See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43: 19

January 1 - Pray for Pastor “A” in the “G” neighborhood. Praise God for his faithful and persevering spirit amid challenging circumstances. (Note that we are not using real names for security reasons).

January 2 - Pray for Pastor “A’s” wife “H” as she ministers to the women and children in the “G” neighborhood. Pray for her to be a good example of a Christian wife and mother.

January 3 - Pray for Pastor “A” and “H’s” eldest child, “L,” a daughter. Pray for her to do well in school and to be a positive witness to those around her.

January 4 - Pray for Pastor “A” and “H’s” second child, “E,” a son. Praise God for his sweet spirit. Pray that he may continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord.

January 5 - Pray for Pastor “A” and “H’s” third child, “J,” a daughter. Pray for her to grow in wisdom and grace in the Lord.

January 6 - Pray for Pastor “A” and “H’s” fourth child, “R,” a daughter. Pray for her to continue to grow in her obedience to God and her parents.

January 7 - Pray for Pastor “A” and his family to receive encouragement in their ministry by people coming to church, making decisions for Christ, and faithfully walking boldly and strongly with God.

January 8 - Pray for Don and Teresa Bolls as they are moving to a new home this month. They will be living in Clinton, Mississippi—finishing up their last 6 months with the IMB serving in the church where their journey began in 1975! Thank the Lord for a faithful, loving, and supporting church all these years!

January 9 - Praise God for the time Kimberly’s mother had with her family. It was great to have special time together.

January 10 -Michael and Stacey Frank arrive in Niger today to assist the Zerma team in ministry for the next couple weeks. Pray for their health and safety and that God would bless the Zerma through them.

January 11 - Pray for Tanda. Pray that she has had a safe delivery and for her and her baby’s health. Pray that she is growing in her walk with the Lord.

January 12 - Pray for the Kids’ Clubs that meet on Wednesday afternoons. Pray for the children to listen well and that there would be no distractions to interrupt our time together.

January 13 - Pray for the many that will have a garden in the Ouallam area. Pray for good seeds to be available so there will be a bountiful harvest.

January 14 - Pray for the seeds of the gospel that were planted in the hearts of many this past year. Pray that they would continue to grow and be nurtured by the Holy Spirit and many will put their belief and trust in the Lord.

January 15 - On Thanksgiving Day, Don Bolls’ mother went home to be with the Lord. Pray for Don and his family. Please pray especially for Don’s father who is dealing with the loss of his wife after 62 plus years of marriage.

January 16 - Pray Isaiah 43:19 over the Zerma this month. Pray that we would have the privilege of seeing Zerma people choosing to follow Christ.

January 17 - January for the Zerma in Niger is like most Januarys, even for those in the US, and that is cold! Being hot most of the year in Niger, most people are accustomed to and dress for very warm weather. So when it's cold many are sick with little warm clothing. Pray they have the wisdom and means to dress warm, especially the children.

January 18 - The Bolls have been encouraged by many churches as they spoke several times in December. Many SBC churches have set impressive goals, even sacrificial to give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. Learning more about Southern Baptists, how the money is spent, various projects and help that the LMCO offering has provided seems to have "opened the hearts" to even more giving. Thank you so much for your loyal support.

January 19 - Pray for Pastor “B” who has been teaching and discipling men in several villages over the past few months. Pray for wisdom and knowledge as he studies and shares the scriptures with others. Pray for the spiritual growth of the believers he is ministering to.

January 20 - Pray for Don on stateside assignment as he has set of goal of encouraging ministry outreach points mostly around Ouallam, even though he is physically not there. Pray for appropriate communication with these individuals and groups that God would led in this effort.

January 21 - Pray for new personnel to join the Zerma team here in Niger. Thanks to all of you who are part of our team through your prayers and support of the IMB.

January 22 - Pray for spiritual leadership among the Zerma believers. Pray that God would call forth leaders who know His word, have a burden for the lost, and are bold in sharing the Gospel.

January 23 - Recently one of our ministry partners here in Niger was able to obtain a broadcasting license and equipment for a radio station. They are now broadcasting Christian programming in Niamey, the capital city. Pray for God’s blessing on this station, that it would be one that many people tune in to every day to hear the gospel and to be encouraged. Pray that many Nigeriens would come to know the Lord through this ministry.

January 24 - Pray for Caroline as she will be busy this semester with the outreach team, class work, Bible study, volunteering at the Cure Hospital and senior class activities. Pray for energy, diligence, and perseverance in all she does.

January 25 - Pray for Caleb as he is busy with school work, Bible study, and video club. Pray for him to manage his time well and to put first things first.

January 26 - Pray for the women in the “G” neighborhood to be open to hearing the Good News and the courage to make a decision to follow Christ.

January 27 - Pray for Kimberly to invest her time wisely with the Zerma. Pray that God would strengthen and deepen her friendships with Zerma women. Pray that through her relationships with these women that Christ would be glorified.

January 28 - Pray for Phil and Kimberly as they will be continuing to fill in for Mark and Deanna in the office. Pray for Mark and Deanna as they are on stateside assignment, traveling and sharing at churches and mission conferences about their ministry here in Niger.

January 29 - Pray for the people in the village of “T” as Phil continues to share stories from the Bible there. Pray that they would hear and understand the scriptures and receive it as truth. Pray that they would repent and receive Christ as their Savior.

January 30 - Pray for the Saturday kids’ clubs to be free from distractions and that the children would listen well. The afternoon kids’ club meets at a Zerma church. Pray that this will lead to many children and their families attending church.

January 31 - Welcome to the new Zerma prayer warriors as we begin this new year together. May God richly bless you as you join this team and take a small part of your life to glorify God and lift up the Zerma people that this year they may have the opportunity to hear, understand and accept Christ as their Savior.

Thanks for you prayers! Phil and Kimberly Cain, Don and Teresa Bolls.