Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good; sing praise to His name, for it is delightful.
Psalm 135:3

July 1-Thank you for praying for the FBC, Sandersville, GA volunteer team last month. They visited many villages and touched many lives. The mothers appreciated their gift bags that the ladies brought them.

July 2-Pray for the mothers who received gift bags. Pray that they will listen to the Zerma tapes that they received and choose to follow Christ.

July 3-Pray for Kimberly’s neighbor, Hawa. Pray that Hawa’s husband will find work and be able to provide for his family. Pray that they will recognize God’s provision for their daily needs.

July 4-Happy 4th of July! As you celebrate this Independence Day, pray that the Zerma will recognize their dependence on God and His provision for their salvation.

July 5-Thank you for praying for Caroline and Caleb. They finished the school year well. Caroline received the reading award. She was presented with a medallion and certificate. Caleb received an award for excellence in his memory verses for the year.

July 6-The Senior graduation banquet and Caroline’s graduation ceremony were wonderful. Please pray for Caroline as she will be starting college in August at Ouachita Baptist University. Pray for her to have a smooth transition and to make good friendships.

July 7-Pray for the Bolls as they enter this new chapter in their lives called Retirement. “We are still not sure how things are going to work out, but we have planned to spend time with our families, which has been really good. Don has been able to spend time with his dad, sisters, and help around the old home place.”

July 8-Ask God to bless Niger and to give the government leaders wisdom as they govern the country. Ask God to give them compassionate hearts with the people’s best interests in mind.

July 9-In Niger, we’re in the middle of rainy season, meaning in this desert country that it rains once every week to ten days. Please continue to pray for adequate rains for the crops that have been planted—pray for the Zerma as they labor in their fields. Pray for strength, stamina, good health, and for abundant and healthy crops.

July 10-Please pray for “N,” a 14 year old girl who attends one of the kids’ clubs. She has been kicked out of her home and is living with a neighbor. She is selling fish to provide for her needs. Pray that she will see God as her father who loves her unconditionally and that God will bless her efforts and provide for her needs.

July 11-Pray for the Christians in Ouallam. Believers have come and gone over the years, and some have fallen away from the faith. Pray that God would continue to work in this town and that a strong church will be established that brings glory and honor to Him.

July 12-The GA camp that the Bolls participated in went very well. There were several professions of faith and a few that might be called to be missionaries. Pray for the girls and the decisions that were made.

July 13-Remember the believers in “K” town where Brandy and Kanesa served for four years. Pray that they would remain faithful and that God would raise up leaders among them who will help strengthen their fellowship. Pray that together they will be intentional about sharing the gospel where they live and in the surrounding villages.

July 14-Today is Don Boll’s birthday. Pray for Don and Teresa as they transition into life and ministry in the U.S.

July 15-Pray for the Cain family today as they will be flying out of Niger to return to the U.S. for two months. Pray for good flights and good connections.

July 16-Pray for the Cain family as they arrive in the U.S. today. Pray that they will be able to help finish the packing for Kimberly’s mom, as she prepares to move to Arkansas to be near Caroline. Pray that all will be done and ready in a timely manner.

July 17-Pray for Caroline as she sees the neurologist today for a check-up and a CAT scan. Pray that the CAT scan is clear.

July 18-Pray for Caroline as she has a check-up with the pediatric orthopedic surgeon today, as well as a visit with an audiologist. Pray that all results would be normal.

July 19-The Islamic month of Ramadan begins today. This is the month where Muslims around the world fast from food and water during the daylight hours as they seek to direct their minds and desires toward God. Pray that God will reveal Himself to those who are seeking Him and that the Zerma will understand that a ritual can never bring salvation or replace a personal relationship with Christ.

July 20-Pray for the Cains as they travel to Idaho to spend a few days with Phil’s family.

July 21-Pray for “M,” a teenage boy who stopped by church and the kids club that meets in the “G” neighborhood. Kimberly invited him to church and he came. Pray that his eyes and ears would be open to the truth and the he would discover the joy of knowing Jesus.

July 22-Praise God for the wonderful times Don and Teresa are having with their grandchildren. They spent much of June with their granddaughter Rachel. Rachel has enjoyed learning more about Niger and the work among the Zerma as she has attended classes during GA Camp and Vacation Bible School.

July 23-Please pray for the village of “B” where a group of believers have been meeting together to pray and study the Word. Pray for their spiritual growth. Pray they would encourage and exhort each other in their walk with God. Pray that they would be bold in sharing their faith and that their group would grow into a strong church.

July 24-Don and Teresa were the missionaries at a Vacation Bible School where they shared about their work in Niger. It was a blessing to talk to the children and see them begin to understand the work missionaries do and to understand the needs of others, especially those who do not know that Jesus died for them.

July 25-Please pray for Teresa and Martha as they will be traveling to New Mexico to visit family and friends. Teresa and Don are still dealing with the closure of their mothers’ homes and the many decisions that must be made. Thank you for your prayers in this area.

July 26-Pray for “D,” a Zerma believer in a distant village. Phil recently provided him with an SD card which he can plug into his phone or radio and listen to Zerma sermons, songs and the New Testament.

July 27-The apostle Paul reminds us in his letter to the Ephesians that we who follow Christ are in a spiritual battle with the forces of darkness. Pray that we and our fellow Zerma believers would resist Satan and learn to make use of our spiritual armor as we experience times of temptation and testing. Pray that the Zerma would see that the blood of the lamb has enabled us to have victory over evil.

July 28-Phil and Kimberly will be serving as the missionaries in residence at Ouachita Baptist University in August and through September 15th. Pray that they would establish good relationships with the students at the school.

July 29-Pray for Zerma believers who are unemployed and looking for work. Pray that God would provide a way for them to support themselves and their families. Pray that as they seek work, they will learn to trust and depend on God.

July 30-Pray for a woman who made a public profession of faith in a remote village. She responded to Bible stories and an invitation shared by the three women from FBC, Sandersville, GA. Pray that there would be many other women to join her in following Jesus. Pray that she would grow and be strong in her faith.