begin and that the Zerma will be able to obtain the good seeds to plant and that God would continue to send the rain that is so needed for the next three months for the harvest of the food that will be the main food source for the next year.

June 8 Pray for Ferrida, a young girl, who attends the kids’ clubs. Though only 4 years old, she knows the Bible stories and loves to sing Christian songs. Pray that she will choose to follow Christ all the days of her life.

June 9 Praise the Lord that Halidou is still working, and praise the Lord that He healed Halidou's back. It was heartbreaking to see Halidou crawling on the ground, looking at the X-rays where his spinal cord was totally separated. It was humbling to pray for Halidou - wishing God would provide a miracle ... then seeing him walk to the Bolls home in order to tell them goodbye 14 months ago. When the Bolls are able to talk to Halidou on the cell phone he is still thanking God for healing him.

June 10 The volunteer team from FBC Sandersville returns to the U.S. today. Pray for safe travel and pray that the seeds that have been planted during the past ten days will bear much fruit, producing many Zerma disciples who will have a passion for knowing God.

June 11 Pray for Aisssa, a mother with five children, that is sitting in more and more often to hear the Bible stories with her children at kids’ club. Pray that she will choose to follow Christ.

June 12 Today is the Senior graduation banquet at Sahel Academy. Pray that it will be a very special time for the seniors and their families.

June 13 Pray that God would soften the hearts of parents who fearful and don’t allow their children to come to kids’ clubs. Pray that they would allow the children to come.

June 14 Caroline Cain graduates from high school today. We’re very proud of her and are excited about her future. She will be attending Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas this fall. Thank you for praying for Caroline last month as she took the SAT test—she did very well.

June 15 Many of Caroline’s and Caleb’s friends begin leaving to return to the U.S. and other countries. Pray for Caroline, Caleb, and their friends to have good “good-byes” and good closure of their time here in Niger.

June 16 Please pray for stamina and strength for us here in Niger. The heat and our many job responsibilities can be very tiring.

June 17 Pray for Albass as he continues to live in the village. This month there will be much work done in the fields with preparing the field for planting, then to plant, to cultivate, then gather the harvest. Pray that he will still be able to get his medication.

June 18 Please pray that the opening for 6th grade teacher at Sahel Academy will be filled. If you or anyone you know might be interested, check out the school website at www.sahelacademy.com

June 19 Pray for Zongo as she sees less and less. Pray for her daughter who has seven children but still tries to help Zongo out as she can. Pray that Zongo will remain faithful to serve the Lord.

June 20 Pray the many Zerma who will be planting and starting the farming season this month. Pray for strength and good health as they spend long and weary days laboring in their fields trying to produce a crop which will feed their families.

June 21 Pray that God would open the hearts of the Zerma people to understand His word and hear His offer of salvation.

June 22 As we teach and disciple others, pray for our own continued spiritual growth. Pray that we would be Christ-like in our words and deeds.

June 23 Please pray for balance and grace in our lives as we continue to minister to the Zerma, continue to fill in at the guesthouse and business office, supervise other teams, partner with volunteers, our children’s school and social activities, and take care of daily errands.

June 24 Please pray for Tanda as she seeks to serve her Savior, knowing that her husband and co-wife are not in agreement with her being a Christian. Pray that she will remain faithful.

June 25 Pray for the Zerma walking in darkness to see a great light; on those living in darkness, a light has dawned. (Isaiah 9:2)

June 26 Pray for the Zerma to have the chance to hear the Good News through as many means as possible—missionary witness, Zerma believer, cassette tape, radio, television, tracts, the Bible, etc.

June 27 Please remember to pray for the Christians in and around the Ouallam area. Pray that they will remain faithful and continue to share the Good News to their friends, family and villages.

June 28 We thank God for Mike and Becky Stonecypher, IMB missionaries who have transferred from Nigeria to Niger. Mike will be the new principal at Sahel Academy and Becky will be assisting students with educational needs—they bring a wealth of experience to these positions are truly and answer to prayer for the education of our children. Although they are not on the Zerma team, we do ask that you pray for them as they begin responsibilities at the school this month—for wisdom and discernment as they work with students and staff at the school.

June 29 Please pray for Ramatou as she has moved away from support of other Christians in Ouallam. Pray that she and her husband will be able to get involved and serve the Lord as they did in Ouallam.

June 30 Please pray for the Cains as they will be packing and preparing to go the U.S. for two months to help transition Caroline to life in the states.